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Pokemon Tournament Reports

Pokemon Regionals Report #2
May 2006
by Kevin89

Heey all,

Since there are no big prizes here (well, the CC bag + trophy), you're not done with regionals if you win one.
So today (7th May) I played the second and also last Regionals in my country.

(Regionals North report here:
http://www.pojo.com/KillerDecks/2006/4-28.shtml )

This time it was serious. we had 2 regionals - just North and South, And since I live South, this one means more to me than the Northern Regionals.
So yea, I decide to play lunasol, a deck that focusses on Lunatone and Solrock alone. This time I won't post a decklist since I feel like a teammate or me might use it in the near future again.

I arrive along with the other Local players early, so I finally got to trade a lot of stuffs for my decks. Thanks anyone I bought from or traded with!
About 50 people participated, with 21 in my age category; 15+.
The tournament takes off;

Round 1 vs Mirja w/ Polistall
This was a pretty easy match for me, I get set up very fast, due to mentor. she takes a couple of turns, but by that time I damaged politoed already with one of my solrocks. then she attacks a bit too early with politoed ex for 30 damage on my solrock. I take full advantage of the situation and I use lunatones + desert ruins for some major damage. She KO's lunatone, and I reversal-kill the politoed next turn, after that, every poliwag she drops gets pokemon reversal'd and KO'd. GG 1-0

Round 2 vs Maurice w/ Gengar
yay yay, again maurice, my teammate.
He starts pretty slow compared to my fast setup. None of my solrocks were prized this round, so I ohko almost everything I see. he never gets gengar because he couldn't use Quick Search. I energy removal anything he attaches, and I win pretty easily.

Round 3 vs ??? w/ Metro
hard matchup, but he doesn't start very well, and I also flip a lot of energy removal 2 heads this game, so his setup takes even longer. He does eventually setup, but he only gets 1 prize after that because my early lunatones had damaged all his pokemon enough to OHKO.

Round 4 vs Nick vd v w/ Queendom
another hard match up, and it takes me freaking 5 turns to get a holon FF so he started 2 prizes ahead of me because he used pidgeot to attack. I ER2 and reversal desperately to KO some of his nidoran. I eventually get my setup and I get back in the game. When I only had 2 prizes left when he gets fully setup with nidoqueen and 2 pidgeot.
this is very hard for me, and it eventually gets us in Sudden death with both 1 prize left. I topdeck very bad and he almost succeeds in winning a nearly lost game. but he is one energy short of winning.
Next turn I finally topdeck a pokemon reversal and I KO a benched pokemon.

Round 5 vs Florens w/ BLS
This was pretty funny as we both know we made it to the finals, and also because he plays a 200$ deck versus my Lunasol, which is maybe 25$. Well anyway, he starts pretty bad and he can't quick search. I reversal his T1 blastoise ex and I eventually KO it (at the sacrifice of 1 lunatone I think). BLS without blastoise and Pidgeot is pretty useless, so I get an easy game from here on.

Top 4 matches;
Me - Lunasol, versus teammate Jamal O - Hariyama ex Florens - BLS versus teammate Maurice vd B - Gengar

Semifinals vs Jamal

We have the greatest games ever, there was no minute when we (including florens and maurice) didn't laugh. For anyone who has seen South Park - The Jeffersons, we sang some songs out of that episode.

Game 1;
I get a headstart and flip my energy removal heads. Once again, none of my solrock are prized, so I can easily OHKO lunatone. after a while I had drawn 4 of my prizes, to his pathetic 0 yet. But then again, now he finally has hariyama fully charged, so he OHKO's a lunatone. I answer by slowly killing hariyama ex.
Game 2;
This one is very close, we both start fast, but 2 of my solrock were prized, so I never got to do much damage, I couldn't even OHKO a makuhita. I do KO a hariyama though, at the cost of 2 precious lunatone. I farmer + great ball them back so I can continue grabbing prizes. I really need 50 damage to win this match. but he flips 3 times tails in a row when he tries to paralyze my Solrock with his Lunatone. So this gets me even more prizes. eventually I'm down to 2 prizes and I still didn't get Solrock. He gets another yama ex and gets to KO 2 lunatones again. We both have 2 prizes left now, but since he just has hariyama ex and some solrocks left, he has no choice to KO another lunatone, just to get KO'ed himself. (since solrock can do bench damage) Good games mate, Good games.

BLS usually, and again wins vs my other teammate's Gengar deck.

Finals vs Florens and the 200 dollar deck Game 1; he jirachi swarms me, and even though I just miss one solrock for instant KO's, his slow setup gets me some prizes, which is great since the attackers in BLS are all EX's. from here on I control the game and I easily manage to finish it. he does get a blastoise ex, but I'm fast enough to stop it before it gets too dangerous.
Game 2;
Like last game, I get some mulligans, and I start very bad. I do have all the solrock this time though, but I lack energy. it takes me some turns to get an energy to Kill a weakened blastoise, but at least I get to pull that off. (you should've retreated for steelix ex mate).
Anyway, he then uses a steelix ex to shoot one of my lunatones, I farmer + great ball a lost solrock back in the game for 120 damage.
and due to his energy raining and weakness, that's a KO.
As I've said before, BLS without stoise AND pidgeot is helpless. I easily can finish this regionals.

I continue going unbeaten (in sanctioned matches) in 2006, which is cool :) Props;
- My deck
- My luck
- Rob H - teammate and driver-
- Maurice vdB -teammate and T4 -
- Jamal O -teammate and T4 -
- Martin and Erik, for organising another great tournament
- Mc donalds.
- Thomas W - ice cream! : D
- another time both Jamal and Maurice, for winning in the last rounds even though your match-ups seemed hopeless.

- Rob H for being the only teammember outside of Top 4 today.
(lol j/k mate)


Kevin89 / Kevin de M
- kevindemooij@gmail.com


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