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Pokemon Tournament Reports

By Nicholas Kirkpatrick (ninetales1234)
Aardvark's Videos, Comics, and Games
Lusby, MD
Sunday January 15, 2006
Modified Swiss style tournament- 10 participants

Well, I go from being one of the highest ranked players in MD, to where I am now (1601). For the last few weeks at Aardvark Gym, I've been losing more than I've been winning. Of all my 38 matches played in 2005-2006, I have won 18. I knew I could do better than that, so I tried building a more competitive deck (all my previous decks were not what I would consider competitive).

The past few weeks, I've been playing a Tyracargo (Tyranitar d/ Magcargo
[DX]) deck. I thought, "Hey, what better card to combo Magcargo with than
Ludicolo- the "Happy Dance" one! Its attack does more damage when it has more energy on it°≠" Well, that deck was fun (extremely), but I wanted to try something different; something I thought stood a better chance (that still had Ludi in it) Here it is:

Pokemon: (22)
4x Paras [RG]
3x Parasect [RG]
4x Lotad [DX] (Surprise)
2x Lombre [DX] (Natural Cure)
2x Ludicolo [DX] (Happy Dance)
1x Ludicolo [DX] (Swing Dance)
3x Oddish [UF]
1x Gloom [UF]
2x Bellossom [HL]

Trainers: (20)
4x Energy Search
4x Rare Candy
3x Fluffy Berry
2x Rocket's Admin
2x Celio's Network
2x Wally's Training
2x Battle Frontier
1x TV Reporter

Energy: (18)
12x Basic
4x Multi

Round One: Chris V (Dragonite d) Rating: 1716 I had an OK opening hand. A Paras and a Multi Energy. I put down Paras as my active. I went first and attached Multi Energy. I used "Call for Family" to get 2 Lotad. Chris had a lone Eevee as his active. He attached Metal energy and searched for a Jolteon d with "Energy Evolution." He used "Delta Search." On turn two, I used evolved Lotad and used "Call for Family" to get an Oddish and another Paras. Chris used "Return Spark" to finish my Paras.
I chose Paras as my new active. I evolved the Lombre on my bench. I did not attack with Paras, as I chose to attach an energy to my Ludicolo instead.
Chris put an Eevee and a Dratini d on his bench and finished my Paras with "Return Spark." I sent out Ludicolo. I used an energy search and attached a third water energy. I used Ludicolo's "Happy Dance." I used "Water Punch," and got two heads, enough to KO Jolteon d. He chose Beldum d as his new active.
On turn five, I put a Fluffy Berry on Ludi. My hand was not helping me, so I used Rocket's Admin. I had 4 energy on Ludi, and head to get at least one heads to KO his Beldum. I did, bringing the Prize count to 4-4. Chris put his benched Eevee forward. He used a Holon Transceiver to get a Holon Researcher (This was the big turning point in the game). He got a Dragonite d and placed it on the Dragonair on his bench Next turn, I realize that my Ludi was about to go down as soon as I KOed his Eevee. But there was really nothing I could do, so I KOed his Eevee. My Ludicolo had no damage, but Chris was able to OHKO it with his Dragonair d using "Heavy Impact" (Darn Delta Species and its strange type Pokemon! A Lightning Dragonite! What the heck!?).
I put Oddish forward. On turn seven, I evolved my benched Lotad to Ludicolo (Swing Dance). I had no energy, but I hoped I could get something out of its Poke-Power to help me. I Rocket's Admin-ed and then used "Swing Dance" while a series of insignificant moves occurred over the next few turns.
Eventually, Chris's Dragonite d KOed my second Ludi, and he won on prizes

