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Pokemon Tournament Reports

Crystal Guardians PreRelease
by higumaotoshi
Skyfox Games
Oshawa, Ontario
Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well this is my first prelease tourney. First game was the sealed draft and everyone around me was talking about how bad my cards were for draft (not many good evo lines, weak trainer line etc.). I pulled alot of Torchic and Combusken but knowing the strong water in the set, tried to keep the fire to a minumum. I also pulled a Delcatty-ex (yay), so i worked that in even though i only had 1 Skitty. Unfortuantely, it didnt see play although my skitty did win me a game.

Pokemon (17):
Torchic (#65) x 2
Combusken (#31) x 1
Combusken (#16) x 1
Numel x 2
Camerupt x 1
Diglett x 1
Dugtrio x 1
Skitty x 1
Delcatty-ex x 1
Shuppet x 1
Banette x 1
Whismur x 1
Treecko (#67) x 1
Treecko (#68) x 1
Grovyle (#19) x 1

Trainers (7):
Potion x 1
Energy Search x 2
Holon Circle x 1
Cessation Crystal x 1
Pokenav x 1
Double Full Heal x 1

Energy (16):
Fire Energy x 5
Fighting Energy x 4
Psychic Energy x 7

Yeah, pretty bad deck, even for sealed draft. Oh well, it didn't turn out bad at all...

Round 1
I had Shuppet out first turn and he had a Mudkip.
I get flip. First turn ascension into Banette for 30 and confuse. He had no
basic so
i basically lucked out and took a second turn win.

Round 2
Started out with a Torchic and flipped 3 heads in a row to KO something that
had 50 hp.
He KO'd Torchic shortly after. I got Grovyle out and hit Agility a few
times, ko-ing 2
before going down. Eventually, Skitty took out something from the bench with
2 Faint Attacks for the win.

Round 3
Started out with a Numel. Don't quite remember the exact details but he
eventually got
Kyogre-ex onto the bench and was charging it. I had Shuppet again and
ascension to
Banette and swept through alot. He sent out Kyogre, but Banette has
safeguard anyways
so it wont die. He ran out of energy, Banette swept.

so wow. I finished 3-0 with that deck. unfortuantely, no prizes cuz it was
an 8 ppl tourney.
Someone else finished 3-0 but got the win because they faced opponents with
win % -.-. Oh well. They gave us the 2 packs for participating.
First pack... junk.
Second pack... ALAKAZAM*!!!!
That completely made my day.

So I signed up for booster draft. This time, deck building went alot better.
Pokemon (12):
Squirtle (#63) x 2
Squirtle (#64) x 2
Wartortle (#43) x 3
Blastoise (#14) x 1
Gulpin x 2
Swalot x 1
Sableye x 1

Trainers (7):
Dual Ball x 1
Celio's Network x 1
Bill's Maintenance x 1
Pokenav x 1
Warp Point x 1
Energy Search x 2

Energy (11):
Water Energy x 8
Grass Energy x 3
4-3-1 Blastiose line in a 30 card deck.. wow......

Round 1
Started out with Gulpin and Squirtle against an Aron and a Bulbasaur. We
traded KOs and he got Ivysaur powered while I got Swalot. I used Swalot to annoy the crap out of
his Ivysaur, putting status affects on it every turn. He retreated twice to 50 hp basics,
which Swalot ohko'd. Eventually, Ivysaur went down and I won the match.

Round 2
Started out with Squirtle against Squirtle (both with the hard shell
poke-power), so it was a stalling match. I switched in Sableye and stalled further while
charging the Squirtle I retreated and Celio'd a Watortle and evolved. Next turn I evolved
to Blastoise and he put down Jirachi-ex.Then Blastiose went on to OHKO everything,
including Jirachi.

Round 3
Started with Squirtle again against a Spearow. Benched were a Spearow, a
Diglett, and a Wingull, which all evolved on turn 2. I play Bill's Maintenance, benched
another Squirtle, charged that up to a Blastoise, and took 3 prizes before he had
sufficient energy. He got enough energy on Pelliper, confused me, I attack, flip heads,
and take game.

Prizes were 3 packs, all junk.

so wow.
first draft and i go undefeated and pull an EX and a Pokemon*. What a great
day it was.

Pulling a *.
Going undefeated in first ever draft.
Pulling Delcatty-ex.
Guy who traded me their Dragonite-ex for a foil Crystal Beach.

My 4 UF packs containing absolute junk.
Only 8 people show up so not good prizes.

Hope you enjoyed my report.



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