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Pokemon Tournament Reports

November 6, 2006

Hey folks, the fact that I'm even typing this up should indicate how bored I am at the moment. It's 2 AM here and I just feel like reporting my prerelease games :)

I played an unusual 3 prereleases for this set.
It all started one week ago...

*Insert Flashback here *

Prerelease Leiden. 28 October.
I arrived late so I had to build my deck pretty fast, I don't think I overlooked anything though and I made a decent deck. I pulled a Latios ex, and some random 2-1 lines. I meet some cool people, and start my first round vs

Gawein Wagner
I got a 3-2 line of pupitar, and I use them effectively for some prizes. Eventually he uses smoochum to charge up his Latias ex. I regret not putting my 1-1 kirlia in and he too gets some prizes. But since he takes 2 turns to KO something and strangely decides not to retreat when he's almost knocked out I win this match.

Game 2 he straight owned me, I got some shellders and horsea's, and I was able to get some time through shellder's paralysis attack. But his turn 2 jynx + latias ex eventually win.

Game 3 I finally get my latios ex, I immediately use it to get some prizes. He randomly charges latias ex so I start to use the attack that prevents his ex-pokemon from attacking me. Cool, I win.


Round 2 vs Rob from PAIN
I'm scared to death because I have to play a PAIN member… o never mind it's just random Rob. I don't remember much except for the fact that I win so easy through dewgong. On a side note, Rob was the only PAIN member on the tournament besides me.


Round 3 vs ???
I can't remember anything :( probably won with dewgong… I do remember the 1-1 dewgong in my deck did pretty much everything for me.


Round 4 vs Martin
Game 1 he got dewgong, and I got it too late… I stalled out till he had 4 cards left in his deck though :) I lost anyway. Game 2 I think I won because I did get the dewgong + latios ex. But then I still lost game 3 because he got the better setup and dewgong.

I finish second. I dont know how Rob did. Then I go home with Assaf (forgive me if I don't spell it the right way) and Rob. Rob and I open our box and got some pretty good stuff. I sort out everything and Rob convinces me to play the prerelease in Almere too. Thanks for that Rob, so we drive off to his place. We pick up Raichu88 somewhere along the way, and go to Rob in Amsterdam to hang out some more.
I don't remember what happened that night and before I know it I'm in Almere for the second prerelease.

We arrive late again :) but whatever, I get an insane amount of good supporters (4, not including my 1 mr. Stoned), and a 2-1 dewgong AND an altaria ex. Then round 1 starts:

Vs Raichu88 from PAIN

Ey it's mongloid Maurice… just kidding. But his report pretty much shows how much I pwned him.


Round 2 vs Tjappie
I know he has 3-2-1 dragonite ex and I'm pretty nervous. Then again just dratini is so worthless :') He starts with just that and he gets smacked by kirlia. In the face.
In our second game he did get out dragonite ex, but I got altaria ex too. God bless restistance, I'm able to pull it off, though he did get
1 prize this time. Here's a dollar Tjappie.


Round 3 vs Dennis Cocks
:o I said it. As a result he T2 vibrava's me, to which I reply with a turn 2 shelgon ex. Which didn't work… I use dewgong to get back on him later, and he uses kirlia to knock it out. We both have 1 prize left now and I can choose whether I flip for paralysis ftw or restart the game (shelgon with 10 hp left…). If its one thing I learned (four
times) from worlds is that I shouldn't flip coins to win. I tie it.

Game 2 I get a dewgong t2, he paralyses it a couple of times but it didn't get too painful. I win this one.

Game 3 he starts very good, and I start ok. However, this time I get out both Altaria ex and dewgong, which I power up with Ninetails early game. He uses his kirlia's well and gets to 1 prize before I knock out his last pokemon.