Round Two: Ryan S (Dark Ttar/Noctowl) Rating: 1608 I had a sub-par hand with a few energies and Lotad. I went first, using energy search and then "Surprise" to send a Holon Lass to his deck (That upset him a lot. I'm glad I got rid of it; it's a good first turn card).
Ryan's active was Larvatar. He put a Hoothoot on the bench and he used Larvatar's "Retaliate" to do 10 damage.
My next turn, I drew a Lotad and put it on the bench. I put an energy on my active Lotad and evolved it. I "Blot" Larvatar (unfortunately it was the one without water weakness, so it was still in the game). He used Lanette's Net Search to get Rocket's Raikou EX, a Larvatar, and a Dratini d. His Larvatar did "Retaliate" for 30 damage.
On turn three, I attached Multi Energy to Lotad. Lombre used "Blot" to KO Larvatar. Ryan pushed his Hoothoot forward. He used Wally's Training and then "Spearhead" with his Noctowl.
Turn four, I attached a Multi Energy to Lombre. I put down my tech Battle Frontier and then I "Blot" his Noctowl. Ryan just used "Spearhead" again.
On turn five, I put an energy on Lotad. I "Blot." He "Spearhead." Next turn, I put an energy on Lotad. I "Blot." He puts a Larvatar on his bench and "Spearhead" (I wish I had Copycat. He used Spearhead four times, but he must not have drawn anything good; his hand was very large). He evolved his benched Dark Pupitar to Dark T-tar (Spining Tail) On turn seven, I drew a Celio's Network. I used it to get a Ludicolo [Swing Dance] and put it on my Lombre. I used "Circular Steps" to finish Noctowl.
He Sent out Dark Dragonair. He picked up his deck for "Evolutionary Light." I quickly pointed that my BF was still in play. So he just put an energy on Dark T-tar and ended his turn.
Turn eight, I use "Circular Steps" to KO his Dark Dragonair. He sent out Dark T-tar and uses Bite Off.
My Ludi is now at 20 HP. I Celio for a Lotad and played it just to increase the damage for "Circular Steps." It did 70 damage. His Dark T-tar KOed Ludi.
I pushed my benched Lotad forward. I drew a Ludicolo [Happy Dance] and got it on my active Lotad with the aid of Rare Candy. My Ludi "Water Punch" with four energies and eliminated Dark T-tar. Ryan sent out his Larvatar On turn eleven, I "Water Punch" his Larvatar, telling him that I had a
1/16 chance of not OHKOing it (I succeed). He sent out Rocket's Raikou EX and used "Thuderous Blow" to do 70 to Ludi (I sure was happy Rocket's Raikou EX wasn't Lightning).
On Turn twelve, I get three heads on "Water Punch." It's just enough to get rid of Rocket's Raikou EX and I win on prizes.

Round Three: KJ P (Hypno [DS] /Gardevoir [EM]) Rating: 1536 I went first with Paras as my active and a bad hand (no energy). KJ had a Meowth [DS] and used "Bite." Next turn, I drew a water energy and put it on Paras. I "Call for Family." KJ put a Drowzee [DS] on the bench and "Bite" again.
On turn three, I put a Lombre on Lotad and Wally for a Ludi [Swing Dance]. I put an Oddish on my bench. I "Healing Steps" (without discarding). KJ "Bite" again.
On turn four, I "Healing Steps" to KO Meowth. She sent out Drowzee. She put another Drowzee on the bench. She used "Disable" on Ludi's "Healing Steps." This was going to cause me some trouble, as I didn't have enough energy for it's other attack.
I drew Bellossom and Rare candy my Oddish to evolve it. I get rid of two damage counters on Ludi with "Heal Dance." KJ evolved her benched Drowzee and "Disable" my Ludi again.
I was getting energy screwed. On turn six, I put an energy on Ludi. KJ used "Disable" again.
By turn seven, I had enough energy to use "Circular Steps," so I KOed Drowzee. She pushed Hypno forward.
I "Circular Steps" to KO Hypno. A series of insignificant moves occurred until KJ was able to get a Noctowl as her active and place an Energy Root on it.
I did 80 to her Noctowl with "Circular Steps." She "Spearhead."I KOed Noctowl. She sent out a Ralts [DS], which I KOed with Ludi and won when she ran out of Pokemon.

Round Four: William T (Monarchy) Rating: 1603 William went first. He had a Makuhita [DX] active and I had a Paras. He used "Thrust" and got tails. I drew a Multi Energy and put it on Paras. I played an Oddish. Then I "Call for Family" to get 2 Lotad.
William played a Nidoran °Š, put an energy on Makuhita, used "Rising Lunge," and did 20 damage to Paras. I put an energy on Lotad. I used "Toxic Spore" and got tails.
He evolved to Hariyama [EM] and "Shove" Paras, knocking it out. I pushed a Paras forward and put an energy on my benched Lotad.
On turn four, he "Shove" Paras and got heads. I put another energy on my benched Lotad.
He evolved his Nidoran °Š and KOed paras with Hariyama. I sent Oddish, put a Multi Energy on it and got heads on "Stun Spore." William played a Nidoran °‚. I retreated my Oddish for Lotad. I evolved to Ludi with Rare Candy and "Water Punch" to KO Hariyama.
He sent out Nidoran °‚. He used Master Ball to get Nidorina and evolved his active Pokemon. He played Pidgey and "Fast Evolution" for Pidgeotto and Nidoking. I Energy Search-ed and put an energy on Ludi.
On turn eight, he evolved his Pidgey and played a Nidoran °‚. He evolved his benched Nidorino. Nidorina "Scratch" to do 30 damage to my Ludi (Nidoking's power adds 10 damage to that attack). I "Water Punch" with 5 energy on Ludi and KO Nidorina.
He sent out his Nidoking. He evolved his Pidgetto and "Quick Search". I easily KO his Nidoking; Ludi had 5 energy on it and Nidoking had water weakness. William gave up.

