STS Report

Yo Pojodudes! Its Maccy, and I'm writing this report on mi b-day <how convienant, eh Jason?>. Anyway, I thought the format sucked <and the format before it, and the one beofore it...> even though I did really well. I was very stupid to play a Steelix deck <D'oh!> but I was amazed how well it did. Here's the deck:

Walls of Steelix


3x Neo Onix
3x Rocket's Zapdos
3x Steelix
2x Cleffa
1x Magby
1x Wooper

18 Energy

9x Lighting Energy
4x Metal Energy
2x Full Heal Energy
2x Rainbow Energy
1x Recycle Energy

29 Triainers

4x Pro Elm
4x Gold Berry
4x RSA
3x Erica
3x Double Gust
3x Secret Mission
2x Eco Gym
2x Sabrina's Gaze
1x NGR
1x Time Capsule
1x Brock
1x Misty's Wrath

I really doubted that I would do well in the STS, seeing as how the day before I lost all mi matches except for 3 <this happened beofore Saturday, and the Embassy Suites>. And there was sooo many fire decks, it wasn't funny. Well, I considered it hillarious when I beat the fire decks with mi Steelix deck <snickers>

Ok, you might remember me from a deck report I written about how I won the Nashville Qualifers. Winning a Qualifers I got 3 Byes. So mi report starts on round 4...

Round 4 VS Blane's Ninetails Deck

  Deck Look: I thought about playing a Blane's Ninetails deck, too, but I turned over to Steelix. Anyway, he played Blane's Charmander, Murcrow, Blane's Ninetails, and a few Cleffa.
  The starting turns were really slow. I was building up mi Rocket's Zapdos while he was loading his bench. Once I got Rocket's Zapdos up, he couldn't make a defense. He did get out Blane's Ninetails and used his attack on me <I forget the name> but it only did 40 damage because of Rocket's Zapdos' Metal Energy. I laid a Gold berry on the bird, and continued to Electroburn everything in sight...


Round 5 VS Grass Deck

  Deck Look: This is the only game where I got out Steelix. I was really surprised at how a Grass deck made it so far, but I was determined to stop its record.
  I alot of his Poke'mon were Erica's, so they didn't have much offense. Basically, I got out Steelix turn 2 and laid the smack down on him. He tried to throw a lot of status at me, but 2 Full Heal Energies saved the day.


Round 6 VS Another Fire Deck

   Deck Look: He had Balne's Arcanine with no Typhlosion. I didn't think I would win this game, but what do you know...
   He got out Blane's Arcanine second turn with 5 energy, and Fire Stormed everything. It looked downhill for me untill Wooper came out there and delievered 80 damage to him. I still laugh at the thought of it...<snickers Wooper...> I got out Rocket's Zapdos and took down everyhting that oppossed it.


Round 7 VS Steelix Deck!!!

   Deck Look: His deck was almost exactly like mine! I was very, very surprised to see a Steelix deck make it as far as I did. So, it was a classic battle Steelix vs Steelix.
    I got a real bad hand this game, with an Onix and no Steelix or Metal Energy. I tried to get out a Rocket's Zapdos early in the game, but he got out a Steelix faster, and KO'd everything. All I did was useless to Steelix, and I eventually lost this game.



   Joey <mi friend at the Nashville Qualifers> and Cole <the person who I faced at the finals of the Nashville Qualifers> had some awfule records <no offense>. Joey said his deck wasn't complete, and Cole played a Slowking deck, which I thought was a bad idea. I went and talked to mi friends, and they were glad mi Steelix deck finally lost. I knew I had some hope of making it to the top 8, but I would have to win the next two rounds...

Round 8 VS Steelix/Water Deck

   Deck Look: I never really thought of playing Steelix with Water. It sounded like a really good idea, but the Water Poke'mon that worked with Steelix all had a Weakness to Lighting. This was the fastes match I had.
     Real simple: Two Rocket Squrtle's versus mi Rocket's Zapdos. It was over in 4 turns...


Round 9 VS Yet another fire deck...

