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Best Comics
278 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY
11021, USA
Sunday, December 5 1999
Yet another great tournament at best comics. I've been playing Super Stall
for a few weeks now, and I decided to play again. Why not? I've had some
success with it. This time would be different though. I decided not to play
MewTwo, he's to vulnerable to a well-played ER, and it saves me the psychic

12 Pokemon
4 Moltres (Wildfire, and Divebomb just in case)[Unable to display image]
4 Chansey (120 HP)[Unable to display image]
2 Ditto (The attacker I need to win)[Unable to display image]
2 Aerodactyl[Unable to display image]

24 Trainers
4 Mysterious Fossil (Stall, as usual)
4 Clefairy (Stall Duh)
4 Potion (Life Saver)
4 Defender (Keeps me alive)
2 Computer Search (Gets me what I want, when I want it)
4 Impostor Oak (Discards cards)
2 Switch (I don't want to pay Moltres' retreat cost, I want to WILDFIRE. HAHA)

24 Energy
20 Fire Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

As usual, the goal of this deck is to stall and deck your opponent. However
(as seen in rounds 2 and 4) I am not afraid to Double-Edge for the no-basic

There were 17 people at the tournament. And I didn't get the bye. Hmph. It
was single elimination with a two-out-of-three final. I played no, absolutely
NO original decks. Very dissapointing. Here's the report:

Round 1: Simon Mashadi with RAINDANCE:
Lovely. Another unoriginal deck. He started Squirtle, me a Clefairy Doll with
Moltres on my bench. I got lucky enough to get out an Omanyte, and I Impostor
Oaked his only Blastoise and his Articuno. Very lucky indeed. I ended up
decking him, with 3 Impostor Oaks, lot's of Wildfire, and some good
old-fashioned stalling with Chansey, Mysterious Fossil and Clefairy Doll.
Potion and some timely Defenders on Chansey saved me big time.
WIN 1-0

Round 2: Joseph Live with Potpourri Haymaker:
Another unoriginal deck. At least he had Magmar Basic in here, which was very
for me. He started Magmar as his lone basic, while I had Chansey and Ditto as
my two. I had a DCE and 3 Fire energies, and an Impostor Oak and Mysterious
Fossil. I started with Fossil, thinking I should stall, but I saw he only had
Magmar. I
discarded the Fossil, sent out Chansey and played a DCE. He Billed, but no
basic. He played a fire energy. I draw a Potion, play an energy on Chansey
and Scrunch.......tails. He doesn't get a basic, plays a Fire Energy and does
Flamethrower for 30. I play a fire energy and Double-Edge for the win.
WIN 2-0

Round 3: David Smith with Haymaker:
This guy played a true Haymaker, with Electabuzz, Hitmonchan and Farfetch'd.
The original unoriginal deck. How ironic. I started a Chansey, while he got a
Farfetch'd and Hitmonchan. I played a couple of DCE's while he jabbed twice.
I decided to Double-Edge, we both die, and I send out Moltres. I build up
Wildfire, Impostor Oak twice, and Wildfire away ten cards. We both had less
than 30 cards in our deck, so I retreated Moltres, played Clefairy Doll. I
played a defender three turns in a row, one each turn, so he couldn't kill
me. It took him 4 turns to kill it, and Moltres was powering up for another
Wildfire. I sent him out, put another Chansey on my bench, Wildfired 9 cards,
and waited until my turn to Pokemon Center away the damage. I let him kill
Chansey and a Clefairy Doll, Impostor Oak and let him deck himself.
WIN 3-0

Round 4/The Finals: Gabriel Yadlovker with Raindance:
Match 1:
Yet another unoriginal deck that I played today. Good thing this was the
finals. I start a Moltres (My only basic Pokemon. I was really scared). He
started Magikarp. I thought, okay, he must have Gyarados. I used switch,
played a Clefairy Doll and put an energy on Moltres. I get a Fossil, he has
no energy, I go, play Fossil, energy, pass, he kills Fossil, I send out
Chansey, play Aerodactyl, BANG, no more evolution. A switch, and a DCE on
Ditto later and I was half-way to victory.
WIN, 1-0 in best out of 3

In match 2, I start Chansey, he starts Squirtle. I get a DCE and start
scrunching, but on the fourth turn, I flip tails. Turn four Breeder,
Blastoise, Hydropump a Dewgong, 3 turns I'm gone. I hate these short games.
LOSS 1-1 in best out of 3

In the final match of the tournament, I got my chance to shine. My Fossils
and Clefairy Dolls did their part, 2 Chanseys sacrificed themselves (with
some Defenders and potions to help them, of course), and 3 Impostor Oak and a
16 card Wildfire brought Gabriel to his knees. I used an Aerodactyl early so
he coudn't get Blastoise or Dewgong or Gyarados or Poliwrath, so I used my
deck to the fullest on his basics. The best card he has was a Poliwhirl, but
some Wing Attacks from Aerodactyl took care of that. I won another tournament
WIN 2-1 in best out of 3, 4-0 in the tournament.

I won again, and got 3 basic packs and 3 fossil pack. I got the  Nidoking,
Chansey, Dragonite, Poliwrath, Ditto and Magneton. I think I may have
perfected the Super Stall deck, and I intend to use it for a while. Once
again, though, I didn't Mulligan. Maybe you don't need to Mulligan to win,
though. I know I didn't. I may try an experimental Pidgeot or Vileplume deck.
I'm at the top of the in store rankings, woohoooooo :-) !!!!!!!! Now, it's
time for the best part of the report,
PROPS............. :-)
To everyone who played me, for being good sports.
To everyone who posts decks on Pojo, thanks for contributing. I love reading
To the guys at WOTC who made sure I didn't get any trainer rares in my basic
To Pojo, for being the best Pokemon web-page there is.
To everyone who e-mailed me what was wrong with my deck and how to fix it.

SLOPS................ :-(
To those of you who use unoriginal decks. There are so many good cards which
nobody uses which decks could be made out of (Pidgeot-No Basics,
Vileplume-Heal/Heavy Hitter w/Venasaur Energy Trans, Hitmonlee/Raichu Fossil/
Zapdos Fossil/ Gengar/Hypno Bench Killer, etc.) Use your heads and play over
the internet. It's a great way to experiment.

Good luck to all of you who play (Original Decks) in tournaments, and thanks
for reading. E-mail me at Ausenstrak@aol.com