Water Power (Water)
by Ryan DeLaurentis
Super Trainer Showdown
Secaucus, New Jersey
Saturday, May 23rd, 2001
Roughly 400 people

This is my first deck report and I really like this deck because well, #1
because all of the POkemon in it are Water, #2 it isn't an archtype, and #3 I
wanted to show everyonwe how great Water Pokemon realy are. I wanted to play
a deck that nobody else had. So without further adieu here is my deck report
on Water power in the STS.

Water Power
4 Misty's Horsea Lv. 10 (Gym Heroes)
3 Misty's Seadra
4 Misty's Staryu Lv. 20 (Gym Heroes)
4 Misty's Starmie
4 Misty's Goldeen Lv. 10 (Common)
3 Misty's Seaking
1 Misty
1 Cerulean City Gym
1 Misty's Tears
1 Super Rod
1 Professor Elm
1 Master Ball
1 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Good Manners
4 Berry
2 Moo-Moo Milk
24 Water Energy

Some People might wonder why someone would use Goldeen but it does really
good as you will soon find out in my deck report.

Round 1 vs Kid with Built up Erika Deck
I was nervous, since it was my first tournament ever and i just wanted to win
against the first person that I battled. He was sure that he would beat me
because he had a grass deck and I had a water deck but boy was he wrong. He
did get out Erika's Victreebel but it couldn't beat my Starmie. I just
paralyzed all of his Pokemon with Starmie and it was about a ten minute win.

Round 2 vs Kid with I think a Fire/Colorless Deck
After my first win I was feeling confident. I am still trying to figure out
just what this kid was doing but all he got was Dratini and they could only
wrap which wasn't very successful. I beat all of his Pokemon with Seaking.

Round 3 vs Kid with Typhlosion Deck
I thought that I would crush this kid because he was using fire and I was
using water but he really did good. he got all 3 Typhlosion 9the good one)
out and I struggled to beat him but it came down to both of us with one prize
and we both only had one Pokemon left, My Seadra vs His Typhlosion. Now I had
to have a successful Knockout Needle to win because i already had twenty
damage and one more attack would beat me. So i drew a card slapped on a water
energy and hoped for two heads. I flipped one heads, then I flipped again two
heads!! I won but boy was I luckky. The kid that was using this deck was
shocked for a bit bu twas a really good sport about it.

We had lunch which wasn't to hot and i just traded with some kids and I got a
bunch of Water Pokemon, so I was happy.

Round 4 vs Mewtwo Deck
This was pretty quick he got out Psyburn Mewtwo and he couldn't get it
charged up enough in time and i beat it with Starmie.

Round 5 vs Psychic Deck
I was happy to not have run ointo any Rocket Zapdos because my deck was
completely weak to Electric. He got out a TR Abra and I started with Horsea.
I takled and He psyshocked, then i evolved and Tail Snapped and he evolved
into Dark Kadabra, used its Pokemon Power but I guess he didn't get any basic
Pokemon, and Mind shocked for 30 then i beat him with another Tail Snap.

Round 6 vs Roicket Zapdos Deck!
I was really scared and of course they had rocket Zapdos out first and Koed
all of my Pokemon for the win.

Round 7 vs Another Rocket Zapdos Deck!!
This time i confused his Zappy with Goldeen and it beat on itself so it was
Koed. I had Starmie and I took out some Pokemon but it wasn't enough to win.

I guess i spoke too soon about being happy that I didn't run into a R. Zapdos

Round 8 vs Dark Dragonair Deck
I beat This deck pretty quickly. They got out Dark Dragonair and attached a
Dark Energy but that was stupid because TR Pokemon don't have the best HP so
I took them all out quick.

Round 9 vs The Third Rocket Zapdos Deck!!!

I did much better. Well I was up against a kid who spoke no English and if
that wasn't hard enough he had Rocket Zapdos in his deck. My Goldeen came
through again and beat one Zapdos, and After R. Zapdos #2 toomk out some more
of my POkemon Starmie took it out. Then came the Rocket Hitmonchan It was a
real pain and beat my Starmie for the win.

So i ended up in 59th place. I was happy to have gotten that far since it was
my first tournament. I had a great time and I even found out that the kid
with the Typhlosion deck new my family and he also lives in Connecticut! So i
made a new friend and got some cool cards. I hope next time we can use Neo
discovery and Jungle/Base Set 2 because I have a Promo Scizor deck  that will
blow everyone away. Maybe it will be a new archtype. We will have to wait and

To Wizards for havbing the tournament
To the people who traded me good cards
To my Water deck for kicking some butt.


Thanks for reading,
Ryan DeLaurentis