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Pokemon Tournament Reports

From: Sceppyking
Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 4:15 PM

Subject: Avon Park and WinterHaven PokeWeekend Report by Sceptilerancher/Greg C


Ok so im back from my cwazy poke weekend. After alread winning 2 CC's i was hoping to go for 2 more this weekend. Well See how it goes


The beginning



Well i finally get the ok to go up to Avon And WinterHaven from my parents. We end up taking Omizzle and The Amazin Bianchi. Nothing too amazing happenes on the way up, just anthony calling every 20 minutes asking where we were and me chillen and getting my decks ready.



Avon Park Day 1 of the PokeWeekend



Ok we finally get their and we see the annoying face of anthony waiting for us :O I scramble to get my last cards and i see bobby wasnt their so i got all excited. I almost didnt make it but luckily thanks to heidi and larry and *shudders* anthony i got my cards and i got registered. I see anthony is playing metanite and i yell at him for still playing it after hes done crappy with it.


After some boring walking around the tourny starts btw im playing t.tar ex UF


Round 1 Cody something T.tar ex d

I get normal setup with castform while he gets a fast t.tar so i was all panicky, luckily i warp point out his feraligatr with no energy. He has no energy for a couple turns and i have a fully loaded t.tar ex and another one half loaded. So i bring up t.tar ex and ohko his gatr d. He brings up his t.tar ex d, and shockwave counters me. I draw and its a Dark and i attach it to t.tar ex for the WIN

Record 1-0


Round 2 Dale Lynch Metanite

So i see im playing someone from the Mississippi crew

Well i knew how to take care of metanite with t.tar, and luckily he doesnt play the sceppy Tech which only helps minorly, but still it made loading up my t.tars easier. He gets normal setup and i get like t1 or t2 t.tar and me ohko'ing his pokemon repeatedly was just to much for him, whenever he did land a agility flip i would just warp point the draggy outta their and get another prize. This one ended pretty quickly Good Game man.

Record 2-0



Me jim, and his son and omar head to mickey d's and nothing real special happens.


Round 3 Daniel( i think) Salamence d/Arbok d

Ok so this ended pretty fast. i get t1 t.tar hitting for 30 going first.

he starts out with ekans, i t2 him lol

Bad beat man

Record 3-0


Round 4 Chris M Mewtric w/ Ray ex d

I was surprised chris actually went undefeated XD, he has gotten alot better over the past season. I open up with an early t.tar yet again vs his electrike start. he never got another poke out besides his manectric and ray ex d. i basically just ko his manectric then he hits me for 30 with ray then i OHKO it for the win

Record 4-0 Good Game man


So at this point i was all like thank you bianchi :D Because if i never saw him playing it and read  pooka report i wouldnt have even played this :O


Top Cut

Me Vs Garret Metanite w/ Sceppy tech


Game 1: We both got nothing i started with lati and nothing and he starts with a beldum i beleive.

I manage to get out of this bad start before him though and wack him around with t.tars. The whole time i kept in mind "Metanite cant get out sceppy when i keep them under pressure"


Game 2: I get another latios nothing start compared to his great start

Needless to say i lost lol


Game 3: I get yet another lati start and even he said wow, and you only play 1. He gets a kinda slow start while i get a slow t.tar. In the end my lack of warp points and his agility heads got him the game

although it was a close game, and i almost had the win when i got down to 1 prize by sniping his latios ex with ray ex d. He latios* me for the win


I end up getting 3rd


i was very dissapointed lol so i go around ranting about how i was robbed =P

garret ends up winning vs chris

gj garret



Later That night....



We leave in jims car with 2 new passengers, Kyle S and Anthony.  Me and anthony knew some stuff was gonna happend but we push it to the back of our minds lol. We stop by ponderosa and kyle gets all sick and stuff so we leave. At the hotel everyone was testing their decks for tommorow at Winter haven and i was going to play Gengar.dec or t.tar but i didnt play gengar because of lack of delta decks and t.tar because of its flaridos autoloss. Anthony goes nuts with the poool and i decided to play metalix(metagross,steelix ex) because it looks fun and my list got the thumbs up from kettler lol. So we all test until 3 or 4 in the morning, (going to break that habit lol)




The next Morning/Winter Haven Tournament



So in the morning i wake up to Richard and Anthony in bed with me and i immediatly get freaked out O.o

Then anthony proceeds to put lotion on his hands and try and slap me. Soooooo i freak out and beat him to the ground lol. GG anthony GG


I decide to leave early today with Michelle,her daughter and Richard and Anthony, because i always seem to cut time when i ride with jim lol. I finish my decklist in the car. We finally get to the venue and we see theirs only like 3 tables so when heidi and co show up they got all freaked out O.o. Eeventually we got more play areas setup so it was all good. I borrow  metagross's from larry and michelle so i got all happy, but i couldnt find a latios * :( so i put in a latios ex d, not knowing how much it would help me lol.

