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Pokemon Tournament Reports

From: Kevin

Subject: Pokemon: Dutch Nationals Report

I'm back with another report.
This time it's nationals, and it's my only chance to make it to Worlds, So I pick the deck which I feel most comfortable with: Lunasol.

I also thought my metagame was mostly Dragtrode and BLS, which seem pretty easy for Lunasol, But there was another deck I didn't quite expect.

On friday I travelled together with Rob to the location, where a 4-day pokemon madness was going on, Nationals was on Sunday, but we just wanted to see how many people went to the pokemon-marathon and to trade some cards.
It appeared that the location was WAY too small for 140 players, and the tables pretty sucked too.
Also there were no windows or something in the hall so it was terrible.

After this we went to the rest of our team for the important playtests.
I mostly tested my match-up versus Arcanine ex, Gengar, Metanite, BLS, and mirror.
We had lots of fun and good food so thanks Maurice (Raichu88), Jamal, and Rob.

On sunday I woke up late so I missed breakfast and we took off right away.
Everyone was tired as heck but that didn't really stop us to sing some classics :D At the location we (the 15+ age category) were sent to another museum to play, because the primary location and tables were way too small.
So we play in full luxury, and we make the last few changes to our decks.

Maurice plays the exact same list as I did, and Jamal plays T1 ttar ex, Rob goes Gengar.

Round 1:
I won a CC in the Netherlands, you get an auto-Bye on nationals for this.

Round 2 vs Mirja T w/ Politoed stall
I played the exact same match at regionals.
I start, and get a full setup to knock out her poliwag. I reversal-kill another, but eventually she gets a toed EX and I flip all my Energy removal 2 tails.
So she manages to fetch two prizes before solrock DX's bench damage, desert ruins, and a target blast tear her up.
The game gets easy from here on, and I win.

Round 3 vs Remco H w/ arcanine EX
He plays magby and full flame along with it, and gets a headstart on me because I flip my first coin flips tails.
I do setup at some point and get a lucky EXP.all topdeck, which brings me back into the game.
We both flip all our first ER2 and reversal tails, which makes it slightly easier for me to win.

Round 4 vs Ron S w/ Flariados
Here's the deck I didn't expect in this quantity on nationals, and I think all Flariados got this far too.
I get the most crappy start ever, which costs me 2 solrock, but eventually I get back in the game.
It was a bit too late though, and because Ariados has 10 HP too much for me, I never get to make things serious.
He also flips 3 out of 3 super scoop up heads, which prevented the Flareon EXs from knocking out. (desert ruins and cursed stone got about 80 damage on his flareons.) I flip my spider traps tails and from that point there was no hope left for this match.

Round 5 vs Thomas w/ Typh ex and trode ex and ray ex Finally a easy matchup, desert ruins and cursed stone add a lot of damage here, and 2 of his main attackers are weak to fighting too.
He got a lone voltorb start, and didnt play any trainers, so I used my foresight on his Top 5 cards to make him draw energy.
He used a TV reporter to draw into his Prof elm's, but he never can use it.
I look at his hand afterwards and it was pretty much 1 voltorb, 5 energy, and a typhlosion ex.
Sorry mate.

Round 6 vs Jeroen L w/ Flariados.
Fortunately, he doesn't know the match-up and also doesn't play ER2.
which make things clear.
He was undefeated from here, but got 1 loss for missing the first round. My tievreak was really low, So I couldn't really afford to give him a bye. sorry jeroen.

The match was pretty back and forth, my stadiums again hurt the flareons a lot, and this time it seems like I finally have a positive flipping result. we go even on ariados and lunatone kills, but his Flareon EXs getting knocked out by stadium damage got me the win.

We play Top 8, and I'm really glad I made it because I just missed the cut last year.
Raichu88, playing the exact same list got 16th, unfortunately Jamal and Rob missed the cut too.
They got 11th and 12th. Too bad guys =(

At first I was kinda bummed because the Top 8 seemd full of bad match ups, but the last round was crazy. All those bad matchups lost the last round, most of them missing the cut.

Top 8 vs Erik vd L w/ BLS
I finally get to play BLS!
This matchup is pretty easy and the first match was no exception. He starts off with Jirachi HL, and gets a quicky stoise. I ER2 about everything he has and I reversal the stoise. drop desert ruins.
He got 100 damage on his stoise turn 3, while ruins is still there.
He rains and retreats for jirachi's trying to get a second blastoise, but fails.
I win.

Match 2 was pretty much the same, he lets me start (thanks btw), and I get a full setup again.
I kill jirachi's and eventually the stoise again for the easy win. by coinf flips were tremendous in this match =)

Top 4 vs Manuel w/ Lunarock
I get to start, which really relieves me, but he got a really solid setup. he got to damage my lunatones with a turn 1 solrock dx, and the match was really difficult. (even though I probably knew his whole list) I damage his Solrock back for 60 damage, so he really needs to root it.
the game from here on goes back and forth, we kill eachothers lunatone's, but at the near end he made a crucial mistake.
He rooted his other solrock DX for attack purposes too, knocking out his lunatone with 60 damage, and also giving me OHKO's from here on.
(he already used retrievers) I win.

Match 2 was pretty much the same, but he started and flips better than me too.
I tried but I couldn't really catch up with his prize advantage.
He finishes the match 1 minute before time is called

We start a new game with 6 prizes, but this time, I get to start. I get a Turn 2 50 damage on his solrock LM.
all I have to do now is wait for a reversal/psy energy. he tries to burn + paralyze me, but I retreat off and dont bench anymore luna's.
My first admin didn't got me anything. but my second one got me 2 psychic energy AND 2 reversals.
GGs Manuel.


Finals vs Anna S w/ Flariados
the national champ of last year.
Game 1 she didn't start all that good and I was able to take some prizes before she did.
We Knock out eachothers pokemon, but the prize advantage won me the game.

The second game went pretty much the same, but she had some ridiculous coin flips here.
I think we flipped 3 times for the game, but all were in her advantage =( she finishes me off 10 seconds before time is called >____<

sudden death:
Phew, I can start this one, and my Luna + reversal on eevee get me the win.
We play out for fun though and she would've won this...


I'm 17 years old, so that means I get to take another person with me to worlds.
Luckily I have good parents and they let me take a friend with me.
I could've choose Jamal or Rob, but I really want the Netherlands to do well at worlds this year, So I choose the only player in Top 4 who was Top 8 and Almost won versus me in the finals.

- P.A.I.N.
- Prize support (even though we didnt receive boosters because they were 'missing')
- The whole weekend. thanks Jamal, Maurice, and Rob.
- my opponents
- my deck

- opponents luck/no luck for me
- the tournament location
- Flariados.
- only facing 1 deck with pidgeot =/

I'll send pojo the pics later. (when I have received them)

Greets and see ya at worlds,
Kevin de M, Kevin89

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