Round Five: Tabitha D (Eevee/ Starmie [DS]) We both start with only one active Pokemon. Tabitha had Staryu [DX] and I had Lotad. She went first, doing 10 damage with "Rapid Spin." I attached an energy to Lotad and used Rocket's Admin, getting a Ludicolo and a Bellssom (not helpful at this point).
Next turn, she played 2 Eevee and a Beldum. She attached a Holon Energy FF to Eevee. She "Rapid Spin" again and switched with Eevee. I attached another energy to Lotad. I used "Surprise" to get a Metal Energy into her deck.
On turn three, she put a Metal Energy on Eevee, but apparently had no d Pokemon that evolved from Eevee, as she didn't use "Energy Evolution." She used "Tail Whap." I put a third energy on Lotad. I still had an empty bench. I "Surprise" to put a Holon's Magneton in her deck.
Turn four, Tabitha used "Tail Whap" on Lotad (It now had 10 HP left, having been attacked four times).
I ended up losing this match due to an odd scenario that I never came across in playtesting this deck: Having only one basic Pokemon for the first five turns! So she KOed my first and last Pokemon (with only 10 damage attacks) for the win.

Round Six: Ryan W (Dragonite d- again!) Rating: 1622 Ryan had a Dratini d as his active. I had an Oddish and a Paras as my active. I went first with a Celio's Network and Rare Candy in hand waiting for a turn 2 stage 2 evolution. I "Call for Family" to get 2 Lotad. Ryan put a Lightning energy on his Dratini d. He played Holon Ruins. Each turn except turn two, he discarded energy to pay for its effect.
Then I used Celio to get Bellossom and evolved my Oddish with Rare Candy.
Ryan "Thunder Wave" and got heads.
Turn three, I put a second energy on my benched Lotad. He "Thunder Wave" again and got tails.
On the next turn, I evolved my Lotad and "Call for Family" again to get a Paras and an Oddish. He "Thunder Wave" again and got heads.
I evolved my benched Lombre to Ludi [Swing Dance]. Ryan played Steven's Advice (got six cards). He was able to Rare Candy his Dratini d to Dragonite d. He got two Lightning Energy on his active Pokemon (With Dragonite d's Power of course). Dragonite d KOed Paras, so I put my Ludi forward.
On turn six, I put on energy on my benched Lotad. I "Circular Steps" to do 90 damage (I had a full bench) to Dragonite d. He used "Heavy Impact" to KO Ludi.
I sent Paras out. I played a Lotad to the bench. Ryan attached a Metal Energy to Dragonite d. He "Heavy Impact" to KO Paras.
On turn eight I sent out Bellossom and played BF. He "Delta Charge" to power up a benched Eevee (which now had 5 energy on it). He evolved it to Jolteon EX and used its power. He then used "Heavy Impact" again.
Turn nine, I was running out of options. I did nothing. Ryan KOed Bellossom.
I pushed my Paras forward. I Wally's Training to evolve it (just for the purpose of thinning my deck- I was out of energy, so I couldn't attack with it). He "Heavy Impact" Parasect.
On turn eleven, I realized that I was out of options. The match between Ryan and I was the only match of the last round still being played, so I conceded (so the tournament could end and the winners could get their prizes).
However, an observer behind me pointed out that people were watching my match and wanted to see the rest of it. I looked around and saw about 80% of the people in the room were watching my match. The TO was watching, and said that I was entertaining them and they wanted to see me play.
So I finished the match. I sent out a basic Pokemon, which Ryan OHKOed.
Then I sent another basic, which Ryan OHKOed. He wins on prizes.

At the end of it all, I increased my rating by 2 points (to 1603!)

Props: No one Copycat or Rocket's Admin-ing on me.
Me for not losing more than I win (which I had been doing for the last four weeks' tournaments). Also for not losing to anyone whose rating was lower than mine.

Slops: Me for not going undefeated, which would've brought my total Win % back to 50.

Nicholas Kirkpatrick



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