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Pokemon Tournament Reports

Flareados – Justin K – 15+ UK nationals 2006 – June 10th with 70 competitiors

Some of you may know me as Kempley05 from pokegym, well heres my UK nats report, had a lot of fun and got there on time. I was planning to play Typhlosion Liability – something I have tonnes of experience with. I decide that for this tourney I would try and beat the UK’s mixed up meta – basically all kinds of decks, with a few Queen and LBS builds being popular, but nothing out on top. I try out all kinds of stuff, and I like the way Lunarock and Queen with d Pidgeot are playing. I’m concerned that they are pretty easy to tech against so I last week I built Ariados – it’s only real autoloss is Jynx :p and it seems like a good choice. I had tonnes of exams the week before so I didn’t have any time to test it.


Heres my list


4 Ariados

4 Spinarak

4 Flareon ex

4 Eevee



4 Great Ball

3 Mary’s

3 Copycat

3 Admin

4 Battle Frontier

4 ER2


1 Full Flame

1 Scott

1 Switch


4 Multi

6 Grass

2 Fire


Round 1 – Andy S – Metro


So Andy’s a friend of mine whos using the version that won him Hull Regionals. I’ve played him in friendlies before and hes a quality player. I get a lone Spinarak to start, and he goes first, he uses Candy turn 1, and has Voltorb benched and has the God start. It goes over to me, I have no bench so I’m introuble, and play Admin. I get ER2 to set him back a turn and evolve to Ariados and get an Eevee and spinarak benched. He then has no energy on his Metagross and has to KO a trode to get the KO. Then I evolve Flareon and with his retreat cost of three hes locked with burn and confusion – I then swarm with Ariados despite rersistance as I didn’t have the energy to build a Flareon. Agter I got rid of the Metagross I spider trapped out his benched trode and he got tails on sleep, he can’t kill the trode with the conditions and I kill it and he doesn’t get the energy. Then I ko something else and win. Andy was pretty unlucky as I think I got a lock on a Frontier so he couldn’t delta draw, and he just didn’t get the supporters.




Round 2 – Ben H – Jynxfett


First turn I see a Jynx and I realise he’s net decked Freddy K’s Jynx. This was the worst match up I have as I can do anything once they have a evolved Jynx active. He plays Mentor for the first 2 turns and is set up fast. I go for the Wobbys early on to try and cut my retreat. He uses them to capitalise on weakness and I try to build 2 Flareons. I go ahead by 2 prizes and he pows some energy onto Flareon (good!). I get one Flareon up and KO. We have an exchange of prizes and he’s one ahead when time is coming up. He stalls for like 3 minutes on his last turn, whilst I have an energy in my had to KO his Jynx for the win. I wasn’t happy but he’s within the rules and seemed like a nice enough guy so yeah. Slops for net decking Fred…




Round 3 – Faisal Kahn (Freddy K) – BLS with Houndoom and other techs.


So yeah the one advantage of being 1-1 was I would avoid the best players… This guyt came second at UK nats last year (and would this year) and finished 10th at worlds. This game was absolutely amazing – he makes it clear how he intends to win when he has three Jirachi hl early on, hes trying to get me here on weakness. I try to KO them using Flareon with the first attack, basically this game went back and fourth, and I’d taken out 3 Jirachis and he got a Ariados. Then he Candys to a Blastoise, energy rains and gets back on level with me on 3 each – I then disrupt with confusion and he takes like 30 damage – my plan is to let him take a Ariados and then finish him off with a final Flareon – he now uses Houndoom as my bench is full and on the last turn I have Ariados active with a burned and confused Blastoise – time is called during my turn so we go to sudden death – I Admin, and get 3 ER2’s and  a Battle frontier – if it hadn’t of been for houndoom I could have played them and won – instead I know that If I attack with reactive poison he’ll retreat,  and the could energy rain something else to win – I gamble and spider trap his Blasty, basically if he gets tails on sleep he can’t attack, and it goes to my turn and I can reactive poison to win, if its heads he can use whirlpool and win. The coin flips – Heads – Dammit.