The Tourny finally starts


Round 1 Ryan Sabelhaus Flaridos

So i didnt know how to play this matchup so i bring out Steelix like a n00b and end up losing to a flip prizes Record 0-2

After this loss i notice theirs only 4 rounds and only t2 for top cut and im all like $%@! and i vent to anthony and he convinces me not to drop :D

After wards i ask a few questions and do some hard thinking and i know how not to be a n00b and play the flaridos matchup lol


Round 2 Cody or Chris i forgot lol Theme Deck XD

Steelix ex vs a Theme deck

nuff said

Record 1-1



We head over to mcdonalds(fat ftl?) and we eat and nothing too amazing happens.


Round 3 Dale Lynch Metanite

I get my regular setup while he manages to get out t1 metagross :(

i have a decent setup but he has exactly 3 metagross's up by t3 lol, so he can basically get w/e he wants. I get my steelix's out and start sniping his draggys until he only has his metagross's, he then paralyzes me with a dratini i think but i just warp point and snipe it . Since each of his metagross's has a metal attached it takes 2 turns to ko each one but that doesnt really matter, his metagross's has to discard like 15 energy too even do decent energy against me and without any energy accelaration he could barely damage me at all between my resistance and the metals. I end up winning Prizes 6-0 :O

Record 2-1


After that im all like wowza i might have a chance of getting into t2 if i can beat orion since he just lost to the only undefeated player in the tourny (ryan S)

Round 4 Orion Craig FLaridos

I get a great setup vs him, now that i know the matchup. I get like t1 or t2 metagross vs his ariados (metagross and queen attacking is the way ure spose to go =P, steelix shouldnt even see play)

My metagross quick attacks put him are doing great, and im charging up my latios ex d because i know hes going to end up attacking with his flareon ex's. He has no ariados's out and his flaron's are all he has, then he ko's my metagross with flame screen so i end up another one and mess around a bit and attack and attack, he keeps retreating his flareons for new ones so i basically end up spreading damage (a good thing btw lol) which sets up all hes flareons for ohko's from my latios ex d. In the end time is called on my turn and i bring up a latios for the win.

Record 3-1

im like yayayayayaya i made t2


Top 2

Me vs Ryan Sabelhaus Flaridos

Game 1: I win with a very hard game, my early metagross's and latios do him in

prizes 0-1

Record 1-0


Game 2: I lose this one because i got nothing lol, my main attack that i was using was tail whip with nidoran(ususally getting tails XD) I concede to save time and get this disgusting match over with

Prizes 3-6

Record 1-1


Game 3: I get another bad start of a hand full of energy. Its around turn 7 that i finally get a candy for my metagross to start making a comeback. but in the end it was just to much and my 1 lone metagross couldnt handle his entire deck lol

Good Games man

So i end up going 2nd and getting nothing outta my prizes :(



Props and Slops




1. making top cut both days

2. Everyone who was nice enough to let me borrow cards

3. Anthony who went 4-2 finishing higher than bianchi and richard lol

4. jim for giving me a ride

5. my parent for being the best

6.Omar for doin so well with a deck he made the night before kissimmee GC all over again lol

7. Bianchi for bein helpful

8. Everyone who i played for good games

9. Chris for getting better

10. Me Myself and I for being MEEEEE :D



1. Ponderosa

2. Ponderosa



5. Me not winning the entire weekend

6. Anthony for being kinda annoying and creepy

7. Me getting robbed both topcuts lol j/k

8. Getting nothing outta my packs

9. Having to scramble to get cards at Avon

10. PONDEROSA!!!!!!


all in all a good weekend

see everyone at forty peirce :D

ill be their to try to win

because 2 is NOT enough ;P


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