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Subject: Pure Chaos-Nicholas Foster

Pure Chaos
by Nicholas Foster
Day 2

Hello everybody1  Yes it's me again.  I'm now going to show you my report on Day 2 of the WCSTS.  I again got 3 Byes because of my QT win and hung out with Ness's croud [Hi Ness] for my three byes.  Here is my Crobat/Mukrow deck Pure Chaos

Pure Chaos

4, Zubat [Neo Revelation]
3, Golbat
3, Crobat
2, Murkrow
2, Magby
3, Cleffa

4, Proffesor Elm
4, Double Gust
4, Misty's Wrath
3, Chaos Gym
3, Focus Band
3, Gold Berry
3, Rocket's Sneak Attack
2, Time Capsule

14, Grass Energy
3, Darkness Energy

Strategy: Get out as many Crobat's as you can and have a Murkrow active so you can Mean Look something and pound the bench.  If Murkrow gets KOed send out a Crobat and confuse/poision the other pokemon and win the game.

3 Bye Wait
Ok I played a Standered deck in the meantime and beat it.  That is partially because the deck I played was terrible and did not even know what Cleffa does! [I'm telling the truth!!!].  Then I played a Gator deck and I won yet again!  Most Gator decks are playing Healing Plains as their default which I do not think is a great card.  I then got ready to play in the 4th round.

My opponent got out 3 Typhosion and a Blaine's Arcanine really quickly.  I had a Crobat out but I still lost.  Every turn he got two heads for Recharge and was able to Fire Storm  everyother turn.  I lost.  My opponent was nice though and we shook on it.  I still was mad about him getting heads on all his Recharges almost.  He also kept killing my Cleffa.
3-1-0 9 Points

I got a Hotdog and some fries for my Lunch Break.  I sure was hungry!!!

Like said above this was a great deck.  The problem is my opponent did not know how to play it.  He got out two Forrtress and kept rapid spinning.  I kept retreating for Crobat and killing his Donphan one by one.  It was then a match between me and his Donphan.  I retreated and got 2 heads on Cross Attack and I said I won.  The kid said I'm a cheater because I only did 40.  I then said weakness.  Then he started crying and said FINE I'LL PLAY AGAINST A CHEATER!!!!!  I then called the judge over and I explained to him.  I got the match.

I finally found Jared and we both had the same score.  My match took a while to it was time for

Ok this match went by quickly.  I got out a Crobat and Cross Attack his Gator for 80 and then Triggored Poisined for the win.  The kid was a little shooken up about the match but he was like that before it.  Must be my looks =/.

I traded for a Rocket's Zapdos and a Smeargle.  I'm thinking of making a deck like this.....

ROUND 7 Steelix Deck
Ok BAD HAND.  My only pokemon was a Murkrow without a single darkness.  He got out a Steelix turn two.  The game was really quick because my Focus Failed and he Tail Crushed for the win.  I think this kid was a jerk though.  He kept bragging about his win.

I just walked around in sorrow and did a few practice battles.  I won them all like usual.  Then I played a really good Giovonni's Nidoking deck which I narrowly beat.  Then it was time for the final match...

ROUND 8 TYPHOSION DECK [Guess which one]
This kid played a Typhosion deck.  A FLAME WHEEL TYPHOSION DECK!!!  I could not believe he played with this.  I had a very good hand.  A Zubat/Golbat/Crobat/3 Grass, 1 Murkrow.  I played my Zubat active attached an energy and used Poison Spray.  His only active was a Cyndaqill and he then evolved to a Char Quilava.  He then smokescreened me.  I evolved to Golbat.  Put my newly drawn Focus on him.  Attached an energy.  And used Poisin Bite.  He evolved to Typhosion and attached an energy.  He got tails for Fire Boost.  I then evolved to a Crobat and attached a Grass.  I triggorred poisined him.  He attached an energy to Typhosion and Flame Wheeled me.  I got heads on Focus..  I then used Cross Attack and got three heads for the KO and win.

After a while I found out that I placed in 13th.  I did much better than yesterday.  Here are the props and slops.

Me doing better than yesterday
Showing that Gator is not that unstoppable
Doing a whole lot of trading
Having a good time

Kid saying I cheated when I didin't
Kid playing other Typhosion
Kid losing to me in standered

On these days I met a whole lot of people like Ness Gymbo Jared and other people.  It was a great experience.  I'm very happy that I went.

See ya.