Round 4 – Paul C – Typhlosion/Ninetails hl


OK so I’m 1-2 and I’m at the desk ready to drop and then someone says its 6 rounds – I think that 4-2 gets you through so I carry on. I play a parent player from Glasgow – I start with Spinarak and he gets a turn 1 Typhlosion – he however has really bad luck and gets virtually no energy – and any he gets I ER2. Eventually I spider trap out his Nainetails just in case. Finally he gets a Typhlosion ex in play but I have and empty bench so he doesn’t get anything. Finally I get some great Balls and set up Flareons to hurt his deck. I think I get to 2 prizes away he, retreats Typhlosion ex with 140 damage but I spider trap it out for the win with the loss of no prizes.




Round 5 – Lee Jenson – Metanite with Castform and Pidgeot d


OK so I’m playing Lee, he starts with a Castform and gets virtually no energy, he can’t draw as a result. I get a turn T2 KO and I’m able to get a KO every other turn on from there. ER2 discarded the few energy he got into play and Battle Frontier prevented his Pidgeots annoying power.




Round 6 – Chris MG - T2 Hariyamaex/Medicham


OK so I’m basically in a playoff for T16 with our reigning national champ! I’d never even played him before so the game is spent with unusually friendly chat in something of such high stakes. I get a T2 KO of his Meditite and he’s really struggling – T3 he has only one basic and I had just SSUed my Flareon so he knows I can play it. Lucky for him he draws Mentor and sets up. He gets a Cham out which I KO as he couldn’t handle the status conditions. He was Running 4 Scott but soon ran out of his 2 Island Cave. I think I get to within 2 prizes, he has to retreat a Hariyama ex with 60 damage. I spider trap it out again and he doesn’t have the energy attachment to retreat again – GG and I was really sorry to knock out such a nice friendly player.




So from the depths of despair they read out T16, I squeeze in in 15th place, but as a result I have to play…


T16 – Sami Sekkoum – BLS with Celibi ex, and a few other techs.


Game 1


OK so I’m playing Sami… 2 team candyland’s in one day is too much to take… He came 7th at worlds 05 and would go on to win today. OK we start and he takes a different tact than Freddy – he plays it as normal and uses Jirachi to get a Pidgeotto -  Spider trap out him, hoping he doesn’t have Pidgeot in his 4 card hand, inevitably he does, and he has a fast set-up. Battle frontier slowed him down though. He sets up a Blasty and ploughed through all my stuff, I just didn’t get the draw here. I think in the end he quick searches for a switch and kept on breaking my spider traps.




Game 2


He gets a Pidgey start so I have some hope, sadly he gets T1 Pidgeot and retreats for Jirachi – I can’t remember much as I had a really horrible migraine and felt pretty sick. Basically I tried to spider trap anything that was water. However he gets 2 Blastoise set up and I can’t KO one because I know the other would KO me and take the final prize. I had terrible flips too, out of 4 SSU and 4 ER2 I get one heads… in the end I realise all I had was a series of Flareons ho would get KOed and not enough energy to KO them. I’ve feeling pretty unwell so I take one last look through my deck, see nothing that can beat him and concede and leave after collecting my prizes and having a chat with Adam T about Liability decks. But all credit for Sami for really being respectful, I remember I felt awful as I had to think a lot about on who’s turn his Pokemon would get KOed, and that it could be seen as stalling – he says take your time and don’t make any mistakes which really put me at ease so thanks!






England winning 1-0 and Trinidad actually getting a result against Sweden.

Making the Top cut for all 12 of my tourneys this year.

Sami, Chris, Andy and a few other players for being so kind and friendly ingame

My ‘notes’ (to be posted soon)

Meeting players from all over the country.

Anna S for giving me a little help with my deck last week.

- Umbreon777 of the gym and the whole of team Liability for moral support




The late start (like 12noon)

The lunch, not bad but not as amazing as last year.

Pokeguru after he literally rinsed my cards with Fanta (its ok we’re cool lol!)

Failing to make the T4 cut for the 1st time this year.


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