Round 4 vs Tim…
His deck was insanely good… it was monotype fire, had about 3-2 kirlia and ?-? arbok… o, and don't forget the swellows. He says he knows how to shuffle but it looked more like Rob shuffling after one beer.
Everyone who knows Rob knows what I mean. So he gets everything out turn 2 and Arboks me to death.
Game 2 I almost lost again because all my psychic basic pokemon were prized… he didn't get much though and I get some knock outs through dewgong and altaria ex. As I free my psychic pokemon from my prizes, the game gets easier.

Game 3 he didn't get anything good versus my turn 3 ninetails, that and weakness won my first DF prerelease.


I go back home and the next week… aka today, I woke up at 10 AM. I call Maurice and he tells me there's another prerelease in Rotterdam today. Ok. I look at my watch, it's 10.15 AM now and I should have left one hour ago. So I go take a shower and had breakfast. Then I'm off to Rotterdam and I arrived way too late so I had 5 minutes to make a deck. Which was ok because I'm so good at this game. Nah, I didn't get anything good out of my booster packs apart from some lickythong and some smoochum. So I just sleeved them and play.

Round 1 vs Michel.
He was a really cool guy and played about the same deck I played at the last prerelease in Almere. I did get turn 2 lickytung though, and I was able to abuse weaknesses to win the game. The next game I got turn 1 lickytung I think… maybe turn 2, I use my delta mind to win fast.
After the lunch break Michel walks up to me telling me he found out he lost to the national champion. He asks if he could touch me. I say no.


Round 2 vs ??? sorry I forgot your name..
Oookkkk so apparently the TO told everyone how I am the national champion and all and she asks me strange questions about how I play pokemon. Well ok, so we played about the same deck, and she uses dewgong game 1 to get some prizes. It took me some lickytung and electabozz, but when dewgong was gone I used vibrava's to strike and run for the win.

Game 2 I start sooo bad but it gets better every turn. After I get lickytung I'm able to speed up the game and win.


Round 3 vs Raichu88 again…
Mongloid Maurice got me game 1 with a dewgong. But the other 2 games I started with lickytung and I simply did damage on everything just to finish business with a second lickytung. The last game he made a terrible mistake putting snorlax active. YES MAURICE MY DECK IS BASED ON BENCH DAMAGE LIKE I TOLD YOU BEFORE OUR GAME. I won.

Round 4 vs Leon from PAIN
Yea I knew I was going to play Leon since he was the only PAIN member left that I didn't play against yet. Game 1 was pretty easy, I used lickytung turn 1 to damage, he collects some cards with smeargle, but didn't get anything game saving.

Game 2 was nasty… he only had heracross active so my basic pokemon couldn't attack. 2 of my 3 possible evolution pokemon were prized… he got some prizes, but I eventually did get vibrava which forced him to bench everything. Now that all my pokemon were fully powered and his didn't even evolve yet. I am able to KO heracross and then use lickytung + elekids + trapinch to win my second prerelease.

/11-1 in total prerelease games.

I got 1st again, Maurice got 2nd, and Leon got 2nd in the senior division.

So much for DF, I will go to another prerelease tomorrow for my fans, but I won't play. DF is really one cool set to prerelease and to collect. You have big bad exes like altaria and dragonite, but then again dewgong and arbok are just as destructive in this format. Also, the smoochum and lickytung could still win you games even if you don't have any ex's or dewgong/arbok.

Good luck for any of you who still have to play prereleases, and I hope yours went just as good as mine.

Me, for opening the season with 2 wins.
Maurice for getting 2nd and winning some games in almere. Also Leon for doing really well at the prerelease in Rotterdam.
Rob for the laughs, smokes, drives, and reverse foils.
Assaf for the promo's.
7 holon mentor rh.
Maurice for the snorlax mistake
And of course you. If you're still reading this you are about as bored as I am :).

Maurice for the snorlax mistake.
Tjappie for 3-2-1 nite ex
Mr. Cocks for being him
Robin Teef for being happy.
Katrina for no reason at all.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you again next time.




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