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Pokemon Tournament Reports


I attended 2 Prereleases last weekend and it was probably the best poke-week I ever experienced, next to worlds 04.

Prerelease Leiden, 02-04-2006
Prerelease Almere, 02-05-2006

Friday night I picked Maurice(Raichu88) up, we had a quick dinner and went home to discuss and test our new deck ideas, which was pretty fun, but there's not much to write about it, and I guess that's not interesting anyway. So, Saturday morning we woke up too late and hurried to the tournament location which was pretty close to my place, and we arrived just on time.

Unfortunately, when I opened my boosters I noticed my only good pulls were supporting cards, and also I didn't have multiple pokemon lines, not even a lot of pokemon of 1 type.
Here was my deck:

Pokemon: 19
2 Clamperl
1 Gorebyss
1 Grimer
1 Muk
1 Kabuto
1 Kabutops
1 Omanite
1 Omastar
1 Roselia
2 Machop
1 Machoke
1 Lapras
2 Lileep
2 tentacool
1 tangela

Trainers: 5
1 Field worker
2 Mysterious fossil
2 Root fossil

Energy: 16
1 React energy
8 Water
3 Grass
4 Fighting

pretty bad if you ask me…
anyway, on to the matches!

Round 1 vs Kevin
I don't remember very much about this much, just that he had a tangela and I started pretty fast with root fossil + lileep + react energy, I just kept using tender tantacles and never got KO'ed.
The second game was over pretty fast if I remember correctly, I started with tentacool, and poisoned his basic pokemon to get them damaged enough for later in the game, in which I used Machoke I think.
He doesn't really recover from this.


Round 2 vs Juriaan
I started very crappy this round, while he just waited for stage 1's, including one being wailord. I was able to get some prizes in the first few turns because of roselia, but when he puts wailord active he slashes through my pokemon. I can KO him with an Omastar, but his electrode electrifies me, doing 140 damage to omastar and thus getting him his last prize.
The second game I started even crappier than the first match, it took me a while to get the pokemon out in play, and he goes turn 3 wailord on me. I didn't deserve THAT.


Me and Raichu88 go downstairs and meet some cool guys who just started playing pokemon.
We showed them our decks and told them a bit about the structure of an average modified deck. And after that traded our supporters and foils for some of their EX's and reversed holo pokemon we needed for our decks.

Round 3 vs Wesley
This was a really fun round, Wesley is a great guy to play against and it seems his deck is a bit like mine, none to few tricky cards and combo's in his deck.
In the first game I was able to fetch prizes with roselia while he didn't have the right energy and it seemed he didn't really drew into the good things. It was like basics vs basics, but because I got my first prize earlier than he did, I was also able to get my last prize card earlier.
The second game was really bad. He had a pretty good start, and I did recover, but then I flipped a lot of tails on burn (while the full flame stadium was out). Recovering doesn't help much versus that kind of thing. I lose this one.
The third game went pretty much like the second game, I started bad again, though it was really difficult to win for him. Eventually, we both had 1 prize card left, but this time he had the advantage of attacking first :(


Round 4 vs Gerard
This was a funny match, tangela vs tangela. He starts but I retreat for tentacool and poison him. He retreated for a tentacool too and poisoned me as well. I sacrificed tentacool to get my tangela powered and I fetch some prizes by doing that. His tangela tries to lock me again, but at this stage in the game I had enough energy to retreat whenever I could.
Our second game was over really fast, I remember him not getting any energy, except for some he attached to his active pokemon to do a weak attack. I use lileeps to slowly KO every poke on his side.


After this, the prizes were given and we got a really, really, cool deckbox with a gengar on it.
It is just too bad everyone has this deckbox so it's not really bling bling. But it is a nice deckbox already.
I think I got a 9th place or so, but ahwell, at least I got to trade.

We also hooked up with a really cool kid here, which I already knew from last CC's and Yugioh tournaments. He told us he could take us from amsterdam to the next PreRelease in Almere.

I also asked everybody twice if they pulled a gengar out of their boosters. And I was able to trade a lot of good pokes. (trade of the day -> my deoxys EM for a pidgeot FrLg)
Raichu88 and I went to a KFC-alike thingy to eat, and I scared the heck out of Raichu88 by telling him stories about people eating chicken and getting bird flu.

