Ancient Inferno Version: 4.3 (Fire/Electric)
By Emmett Coakley
ECSTS 2001
Meadowlands, NJ
Saturday June 23, 2001
About 290 people in my age group (11-14)

ECSTS2 Deck:
Ancient Inferno Version: 4.3

21 Energy
9 Fire Energy
7 Lightning Energy
2 Metal Energy (Special Energy Card)
2 Recycle Energy (Special Energy Card)
1 Full Heal Energy (Special Energy Card)

18 Pokémon
4 Blaine's Charmander (Lv.16 - Gym Heroes)
3 Blaine's Charmeleon
3 Blaine's Charizard
3 Rocket's Zapdos
1 Erika's Dratini
2 Pichu
2 Cleffa (Neo Genesis)

21 Trainers
3 Erika
3 Professor Elm
3 Master Ball
4 Gold Berry Pokémon Tool
2 Double Gust
2 Blaine
2 Super Energy Retrieval
2 Cinnabar City Gym Stadium Card

7:30 AM: Left house…drove about an hour to Jersey… When I got there, I
registered and waited…and waited…and waited…and waited…and then came the
first round.

(11:30) Round one
Opponent: Steve

We began by each putting one Pokemon as our actives. No benches. I won the
flip so I got to go first. I had an active R. Zapdos so I plasma'd for 30 to
his Brock's Geodude. He tried to "Call for friend", it failed. I plasma'd
again for 20 more damage. I win.


(12:30) Round two:
Opponent: Andy (PKMNX)
Basically we both used the same type of deck. An R-Zapdos and B. Char against
each other = tie. I would have one if I had just electroburned in the last
few seconds before they called time.


(1:15) Round Three:
Opponent: Jordan

This time he was able to get out an R-Zapdos before I could. I was going to
lose, but I tricked him into believing that I could put up a decent fight if
he didn't kill me next turn. He believed me and I happily Fire Blasted his R.
Zapdos for the KO. Depressingly he had a bench and time was called when we
both had 3 prizes left.


(2:45) Round Four:
Opponent: Jimmy

This guy had a Typhlosion Steelix deck. In my opinion it was well made,
though it could have used a lot more energies. I just continuously used Fire
Spin on his four retreat cost Steelix to pick off those little Cleffas.


(3:30) Round Five:
Opponent: ???

All right, how many of you have encountered that annoying brat kid that you
just want to smash your binder of cards over his head?…I have. This person
had a Donphan Rapid spin deck. He would use rapid spin, retreat both Pokemon
and use a Cleffa for free retreat cost. I couldn't find my Cinabar I sland
gym, so his no resistance gym help defeat my Charizards.


(4:30) Round Six
Opponent: Dylan

Benched R. Zapdos with Metal energy and 3 Ele's attached, a B. Charizard with
4 fire energies as an active, and one cleffa, and a pichu benched. She had a
promo Mewtwo as an  active with one psychic energy attached, a benched
telekinesis mewtwo, and a murcrow. My charizard picked off her bench until
she used energy absorption, when I was forced to KO her mewtwo. (Easy Win).

(5:45) Round Seven
Opponent: Nathan

It went like this. I had an R. Zapdos benched, and a B. charmander as an
active. They both had two energies of their type attached. He had Two
slowkings, One Steelix, One murcrow, and a cleffa as an active. All had
enough energy to use their best attacks. Can you say fried?


(6:30) Round Eight
Opponent: Steven Spirling (3rd best in the world)

…take a guess…


(7:15) Round Nine
Opponent: Sergie

I don't remember this battle very well, but this guy had a colorless psychic
deck which utilized the powers of B. Kangaskahn and S. Gastly. I won.


All in all it was a good day…but it wasn't over till its over…

!Maple Syrup Open!

