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Pokemon Tournament Reports

N.J. Hill
Del City, OK
EX Legend Maker Prerelease
February 4, 2006

Hey Pojo guys! N.J.'s back. Well that's if you remember me from previous reports. This here report's about the EX Legend Maker Prerelease down in Del City at Drake's Place. Well here's my drafted deck.

Pokes = 16
1 wailmer
1 wailord (major but whooping in this format!)
2 clamperl
1 gorebyss (see wailord)
2 spheal
2 sealo
2 lileep
1 seedot
1 pinsir
1 tangela
1 dunsparce
1 spinda

Trainers = 5
2 strange cave (gets lileep out)
2 mysterious fossil
1 claw fossil

Energy = 19
12 water
5 grass
1 rainbow
1 react

The basic strategy to this ragtag crew of pulls is to get wailord out with a few stage 1's on the bench so you can start hitting for 60 or 70 consistently, while powering up gorebyss so whenever wailord dies you can do 70 every turn again. Well here's the tournament in 14- division.

Round 1 vs some girl
Wasn't really much contest. The girl just started playing. I got wailord out turn 2 and killed all her basics. Sorry about the little information, there was just a thrashing and not really a need to talke about it. gg. 1-0

Round 2 vs Tanner
Wailord turn 2 again. This time he had a cursed stone out which is like a ruins for a monster with a poke power or something like that. One more turn and he would've knocked out all 4 prizes he needed. But Wailord just rules in the pre-release format. Luckily he couldn't get energies or that combo with cursed stone would've killed me. gg 2-0

Round 3 vs Robbie
Once again I got wail up around turn 5 and knocked a couple of prizes. But he got roselia up and locked and poisoned dunsparce so I had to wait a couple of turns. But once dunsparce died I threw up wailord and knocked another prize. Then he got a kabutops and knocked wail. I got kabutops with lileep and did 40 a couple of times. Then he knocked me out again. So here comes a dunsparce and I knocked kabutops. Man isn't that sad, a dunsparce killing a kabutops! Well anyway it was a good game. 3-0

Round 4 vs Emily
This girl had some sort of status deck with dunsparce, roselia, and the tentacool family, with wobbs. It was hard cause she'd retreat and put up a new status guy and poison me or confuse me right when I was getting ready to knock the old guy. Finally after I killed a dunsparce, roselia, and tentacruel, and she took a sealeo and a wailord I got gorebyss powered and killed her roselia for game. That was the hardest so far. gg. 4-0

Round 5 vs Austin
Hard, Hard, Hard! That's all I have to say. I thought I was going to mop the floor with this kid, but he suprised me. Again wailord came out early and killed 2 things. Then his wailord came out and killed mine. So I struggled with a lileep while trying to get gorebyss powered up. He killed lileep eventually (more like 2 turns), so we were tied. I throw gorebyss up with 3 energies and attach another and kill the stupid wail. He puts up voltorb and does 60 to me. I kill the thing with gorebyss and that's game and tourney. Good game, dude, hardest of the tourney.

And so I won the 14- division and didn't get much. But who cares, I had fun. Ah, screw it, here's the dang props and slops

and oh yeah, the coolest pokemon ever, and the coolest card ever (drumroll please) dadadadadadad Arcanine EX! yeah!
anyway put wailord up there again

none, except costing me 20 bucks.



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