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Pokemon Tournament Reports

Peter Moglia
Niles, IL
EX Crystal Guardians Prerelease
Sunday, August 13, 2006
Roughly 40 people, 10 playing in my 11-14 division
Hello everyone,
This was the biggest prerelease I've ever been to. In fact, it was the first prerelease I've ever been to. Since I haven't played competitively for four years, I figured this would be a good tournament to reintroduce myself to the tournament scene. 
Part 1 (Tournament arrival, registration, and briefing)
Coming in, I knew that the competition would be stiff. When I arrived at Pastimes in Niles, Illinois, it wasn't long before I met my Gym Leader from the league I play in. He explained to me some of the cards to watch out for, and some cards most people would just use to chump block (since it was four prizes, not a lot of chump blocking took place.) Five minutes before the tournament started, the staff that was working the tournament handed six packs of EX Crystal Guardians to each player. They explained the rules to the whole group, since there were quite a few younger players in the 10 and under division. The organizer also explained that the energy they had was to be borrowed and then given back to the store at the end of the tournament.
Part 2 (The deck building)
This tournament was going to be Age-Modified, Limited five round Swiss. With a line of, "You will have 30 minutes to build your deck. . . GO!" Everyone's hands scrambled to open their packs as quickly as possible. My Trainer base was not as great as I would have liked, (in fact, it was pretty much downright horrible) but my Pokemon draw was fairly good. In the end, this is what my 40-card deck looked like. . .
Pokemon (17):
x4 Squirtle (Bubblebeam)
x3 Wartortle (1 #42 [Bubble], 2 #43 [Tail Whip])
x1 Blastoise Hydro Pump
x3 Mudkip Nap
x1 Marshtomp Hug
x1 Swampert Rock Hurl
x2 Whismur
x1 Loudred
x1 Luvdisc
Trainers (7):
x2 Energy Search
x2 Castaway
x2 Potion
x1 Dual Ball
Energies (16):
x9 Water
x7 Fighting
As I was building my deck, I saw some lucky people pull some Pokemon EX, among them Swampert EX and especially Delcatty EX. These two powerhouses, especially the latter, could turn a 4-1 game around, as was demonstrated against Luke, a participant in the League I'm in, when he had a full set up of Fighting Pokemon against a Delcatty EX. The Delcatty was able to keep Luke's hand from getting to big while dealing some serious damage, enough to turn the tables and win the game. But now on to my games. . .
Part 3 (Actual Tournament)
Game 1 against Jake (Delcatty EX/Medicham/Dusclops)
This game was against one of the better players in my division, who also had the dreaded Delcatty EX in his deck. However, he never got a chance, as by turn 6 I had my Blastoise running with four water energies. From there on it was just a matter of trying to give Blastoise a Special Condition (which never worked) and me Hydro Pumping away all of his Basic Pokemon.
 Win 1-0
Game 2 against Andrew (Swampert EX, Wigglytuff)
This opponent gave me a bit more trouble than my last opponent. I had a 3 Water Energy Blastoise out by turn 3 After I KO'ed his first Pokemon, he sent out Jigglypuff, who kept me sleeping and did 10 damage to me for four turns. Eventually on a Sleep Check, I rolled a heads, which allowed me to KO his Jigglypuff. Lo and behold, he sends out ANOTHER JIGGLYPUFF! This one was much less lethal than the first, as on the first roll I rolled heads and instantly KO'ed his Jigglypuff. Then all that happened was he sent me a Spearow, who Collected a card, and then I Hydro Pumped his Spearow away.
Win 2-0
Game 3 against Matt (Venusaur, Exploud EX)
Once again, I got very lucky and had a 3 energy Blastoise running by turn 3. I had a bit of confusion trouble with his Whismurs, but after I KO'ed 3 I retreated for a 2 energy Mudkip. He sent out an Ivysaur with 1 energy. He didn't draw an energy until next turn, so I thought I would just keep Mudkip out until I could get my Blastoise running again. He drew an energy, attached it to his Ivysaur, and hit Mudkip for 60 damage. I sent out Blastoise once again, attached an energy, and, as always, Hydro Pumped for the win.
Win 3-0, Thoughts on this game: The potions helped me keep Blastoise from dying from confusion, which without the potions could have turned the entire game around. After this everyone received two more packs, in one of which I pulled an Aggron EX, but nothing to help my deck (not a single Trainer in either of them!) This game also marked the last time I would win in this tournament.
Game 4 against Jacob (Sceptile EX, Fearow d)
This is the game I hate to mention, as it was a game I could have won if I hadn't made a such foolish gamble. We both had 3 on the bench, which among others he had a Spearow,  me with an active 3 energy Wartortle against his active Treecko d (which magically had a resistance to Water). My Wartortle was confused from Treecko, and I had a Blastoise in my hand, but I decided to attack with Wartortle to see if I could get the Treecko down halfway to 20 HP. Bad move! I flipped tails, giving me 30 damage. He then retreated to his Spearow, evolved to Fearow d, attached an energy, and hit for 60. From then on, he knocked out my Pokemon one after the other until his four prizes were taken.
Loss 3-1, Extremely frustrating loss, as had I evolved to Blastoise, I may have come away with the game. Oh well, live and learn.
Game 5 against Nathan (Swampert EX, Kingler d)
This was by far the best game I played that day. He took 2 prizes, which I responded to by taking 2 of my own prizes. He sent out a Wartortle which could hit for 50. However, he made a great play in sending out a Mudkip which hit my Wartortle for 20 out of 70. I tackled the Mudkip for 50, and took a prize. He then hit me with his Wartortle, which knocked out my Wartortle, so I sent out my 60 HP Luvdisc. Here's where he broke the game wide open. He had no bench, while I had a Mudkip. He Warp Pointed to get my Mudkip (50 HP) out, and Tackled it, taking his last prize. Good game Nate.
Loss 3-2
I ended up taking 4th place, which got me 1 CG pack and 1 HP pack. Matt took 3rd (how he finished above me, I may never know, as we had the same record of 3-2 and I had beaten him), Nathan took second, and Jacob took 1st. Overall, the tournament was a fun one, and I look forward to playing in Pastime's next tournament/prerelease. The winner of the 15+ division got a box of Crystal Guardians, by the way.
Thanks for reading my report. If you're going to Worlds 2006, good luck, there's going to be some great competition there.
Best of luck,
Peter Moglia
By Peter Moglia




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