The open started at about 12:00, we had to bring our own packs in order to
participate…I had opened all of mine about three minutes ago…I then saw a
kid that was selling his boosters for about $10 for 6…so I raced to my room,
grabbed some money, and ran back downstairs to purchase them…when I got
there…He had run out…so I turn around to see these two adults who were going
over their unopened boosters. It was time for drastic action. I ran towards
them open my binder of Neo 2 cards and asked if they would trade those
boosters for some cards. They accepted. I traded a Houndoom and a Tyranitar
(both Holo) for 3 Heroes and 3 Challenge. I then got back into the line. In
which case DTMT stood up and said "we shall be supplying the product, just
wait here". I rolled my eyes and luckily, I was the last person to enter.

So heres how the booster draft went:

I started out with a few good cards…I was going for a Quilava (char) line.
But I then remembered, half way through Neo 1, that the winning card for this
tourney would be the one that could be found most often…and the only
evolution line that is in both sets is the…Xatu evolution line!. So I grasped
every psychic card I could find (Make a note: Never gloat about a slowking,
when the person next to you controls how many slowpokes you get…hehehe…) So
my final deck looked kinda like this:

3 Natu
5 Xatu
1 Wobbffet
10 Unowns
15 psychic energy
3 moo-moo milk
1 gold berry
2 sprout tower

(12:30) Round One

My first opponent was kind of annoying, he used a tyrouge to start hitting me
but, thankfully, xatu has a resistance to fighting and I merrily blasted his
Pokemon away


(1:00) Round Two

The battle went like this:
Start: We both place down a Discovery Natu, I won the coin flip.

My Turn:
Attach energy to Natu and I used confuse ray for 20: I flip, the defending
Pokemon is now confused.
His Turn:
He does nothing, and decides that he wont do anything because he is scared
that he would die from the confusion.
My Turn:
I stare at him for awhile to see if he's joking. He isn't so…I confuse ray
for 20 And I win.
His turn:
Smacks himself in the head for not noticing that.
(Note: Pokemon players shouldn't play at 1:00 am in the morning…our brains
shut down…)


(1:45) Round Three

This was a very close battle against a Feraligatr deck. These were the last
few moments:
We both had one prize left, and enough energy to use all of our attacks.

Xatu 20/80 VS Cocronaw 40/80

I use confuse ray for 30, flip a coin…heads Cocronaw is now confused.

Xatu 20/80 VS Cocronaw 10/80-Confused

Cocronaw uses sweep away…flips coin…tails, does 20 damage to its self, I win.


(2:45) Round Four:

I basically used Wobuffet to counter all of Tyrouge's attacks (I was lucky
with a coin). The end of the match was when he used his Typhlosion against my
Wobuffet with 3 cards left. I successfully countered, did 60 to him. Wobuffet
was Ko'ed. I sent out Xatu, I did 50, Typhlosion gone…It didn't matter if I
finished off his Tyrogue or not…he eventually decked out.


(3:15) Round Five: This guy was kinda easy. His deck was made up of
Igglybuffs, Tyrogues and Elekids. He used Elekids attack to deal 20 to me
every turn. I just moo-mooed and picked off his babies with Xatu. (I love
that psychic bird)


At this time Maple needed sleep, so he decided to just skip the top eight and
give everyone 9 boosters…except for the people with a 5-0 record…which was
only 2 of us. They would battle and the winner would receive 13 boosters
while the loser would get 10.

(4:00) Round Six-Finals
Opponent: Peter

Ironic that my opponent used a quilava deck, and that I literally got 11
tails in a row when countering, lucky I had moo-moo milk luck. I eventually
lost when I ran out of Pokemon.

5-1 Final

Anyway it was fun, from the packs I got:

Typhlosion 18/111
Darkness Energy
Recycle Energy
And lots more…

Wizards for the great tournament
The free stuff
The after hours tourney
Me getting to meet ness, PKMNX, Steven Sperling, Purity and the Enchinda,
DTMT, Maple and others…
Getting all of those cards that I wanted

Not sleeping until 4:30am (how did those MT do it?)
Annoying Brats
The TCG host, which…er…screwed up on almost every question.
Switching the color of the stamps, so I couldn't get my gym prizes from
Saturday on Sunday.

Emmett Coakley aka aka Warrior Sneasel