After that, we went home to check on our new cards and sorted them out and such, the things everyone does after a prerelease. We wrote some out some deck ideas, and then watched The Blair Witch project, which was pretty scary, though I think the end of part 1 sucks. I haven't seen BWP 2 yet.

The next morning we woke up late again and hurried to the train station, and we were just on time again for the train to amsterdam.
From there we were supposed to go by boat to some island were Rob (the guy from the last prerelease who'd drive us to Almere) was waiting for us, but unfortunately, we took the wrong boat and went to some scary place, nowhere near the island where Rob was, with pink buildings O.o (we did get a nice all-round view of Rob's car though =P) We did eventually get to the place, and Rob drove us to Almere.

In almere we let Martin scan our cards for his site, and played some people there.
After that, the prerelease began.

I didn't think the cards I'd pull could be any worse than in Leiden, but they were… I pulled no supporter, react, or decent cards at all, except for strange cave and furret. (no rare cards either ;__;) I didn't really know what to do with the cards I had. But I noticed I had a lot of lighting pokemon, so I decided to make an-all lightning deck.

Pokemon: 18
1 Dunsparce
1 Aerodactyl
1 Furret
2 Sentret
2 Chinchou
2 Magnemite
2 Voltorb
1 Magneton
1 Electrode
1 Tentacool
1 Tentacruel
1 Omanyte
1 Lileep
1 Kabuto

1 Root fossil
1 Mysterious fossil
1 Strange cave

Energy: 19
15 lightning
4 Water

Round 1 vs Maurice/Raichu88
Nooooooo, this is the third time we play in 4 tournaments, while we're the only team members of our team at the tournament. Anyway, the first game he just had 2 fossils, I started decent actually, and won… sorry 1.
Game 2 he got his tentacruels out (he had 3 of them O_o), but at that time I used chinchou to put 1 damage counter at the tentacools, and voltorb to knock them out. Sorry maurice :(


Round 2 vs Robin ? (another Robin btw)
He had a VERY good deck. Game 1 he couldn't do much because I got a turn 2 magneton, and he had to sacrifice too many pokemon.
In the second game he got a decent setup, but somehow he wouldn't retreat when his lileep's were about to get knocked out, which gave me some prizes, while I did retreat and he didn't make much progress.
Also, at the final stage of the game, when we both had 1 prize left, he didn't use misdreavous but tried to flip 4 times heads with seadot… I did the wave for 40 damage and won.

Round 3 vs David
First match I get a quick setup, but I don't get my evolution pokemon out, but he focussed entirely on his magmar so I was able to get multiple prizes before he started to defend himself. He didn't get the magmar, but I already had a omanyte ready to counter his magmar, so I just used it to KO magby.
In our second game I started really bad, and just didn't get the right pokemon. (I drew every fossil pokemon in my deck, but no strange cave or fossils). I lost this one..
The third game I started even worse, with no good pokemon, and he got a T2 Graveler and Ruined my setup. I lost


Round 4 vs Anna
First game she won after a huge struggle and a lot of coin flips in her advantage, I was able to setup and such, but a kecleon with react energy that flips almost everything heads is just too much.
The second game however, I recall she started really bad, while I got a decent start hand, and after a huge struggle for prizes I was able to overcome her and win a match.
The final match of the prerelease weekend I started with magnemite and
6 lightning energy.
Anyway, I immediately drew into magneton, and as soon as she discarded her root fossil, I evolved and started an onslaught which got me 2 or
3 prizes (not sure).
She managed to KO magneton later in the game, but with only 1 prize left she had to retreat all the time I did some damage.


I end up 2nd and get the mew-poster =)
After this I try to trade but it didn't really go well, so I played and won some more games vs the people there. Rob drove us back to amsterdam, after we told him we wanted him to be in our team and he joined so that was kinda cool.
I was tired as hell afterwards, but maurice and I went to mcDonalds nonetheless to spend our last money on some chickenburgers.
He went home afterwards, and we'll meet again on the City Championships in Leiden.

- Raichu88 for the awesome weekend and such
- PUSA for the deckboxes.
- Rob for driving us to the second prerelease
- Everyone who traded some cards with me

- my booster packs.

by: Kevin de M
contact: painonline@gmail.com



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