Rocket Invasion

Wizards of the Coast Retail Store
Puyallup, Washington
March 05, 2003

Rocket invasion

Total pokemon=17
4 Rockets scyther
4 scyther (jungle)
4 Giovanniís nidoran male
3 Giovanniís nidorino
2 Giovanniís nidoking

Total trainers= 21
2 Giovanniís last resort
3 potion
3 professor elm
3 copycat
2 Giovanni
3 bill
2 professor oak
3 double gust

Total energy cards=22
15 grass energy
3 full heal energy
4 double colorless energy

pretty much i try to get out rockets scyther and giovannis nidoking out quick and switch back and forth so they wont get damaged and if they do i have plenty of potion type trainers but any who oh and by the way my name is stuart

round 1 me vs pat

pat is a good friend of mine me and him have been playing since the begginning when we first started we each got a box of boosters and 2 of each theme decks (including the starter) but he had built up a misdreaveous deck which he worked really hard on but i was struggling in the start because i started with a nidoran male so he had me on the slopes for practically the whole game but i drew and powered up both rocket scyther and jungle scyther and kept atking one turn and switching the next so pretty much it was a agile game he lost all 4 of his misdreavous and his dark alakazams and he ran out of basic pokemon by the end of the game i had 2 prizes left so i won i was lucky becaause i only had a jungle scyther by the end of the game with 30 hp

round 2 i am at 1-0-0

me vs paul

another good friend of mine he has a massive Lt. surge deck and me and him knew eachothers deck by heart it drug out fror along time neither of us were getting good cards i mean we got alot of draw cards like copy cat and such but by the end he had a full bench (3 electabuzzes of lt.surge and 2 rocket zapdos) and his basic was a lt.surge fearow with 40 hp left and all i had was giovannis nidoking with 20 hp  but he used all of his draw cards to quick so his deck ran dry i on the other hand had about 9 cards left so i won the duel

me 2-0-0

round 3 me vs rodel

this guy was alittle wierd he had a wobbofet deck (i have no clue) he started with all 4 of his wobbofets he kept useing counter so i just stalled and got all of my pokemon up so he couldnt atk but he suprised me when he pulled out a espeon and double gusted me so i picked his only wobbofet with no p energy and chose my nidoking then he used switch and blasted me with his espeon i kept going and drew giovannis last resort so i could keep my giovannis nidoking and kept drawing some good stuff so i held on i finally double gusted him and i did blinding scythe killing his wobbofet that had no energy and since i didnt he sent espeon but i kept switching to his wobbofets and i won i was suprised he was very good for winning i traded him a nother wobbofet (this guy had literally 4 pages front and back of wobbofets) and i got a 1ST EDITION ROCKET RIACHU (my favorite card)

so far me 3-0-0

round 4

me vs kelly

this girl i liked she was 16 (my age) she was a cutey but any wayz i will stop my hormone drivin ways she had a very interesting deck it was all shining pokemon  she called it the colorless rainbow it was very wierd
so you know it had the lugia with the three diff energy and the energy burn ho-oh and the three dif energy dragonite and all the shining pokemon she pulled shining celebi (i think thats how you spell it my bad if i spelt it wrong) but this battle was fun she had alot of different strategy she got me down to 3 prizes b4 i could put down her shining steelix that was her benched pokemon i wasted the celebi she was crushing me but after that she didnt have enough energy for all those monsters and so i kept taking them out left and right and i won she was pretty up set so i gave her a southern island vileplume (her favorite pokemon i guess) and she was happy

so, so far its me 4-0-0

final match

me vs racheal

racheal was the underdog of the tourney i was suprised she made it to the finals  and she built  a baby deck thats right a baby deck almost as bad as the wobbofet deck but she managed pretty good judging all my atks can do more that 30 pretty much she really didnt stand a chance from turn one she had a cleffa and that was it but she suprised me on her turn after i used shadow images on syther she layed down a full bench of baby pokemon it freaked me out alittle but it wasnt any thing i couldnt hand she had alot of defenders and plus powers to help her and they did she smacked around my r.scyther so i drug out my jungle scyther we smacked eather around for awhile and pulling draw cards like crazy mostly copy cats and such but i used the sword dance slash tech and wiped her out even with the defenders on them and well i won

so it was 5-0-0 i won 5 packs of each set and a theme deck of my choice i pretty much pulled crap and every one else got boosters for joining that wobbofet guy got 3 more wobbofets he was a weird old man so thanx for listening if you have any questions

wickedkittieyez@aol.com i will tell my g/f what these are (since i am on her s/n cuz mine got deleted darn hackers ::gr rips up vs wobbofet::
well thanx again

when you win you gain power, when you lose you gain knowlege remeber that (thats been my quote since i was like 8



To wizards for still holding all the tourneys
To Kelly for giving me her #
For Rachael and showing me the power of baby pokemon
For pat for giving me a darn good duel
Pats sister paying my entry thanks jess :-D 
For all the other trainers at the tourney that tried their best keep trying building your decks and try try again

SAM I HATE YOU AND YOUR STUPID WOBBOFETS he almost beat me :-\ almost really it was the espeon but thatís ok ;-)
To my sucky packs I hate you all freaking weedles :í(
Paul for smacking the crap out of me with a fearow
For realizing like the wobbofet man I am becoming a raichu freak :-\
The fact that my strongest monster only lasted in one duel
And I know this has nothing to do with my tourney report but I hate misty XD