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Pokemon Tournament Reports

International Regionals (The Netherlands) Groningen.

17th April.

There are only 2 regionals in The netherlands, and poorly prize supported. (no byes for nationals (there are supposed to be some), and also 5 boosters for 1st place) This is the first regionals in the Netherlands and I'm not sure what the people play.

there weren't much people, probably because of the low prize support.

There were about 50 people, of which 16 in my age category, 15+.

My teammate, Rob, and I went for a long ride to Groningen. The other teammates report they won't be there. So I decide to hide my other deck and play Jynxwobb, a deck that doesn't have many bad match-ups, and is pretty decent.

List is something like this;

Pokemon; 16

4 smoochy uf

4 jynx uf

3 wynaut lm

3 wobbs lm

1 Roselia lm

1 girafarig lm

Energy; 16

4 Double Rainbow

1 Scramble energy

7 Psy

4 Water

Trainers; 28

4 Rockets Admin

1 Prof Oaks Research

4 Holon Transceiver

3 Holon Mentor

2 Holon Scientist

3 cursed powder

3 ER2

3 Pow!

2 battle frontier

1 retriever

2 ATM rock

For anyone who has read the cards the combo should be obvious but I will explain it once again nonetheless. Lock up one of your opponents pokemon with pow!, roselia, or when your opponents starts with one.

jirachi DX, for example., you add retreat costs with wobby, ER2 energies while they desperately try to retreat for an attacker.

While doing all that, use Jynx to spread damage on your opponent's bench.

Round 1 vs my one and only teammate; Rob

He plays gengar with plusles, so I have like all the advantage of the world. I spread damage counters, which will keep me safe from cursed powder and cursed reaction, and also gengars first attack doesn't do anything vs jynx. He can't one hit KO me.

The game was pretty simple, we both get like, the crappiest hand ever, but eventually I charge up jynx and start KOing gastly's, after KOing the 4th he concedes.


Round 2 vs Rik

I don't know what he played, I start, and lay a damage counter on him.

he does 10 with a koffing, I play mentor, evolve into Jynx, attach a double rainbow energy, and my Pure Power wins me the second round.


Round 3 vs Jorrit

He plays metanite. As I'm pretty low on stadiums, I don't know what to expect. he sets up pretty slow, but I'm stuck too. I lock his jirachi, but I never get a stadium. Eventually we both setup, he rare candies a draggy and 2 metagrosses. and I use kamikaza Jynxes to put 4 damage counters on each of his pokemon. Cursed stone does 1 damage counter on his pokemon between turns too, so now everyone of his pokemon has 50 damage. He knocks out my last jynx. I play ATM rock on a wobby for 4 prizes and also KO all his pokemon in play. pwned.


Round 4 vs Jeroen with Meganium ex and Ampharos uf


that is like the worst match-up ever, jynxwobb isn't made for matches vs pokemon with 150 hp and also heal theirselves. also, Ampharos UF prevents me from locking something down.

Ahwell, he starts off with a lone lunatone, which I confuse with wynaut.he benches moltres ex, and flips tails for confusion. I evolve, and grind for the KO. I get moltres ex stuck in his active slot. and I use jynx with Pure Power to fetch me some prizes. Eventually he gets the combo going, but at that time I am way ahead in prizes and I just ATM rock for my last ones.


We play a top 4, since there are only 16 people, pretty sucks for Martin. Whom uses LBS and is the only player who went 3-1 and doesn't make the finals.

Here is the Top 4;

1st. Me

2nd. Jeroen w/ Mega-amph

3rd. Jorrit w/ Meat knight

4th. Rob w/ Gengar

I already beat all those people in swiss haha. whatever.

Top 4 vs my Teammate again. (I hate you TOM) Game 1; See round 1. I KO some gastly's, he eventually gets up gengar and pidgeot, but at that time It's not hard for me to KO 2 pokemon for my last few prizes.

Game 2;

He starts off with a lone gastly, and I just use jynx on turn 2 for the KO.


Jeroen and Jorrit were playing to the last minute, they both had a restistance for eachother, and jeroen managed to win by decking Jorrit out.

Finals vs Jeroen

Game 1;

He didn't start perfect, but got a pretty fast setup. I did start pretty fast too. I try to lock his lunatones with roselia and wobbuffets, which he used to setup. but I fail miserably because he eventually gets his meganium + Ampharos running, which means he can attach 2 energy a turn and trans it to lunatone. He goes wild on me with Meganium ex. Power tree gets him all the energy he wants.

Lucky enough for me, I got the whole deck running too and I get my cursed powder on wobbuffets for a 100 damage recoil. every time he KO's a wobbuffet I use an ATM rock for the KO. and that cripples him for a while.

I use a jynx to KO the 2 lunatone I tried to lock earlier. (they both had 4 damage counters) Shortly after that, another meganium hits the board and since I only have 2 prizes left, I can win pretty easily through all the recoil damage from wobbuffet. He cannot KO my last jynx because this will get him KO'ed too for my last prize.

After this 45 minute match I'm pretty sure we won't finish another match.

Game 2;

He starts better than game 1, and the match starts all over again, but this time he is 1 prize ahead of me. But for what it is, we only had

15 minutes to complete what we did game 1 in 45 minutes. He would win that game if we played it out regardless of time, Sorry Jeroen.



So I get 1st place using Jynxwobb. that's hilarious.

But I like the trophy.

Props for the tournament staff for organising, you runned the tournament perfect, exept for still having that bug in TOM which always pairs me vs a teammate.

The TO made some pics too;


- Rob vs Hottie (most of you probably wouldn't be surprised if that was her actual name, but it isn't.) http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h290/pokemon_fotos/RegionalsGroningen/100_3021.jpg

- 15+. I'm not there, I was busy on table 1 =)


Kevin de M / Kevin89



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