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From: AntDubbs88@aol.com [mailto:AntDubbs88@aol.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 6:08 PM

Subject: ~Threatz~ Espy-Block ~A.Threatz~

by ~A.Threatz~
Open Apprentice Tournament
Monday~December 26, 2005
Prize~Bragging Rights

This was kind of a rush because I got apprentice the same day that I played in this tournament. I got the basics down, played a couple of solitary games, and went to work. I downloaded apprentice soley to playtest my Houndoom deck, and worked it out really well.

Pokemon 15
3 Jirachi
4 Evee
3 Espeon Ex
2 Houndour
2 Houndoom
1 Vaporeon Ex

Energy 15
10 Psychic
3 Holon's Electrode
2 Cyclone Energy

Trainers 30
4 Swoop! Teleporter
3 Battle Frontier
3 Rocket's Admin
3 Mary's Request
3 Steven's Advice
3 POW!
3 Reversal
3 ER2
2 Celio's Network

The basic strategy of the deck is to get Espeon out ASAP. Then Snap Tail all the way around. Don't take any prizes. Then once it gets Ko'd abuse POW!, Reversal, ER2. Bring up another Espeon Ex and attack for 60 consistent. Houndoom provides disruption, and if somehow get past Houndoom they get hit for 90.

Sweet 16 vs. EspyCham
This is basically an auto-win for me. I got Eevee turn 1 with a call for family for Houndour. Once Houndoom is out Medicham has nothing coming. They cannot abuse the trainers the deck relies on. It can reduce the bench because of the fact that espeon can KO Cham easily. I win the game pretty easily. He got setup t2 and me t3 but Houndoom owns cham. 1-0

Elite 8 vs. Queendom
Strategy is big against Queendom. I had to lock Battle Frontier ASAP. I got into it t5 after a lot of search cards. However it wasn't to late. I was beind in prizes pretty big. POW! came through HUGE, moving all the DRE to Pidgeot. All 3 POW were used to move DRE to Pidgeot. The point turning was this. I attached a Cyclone to an active Eevee right after I lost my second espeon. I then Devo-Flashed the Nidoqueen for a KO. Then reversaled the 1 of his other Queens (no energy), and Snap Tailed Pidgeot. He couldn't catch up without the use of Quick Search (Battle Frontier). I got my prizes before Toxic took to much effect. 2-0

Final 4 vs. Blastoise Ex/Steelix Ex
Battle Frontier came out really fast, and not much could happen for him. He couldn't get fully setup, and Espeon did some clean shots turn 3 forward. There was a point were Houndoom got Ko'd by Steelix ex, and he dropped a Island Cave. However it was to late for him to come back. I reversaled the Pidgeot, and hit it for 90. Ko'n it. I left Island Cave in play since there was no point for frontier, and just dealed 90's. This was probably the best setup I had all game. 3-0

Championship vs. Slowking/Primeape
Good deck, it just couldn't hang. With Houndoom stopping the use of its vitl tools, it could only discard them. However a surprise Rare Candied, DRE, Slowpoke ran through 4 prizes (2 Espeon Ex). Eventually I got a Vaporeon Ex out after stalling with Houndoom. After that it was cake. Vaporeon 60-clean. If i was smart enough to keep add a scramble in my deck I mighta won earlier considering that Slowking had 70 hp. 4-0

Josh organizing the internet tourney (hope there are many more)
Me (gotta W)
Pojo (hopefully I'll be more involved in the website)

for what???

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