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Pokemon Tournament Reports

North Carolina State Championship

James W. (Muk Man)
DJ’s Cards
High Point NC

Saturday, March 5th,  2006
72 People Total

Split Decision

Pokemon 20
2 Dunsparce
2 Plusle
4 Poliwag (3UF/1RG)
2 Poliwhirl (1UF/1RG)
2 Poliwrath (2UF/2RG)
2/2/2 Pidgeot
2 Holons Electrode

Trainers 27

4 Celios
4 Rare Candy
3 Copycat
3 Desert Ruins
3 protective orb
2 Stevens
1 TV Reporter
1 Mr. Brinneys Compassion

1 Strength Charm
1 Holon’s Farmer
1 Rocket’s Admin
1 Giant Stump
1 Holon Transciever
1 Holon Mentor

Energy 13

6 Water Energy
4 Holons WP
2 Double Rainbow
1 Scramble

So I was testing a Mercury Deck, but when I got to States, I saw A WHOLE LOT OF TYPHLOSION(Thanks Jim), I decided to go with Split Decision because it can Handle so many different decks. And because I never got my Holon Engine. Im still Kinda new to the tourney scene, so I don’t know many players or names.

Round 1 vs Typhlosion
She really had no chance of winning, but we didn’t know that till after the game. I Had a plusle start with a celios   poliwag and rare Candy in hand so I grab another poliwag and pidgey. She uses plusle to grab 2  cyndaquil so now she has 4 pokes on her bench 1 pidgey and 3 cyndaquil.. I candy into pidgeot search for stevens and top deck another candy and 2 poliwraths 1RG/1UF, a I attach a water energy to poliwhirl and pass. She evolves 2 cyndaquil and pidgey, then attaches energy to quiliva and passes. I retreat plusle for Poliwhirl evo into UF Poliwhirl attack DRE  candy into Poliwrath(RG) Search for giant Stump she discards 1 quiliva and then Smack  Plusle for a prize…WAIT I FORGOT TO SET MY PRIZES!!! Judge comes over grabs 6 of bottom and Keeps game moving. She gets a typhlosion up drops DRE hits for 40 powers between turns then. I attach energy smack her for 80.  she drops the energy root and then ko’s me I send up poliwrath RG and Drop the dre for the KO. She sends in another Typhlosion with root already attached but only has 2 energy I attach holons electrode bounce DRE Quick search Strenght Charm And End the game Her pidgetto never evolved so it was gone the following turn. We looked at Prizes. She had 2 Pidgeot 2 typhlosion and 1 holon FF in there…

Round 2 vs Typhlosion
I have a Poliwag Start, I go first and pass. She candies into pidgeot and plusles 2 cyndaquils . I play stevens but …what is this my deck is mixed(I have sleeves and half are up and half are upside down) I can barely shuffle it. Well this whole game I struggle to pull anything while her typhlosion with 40 damage and and energy root just OHKO’s everything.

Round 3 vs another Typhlosion w/Weezing

I go first A Dunsparce start and tripping turn his jirachi so he cant wishing star then I  down draw for 3 strait turns to get the best setup. Then I tripping turn for Poliwrath RG

I Smack jirachi for 50 and he brinneys it up and sends in Typhlosion he actually powered up w/Holon FF. He hits for 50, then I return the favor by confusing him, he flips tails next turn, then I ko him, his weezing  saves him 2 times but I win after I use dunsparce to tripping turn trap him with poliwrath RG time is called and he hits me for a lot of damage, but your Body doesn’t take effect in time, thanks.


Round 4 vs ???
I was complaining to myself  because all my games were taking so long and going down to the wire. I get a pidgey start he gets a Horsea start I attach holons WP and corner. he rockets admins then passes. I pulled a candy and celio in the admin. I grab pidgeot, play candy attach water energy, quick search a strength charm and gg.

I look at the boards and my resistence is total crap. Im last in a 4 way tie for 4th I have to win the next game.

Round 5 vs Hariyama ex

I get another dunsparce start and i get pidgeot T1, I down draw  and quick search for 2 turns because I Know BF is Comming  as soon as he swoops jirachi he evos into  Hariyama, and  he lays down BF. He ko’s dunsparce. I have 2 Poliwraths RG on bench ready one withenergy and one with no energy( he cant rock me with an ex so I send in the candied Wrath attach scramble and confuse lock him he has to attack so he flips tails I ko him. He sends up jirachi to set up again, I ko the jirachi and set desert ruins, he comes up an smacks me for 80. I confuse him again he flips for the scoop heads  he sends in the other hariyama and 40 for the ko. I send up sparce and tripping turn. He flips tails the rest of the match and I win the game.


Round 6 vs Metanite with lunatone/solrock

This is the reason for 3 protective orbs and THE CAME IN HANDY….

This Game Went Back And Forth prize for prize, A well timed Giant stump took care of lunatone/solrock. And kept pidgeot quick searching. It came down to the last 10 minutes I need to KO his last metagross and tie the prizes this would have gave me the game, I need the strength charm, everything is in place I quick search and NOOOOOOOO it’s prized with that ONE CARD prized, it’s impossible to now win the game.


I Finish 8th barely squeezing in there. That round 5  win locked my place in the finals

Top 8

Round 1 vs Flygon ex

Game 1

I get the worst hand Possible I play a Dunsparce and have no playable energy so I pass. He plusles and I admin to grab something finally an energy I attach but I now have 2 tools 2 stadiums and a holons electrode in hand I down draw into another tool and mr brinneys,  he has 2 flygon EX on bench, I forfeit

Game 2

Okay this is what im talking about. Dunsparce start I get 2 poliwraths up quick one of each. he ko’s a dunsparce. I send up poliwrath rg and confuse, he flips for confusion. Heads. He hits me for 100 I smack him for 80, he goes for the scoop up…. Heads another flygon ex he grabs a boost and a grass outta discard  ko’s poliwrath I send up  dunsparce  I manage another poliwrath RG on bench and tripping turn for poliwrath he flips tails

I ko flygon ex he sends up another flygon ex and smacks me for 40 I confuse him, and he flips heads for another ko. I send up dunsparce and tripping turn for the Uf Poliwrath, Im desperate if I ko a flyfon erx I can get two prizes and still win. Well he plays scoop up heads, smack me for 100 with the same flygon ex he just scooped, I hit for 30 and he gets another ko, I figure all his boost are gone so I send the dunsparce and then pidgeot he retreats and evolves another flygon ex  grabs another boost and grass and kos pidgeot…the Game is now over

Props To Everyone who came


See You At Nationals

James W.



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