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Pokemon Tournament Reports

CC Rotterdam report
Kevin de M. / Kevin89 / Hercules
January 10, 2007

I'm back with another report folks, last week I travelled to Rotterdam with my amigos. After my 7-1 showing in 'Leiden' I decided to go with metanite again. However, when I look around me I see lots of rogue, delta, and flygon. So I grab Sallygross, made a few changes to the original list, and submitted my deck list.

After some good fun with Maurice, Joey, and Marcel the first round starts.

Round 1 vs Herlinda
She plays Eggs with Gatr. The first game I get a turn 2 sally ex which shoots every totodile she drops. She uses Eggs to do 30 damage on my sally every turn. I eventually go for some bright flames and I easily win the game.
The second game I start a bit slower, but eventually I get Sally ex and I ohko everything that she brings up.

Round 2 vs Marcel
Nooo! Not again. Three CCs in a row I have to play marcel, a team member and a good friend. And again this is an autowin. He plays dustdoom, so he has weakness to just about everything in my deck. It wasn't that easy however, due to my slow start compared to his perfect one. I decide to hold back beldum + candy + gross so I can play my trainers, and I can surprise him with 140 damage on his dustox ex.
That works, and I win.
Game 2 I got a good start, and he scoops when he sees the 2nd metagross hit the board, so we could get some breakfast.

Round 3 vs Jeroen
I remember I had some problems setting up, but so did he. At some point he forgets to evolve a benched vibrava, which already had 40 damage and 3 energy. So I flame jet it, only to get knocked out by his tech mew*. After that he uses flygon d's to attack. He had 2 prizes left, so I had to play careful. After some retreating I knock them out, and he needs time to recover. He basically is 1 turn short of winning in the end.

Round 4 vs Manuel
He gets a terrible start, while I got lucky. Every time he promoted a flygon ex d, latias* was ready to smack flygon back to where he came from. I won easily.
I ask manuel if I can go to the bathroom, and he's fine with it. Then we start our second game.
I didn't get up anything and lose pretty fast. We have 10 minutes left for game three, and I start really bad. However, I do setup at one point, and time is called when I'm 1 prize behind. But I get to end my turn, so I load latias* and knock out his active flygon ex ftw.
Then Anna S, my would be next opponent drops in and tells some judges I get a match loss for going to the bathroom without notifying a judge. Pff what kind of rule is that. So I lose anyway.

Round 5 vs Ken
I'm so relieved when I see I have to play Ken. Ken is a decent player, but he plays Scizorgross :D. When he sees my bagons, he uses his magcargo to get a blastoise out. Then I drop my latias* and knock out the scizor ex nonetheless. His crystal beaches are pretty annoying late-game, but I win.
I don't remember much for game 2, but I won.

Top 4 vs Manuel again
Game 1: he gets a slow start, while I have a fast one, and I almost thought I won from there. I petm for a sally ex, so I could flame jet his 40 HP trapinches. Then I see my Sally ex is prized…So I use my regular sally to mow through his pokemon. Eventually he does get the flygon ex, but my latias* wasn't prized :) The second game was pretty similar to game 1, although he gets a better setup. Still, I was faster and he didn't have time to backup something, so I could use my latias* without any problems of it getting knocked out the next turn. I win easily.

Finals vs Benji
He plays delta, and I knew he plays crystal shard. Game 1 I win within
5 minutes because I have a turn 2 metagross, and he only got 2 eggs.
The second game however, he gets the setup, and I'm struggling vs all those hater cards. Cursed stone hurts, but for some reason he discarded his cessation crystals instead of playing them. I play very defensive though, because I was afraid of crystal shards. He uses 1 to knock one of my sally's out. Cursed stone and raichu + scramble got him some ko's on metagross. In the end I'm having some problems getting my last prize, but when I finally get energy, I can flame jet a raichu for the win.

After the match he tells me he played 1 shard instead of the 2 I thought he played. I hate you benji.

Marcel – way to go! You have improved a whole lot since you came back into the game. Leiden leidt.
Maurice – although you messed up AGAIN, we had some good times.
Benji – I still owe you a Loempia (vietnamese food) for beating Anna.
Djowie – De swaffelkoning :)
My third medal this season, keep 'm coming.
40 HP basics.

Smelly people ;x

- Kevin de M. / Kevin89 / Hercules /



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