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Pokemon Tournament Reports

by Gregory Chisholm
Brads Sport Cards & Collectables
Coral Springs FL
14-Under tournament
July 15, 2006

Well i noticed that the Killer deck reports was lacking a lot of well....Reports i decided to do one. I really wanted to win this so i did my research and i knew the top decks their were going to be LBS, and I THOUGHT a a certain hariyama Deck (which included Ninetails and houndoom ). Here is the deck-


4 Voltorb HL

3 Electrode EX
3 Beldum HL
2 Metang Delta
3 Metagross Delta
1 Girafarig LM
4 Pow!Hand Extension
4 Proffessor Elms Training Method
4 Rockets Admin
1 Switch
2 Copycat
3 Masterball
4 TV reporter
3 Desert Ruins
1 Holon Ruins
4 Rare Candy
2 Delta Rainbow Energy
4 Metal Energy
7 Lightning Energy
Strategy is to Blow up trode ex and get energy on metagross and use Pow! to my advantage.

Well before the tourney started i got challenged by someone who i thought was alot of competition. He asked if i wanted to battle, but on one condition-- We play with our tourney decks, so i decided to lie and get my machamp deck and battle him with it. SOOO... I end up losing turn 2 (i had a lone Feebas start) Vs my worst nightmare his yama deck XD. So i thought he was going to play his Hariyama/9tails/Houndoom deck. So i replaced my 1 Girafarig LM for 1 Protective Orb. This would help vs The Hariyama deck and all the other random fire stuff the other newer players had =P . So after eating a hashbrown Round 1 was announced.

Round 1 Vs My worst nightmare Hariyama =O
So i thought this was an autoloss for my Metro deck but i play my best anyway. I gets heads and go first with a Beldum HL benched and a Voltorb HL active. He flips over a Corphish(and no bench), and im like WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! Then i decide o well better for me.I attach a Metal energy to Voltorb and use recharge. He draws and attaches a Water energy to corphish and does 10 to voltorb. I draw and its a masterball, I use it to see if i can end the game early but their was no Electrode EX to be found . So i retreat Voltorb for a Beldum and attach an energy to voltorb. He draws and plays Crawdaunt EX. Im thinking PLEASE give me Trode EX PLEASE! He attaches Boost and does 80 damage. i put voltorb active and i draw and dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN! ELECTRODE EX! i put down desert ruins and then Evo to trode ex. Then i use Crush and burn for 200 damage. GG man lol that was a fun game.

Lunch time!!!!!!
I go to Wendys with the rest of Team brads (including Ron) I get a sandwhich or somethin...

Round 2 Vs Nicks Fire deck
Im glad i put in the Protective Orb now XD . So i roll higher and go first. I dont wanna go into too much detail. Basically he never even got a Combusken Out (and he doesnt use Rare candy in the deck) The only threat he got out was the moltres from the one of those Tin's but i just went Turbo Electrode EX on his entire deck. Beldum never had to be laid down lol. GG kid

Round 3 Vs Danny with LBS
I was pretty confident on this matchup.
I go 2nd and have a voltorb active. He basically doesnt get setup. To make a long story short he use wartortle as a main attacker. But i couldnt get and beldums or any draw. Somewhere along in the game i make a mistake and evolve my benched Electrode EX before i blow up my active Electrode EX. SO Danny basically gets 2 free prizes beacause the judge rules i cant take it back. And it was downhill from their.

soooo im pretty disapointed at myself but w/e im almost garunteed Top2 .
Top 2 is announced and its me vs Danny

OK we both spend like 20 minutes shuffling XD . Dragonshields obv rule because Bianchi was using them too ;D LOL. We FINALLY get done shuffling and comparing sleeves lol. i win the roll and i go first with a Beldum start, i attach an energy and Call for a Voltorb.Next turn he mentor's and gets Squirtle Pidgey and Jirachi HL. He makes a wish and says its my turn. I retreat for Voltorb and then evo to Metang. I then use recharge and its his turn. He makes a wish (he WONT get tails on sleep check lol) and then evos to pidgeotto. Then its my turn again (he gets another heads on sleep check ) I attach an energy and then evolve to Electrode EX and masterball for a Metagross . I use Metas power to get a Pow! Then i KO his jirachi DX. He then uses Jirachi HL to get a Pidgeot. So i draw and its another pow. I then play Holon Ruins and use it discarding a Metal energy. Then i use TV reporter and discard an energy, then metas power. I then use Electrodes power. he takes 2 prizes i now have 7 energy total on my Metagross i beleive. I then bench Beldum and Rare candy it into Metang delta. The i pow! up his pidgeot and discard 2 energy to KO it. He then draws and gets a blasty ex and rare candy his squirtle Luckily he has no Holons. Then he Gets another jirachi DX and uses its power and passes. He gets tails on sleep check. I then draw and its a metagross, I evo my metang to it. Then i use both of their Powers + a holon ruins i get a voltorb Rare candy AND trode EX ROFL. i then blow up the trode and get a couple enrgy on the benched Metagross. i THEN use pow to bring his blastoise ex active and KO it by discarding 3. At this point hes pretty pissed. He passes. I bench a voltorb and use switch for the voltorb then pass. He cant resist the urge to KO just as i thought. And he draws something good becuz i see a huge smile on his face LOL. so i basically Admin his 8 card hand to 1. and then play Desert ruins. And use both metas to try and get a pow But none ot be found.....we both basically pass for a few turns and his benched lugia ex now has 5 damage on it. I draw and guess what it is.....A POW!!!!! i pow his lugia ex up FTW. REAL GG man.
And i dont want to bore you guys or tire my fingers anymore so ill just tell you basically the exact same thing happend in game 2 as in game 1.
i End up wining 11 packs of my choice
i get nothing from them =/
then i go home
overall it was a fun tournement
Mrs.Michelle for taking almost all of team brads
Matt and rich for playin a rouge deck and doing pretty good with it
Rich for wining 50 dollars
Bianchi ...just becuz....
larry and Crew for just being cool AND letting me borrow a trode ex.
Brads for being a cool store.
ShawofMordor for helping me with Metro

Lower turnout then expected
Anthony just beacause hes....Anthony ;D
sloppy sandwiches at wendys
and thats about all...
if anyone reading this wants to talk strategy or something IM me ay Sceppyking or Email me at Sceppyking@aol.com
Cya around
~ Gregory C.



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