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Pokemon Tournament Reports

Dragtrode V. 3 - Bradley Hammitt
Mississauga, ON
Saturday, Jan 7, 2006
About 23-27 participants in 15+

Hello again! It’s been a while since I sent in a deck report, so don’t bash on me. Anyway, this was an exciting day, the first major modified tournament since the US Nationals (in which I did excruciatingly bad *cough*2-6*cough*). On To The Deck!

Dragtrode V. 3

Pokemon: 20
4 Dratini (TRR w/colorless weakness)
3 Dark Dragonair (Evolutionary light)
4 Dark Dragonite
2 Voltorb TRR
2 Dark Electrode
2 Pidgey
1 Pidgeotto
2 Pidgeot

NRG: 15
4 Dark
1 Dark Metal
2 R
1 Boost
7 Lightning

Trainers: 25
4 T.V. Reporter
3 Copycat
2 Rocket’s Admin.
2 Lanette’s Net Search
2 Celio’s
3 Rare Candy
2 Rocket’s Poke Ball
2 Desert Ruins
2 Rocket’s Hideout
1 NRG Charge
1 Pokemon Retrever
1 Strength Charm

Obviously my strategy is the normal one for Dragtrode: get a Dark Dragonite out w/Dark Electrode for NRG searching. Also have Pidgeot out for any random card I need.

Round 1 Vs. Sarah Cresswell
I started w/ a Dratini, she started w/ a UF Yanma(grand loop). She won the flip, so she went first. She attached a lightning NRG and Grand Looped for two cards. I drew, had nothing of value in my hand, so I Copycatted. I attached a Dark to Dratini and put her Yanma to sleep. She flipped tails for the sleep, drew, dropped a Ho-oh ex on the bench, and attached an NRG to it. I drew and placed my Desert ruins on the table, which I had drawn with the Copycat. I also evolved to Dark Dragonair, attached a dark, evolutionary light for Dark Dragonite, put a Pidgey on the bench, and passed. She attached an energy to Ho-oh ex, switched the Yanma NRG to it, switched, And killed my Dark Dragonair w/70 damage. I put Voltorb and Dratini on the bench, w/ Pidgey active. I candied the Dratini to Dark Dragonite and passed. She drew and killed Pidgey. I sent out Dark Dragonite, evolved my Voltorb, Darkness Navigation for a dark NRG, attached a Lightning to Dark Electrode, and passed. She Pokemon Reversaled for Dark Electrode, killing it. I sent out Dark Dragonite and passed. She drew and killed it.
Loss: (0-1) (0pts)

Round 2 Vs. Kaitlin
As I found out later, Kaitlin happened to be a novice player who was Sarah’s friend. We talked after our match about playing the game, and Kaitlin seemed interested in continuing to play. Anyway, I again started with a lone Dratini. She started with a Lone Zapdos ex. The worst possible start for a Zappy ex deck! I went first, attached a lightning NRG, and put her Zappy to sleep. She failed with the sleep flip, so she drew, attached a lightning, played an NRG Removal 2 (which failed) and passed. I drew, put Voltorb on the bench, evolved to Dark Dragonair, and passed. She still was asleep, so she drew, attached and passed. I drew, (and not wanting to give her a possible 2nd basic w/Rocket’s Admin.) I Copycatted. After which I played Desert Ruins. (Yes!!!) I also placed a Pidgey into play, which I immediately candied to a Pidgeot. I Quick Searched for a Dark Electrode, and Darkness Navigation for a Dark NRG. I passed. She woke up, attached, and killed the Dark Dragoniar. I sent out Pidgeot, holding onto Dark Electrode for the OHKO. I Quick Searched for another Dark Energy, and attached it, holding the key Lightning in my hand. She drew, (w/ still no bench) attached, and killed the Pidgeot. I sent out Dark Electrode, attached the lightning, and did 100 damage for the KO.
Win (1-1) (3pts)

Round 3 Vs. Some guy w/ Meganium ex + Dewgong (FRLG)
I started again w/Dratini. He started with a lone Sunflora UF. I went first, attached a dark, and put the Sunflora to sleep. He attached and passed. I attached a lightning, and evolved to Dark Dragonair. He attached, played a Seel on his bench, and attacked, but because of resistance, it did nothing. I drew, attached a lightning, evolved to Dark Dragonite, and killed the Sunflora. He drew, (no basic) and attacked for 10. I drew and killed the Seel.
Win (2-1) (6pts)

By now I was feeling pretty good about my deck, having won the past two games in under 10 minutes, but I knew the tough part was ahead of me, because I still have 2 games left to play. I watched an interesting game Sarah Cresswell and another guy. She only had basics in her deck, and his only Pokemon on the field was a Skarmory DS. They went back and forth, drawing and passing, with her trying to somehow not deck before he did. She ended up copycatting 2 major hands with around 23-25 cards each, with hers being just a few over those marks. But in the end she decked herself out, and the guy had about 20 cards left in her deck. She remarked that a Rocket’s Admin. or 2 would have helped, but she didn’t have any in her deck.

Round 4 Vs. Another guy w/ Flareon ex + Charizard ex.
I started with Dratini active again, and a Pidgey, and he started with an Eevee UF. I attached a lightning and put it to sleep, but after drew, he just attached a fire and searched for Flareon ex, evolving and waking up. He attacked me and then I drew. I placed a Dratini and Voltorb on the bench, and put Desert Ruins into play. I tried to stall and put him to sleep again, but he ripped through my Pokemon quickly. I managed to kill the Flareon ex w/ Dark Electrode with 2 dark and 1 Lightning on it. So brought out a Charizard ex w/ 2 fire. I was hoping for the KO on the lightning weak Charizard ex, but he tossed a boost down and Burn Downed for the win.
Loss (2-2) (6pts)

Round 5 Vs. Some other guy
I don’t remember much about this game, except at turn three he had a Moltres ex killing my pokes. I paralyzed it, but he put down a second Moltres ex, KOing my last Pokemon.
Loss (2-3) (6pts)

Going to another tournament, finally!
Playing with other people and seeing some new deck ideas.

Not getting more than 2 wins, again.
Not having any tournaments(or leagues for that matter) within 1hour 30minutes away.

Bradley Hammitt
E-mail: hamm5fam@adelphia.net



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