  Deck Look: This guy played a deck like mi 3rd oppenet. And it was very, very close...
  Very much like mi 3rd oppenet, he got out Blane's Arcanine 2nd turn with 5 Energy. But instead of Fire Stroming, he used Heat Tackle against mi Rocket's Zapdos with no energy. This was a big mistake, because it gave me time to power up mi Zappy on the bench. I got it out, and it KO'd his Arcanine. Then he got out another one and KO'd mi Zappy. Soon afterwards, I got yet another Zappy powered up, and NGR'D back the 2 KO'd Zapdos's. The Zappy fried his Arcanine. He was about to deck, and he gets out YET ANOTHER ARCANINE!! This takes out mi Zappy, but I have no fear, because he was going to deck out in a few turns. I got out another Zappy and powered him up, and he tried to KO mi baby Poke'mon, but he flipped tails too many times. I simply drew, and passed. He eventually decked. This was definitley the hardest of all mi matches...


I look to see if I'm in the Top 8. When I looked at the paper, it showed I was in 9TH PLACE!!! I was really mad at this, so I went to check with the judges to see how close I was away from 8th. I was two-thousanths of a point away. That is just too close to count. I think it would've been fair if me and the 8th place guy battled to see for the top 8, but this would've tooken time that the STS didn't have. Well, at least I can say I made it so far with a Steelix deck.

The next day, I walk over to the STS, and I wasn't pre-registered. I overslept <stupid me> and by the time I got there, it was 11:00. Mi dad went to have a "talk" with Master Trainer Mike about this, and Mike was real nice about this. He made it very clear that there was no way I was gonna play in the STS, but he gave me and mi dad 2 more shirts, 2 Promo Jigglypuff's, and the normal prizes the 17+ would've gotten. If this wasn't enough, he invited me to his Maple Bar Booster Draft Tournament. This was a real honor for me. I went there and met a lot of the guys from Poke'mon Zeo. If any of you guys remember me, I was wearing a DEADMAN INC. cap and a Buffalo Sabres Jersy. I built a Water/Grass deck for the tournament, and it made it to the quarter finals where I lost. =/  I was the youngest to enter <12 years old, but I'm writing this report now that I'm 13. Remember, mi b-day is the day I'm typing this, which is July 8th>.

But before the Maple Bar Tournament, mi friend Cole didn't show for the 4th round. <snikers> <evil smirk> This gave me an idea to play as Cole, since I wasn't playing. The guy was playing a Slowking/ Steelix deck, and I was losing when all of a sudden Cole shows up!! He couldn't have better timing...right in the middle of a match...I told the judge that mi name was Cole, but the last name was different, and he bought it! What a moron! I hope in the next STS they have better judges, because I will try this again. It was just too fun to pass up.



to Jessica, Justin, Jared, Joey, White Boy James, Gym Leader James, <a lot of people with J in their name =/> Ryan, Hollis, Cole, Will, Brandon, Niles, and finally Matty.

to mi deck for doing so well

to Jessica, Jared, James, Ryan, and Will for letting me borrow a lot of the cards for the STS.

to mi dad for knowing where to go in NYC

to everyone I know at the STS, although I don't know their names =/

to Team Ream, Poke'mon Zeo, Pojo, and Team Compendium

to Master Trainer Mike for being real nice

because this day is mi b-day!


to anything I'm forgetting...


to Cole for showing up in the middle of the match

to Joey for not doing so well

to Joey's sis who switched outfits three times a day <i got confused after her 2nd pair of clothes =/>

to Fire decks

to Steelix for being sucky in the STS

to me for forgetting to bring extra Misty's Wrath <sigh>

to me for forgetting to give back Cole's cards <D'OH!!!>

to me for oversleeping

to the judges for being idiots

to me for not making a good impression on Ness <he was watching the match where I lost big against a fire deck before the STS. If Jason is reading this, I was the dude with the DEADMAN INC. cap...>

to everything and anything else I'm forgetting

There's how Maccy came to the STS. By the way, I told some guys, like Jason, mi name was Matt. If you remember me, e-mail me. Mi e-mail address is


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