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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Chokyukai, Direct Decendant of Chohakkai

Pojo Preview!

When played search your deck for a card with "Chokyukai" in the title and put it in your hand. * Sagojou and Songoku gain +2 to all colors.

Card Number - 16

Card Rating:  3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.31.0


Chokyukai, direct decendant of Chohakkai.

Well, now we know what Chokyukai does! 7,5,3 is always a stable color ratio. 4 deck cost is slightly high, but manageble for the colors.

Firstly, when played search your deck for a card with Chokyukai in the title and put it in your hand. This already raises the playability of yesterday`s card, as it is now searchable, and makes a decent character, slightly better(I still wouldn`t play Chokyukai`s Brides though). His second effect gives Sagojou and Songoku +2 to all colors. Yesterday`s card was bad because the only thing it did was raise another character`s colors. This card is decent because the card itself has decent colors, so raising other character`s colors isn`t his only reason for being played. However, we still don`t know how good Sagojou and Songoku are(I`m pretty sure they`ll be good, at least Songoku), so we still can`t say for sure how good this card is. However, depending on how many cards in this set have Chokyukai in the title(and how good they are), this card is already off to a good start, not great, but pretty good, since if nothing else you can just grab another copy of Chokyukai for Saving later.

Newb:3/5(not bad)

Tournament:3/5(add .5-1 depending on how good Sagojou and Songoku are, as well as how good the cards with Chokyukai in the title are)

Art:1/5(He doesn`t look that tough, despite the necklace of skulls. And the red paint just looks silly.)

Justin Balatbat
Chokyukai, Direct Decendent of Chohokkai

Welcome again Pojo fans to New Set, New Cards week! Continuing our previews of the new set, Keshin, we have Chokyukai, Direct Decendent of Chohokkai.

Yesterday, we had Chokyukai's Brides, which is small support for this card. His colors are high, which match his deck cost. It's pretty even, so no worries there.

His first effect, which is to search for any card with "Chokyukai" in the title, is pretty good considering the fact that you are filtering out your deck a bit more. Plus, there might be even more support with this guy.

His second effect, which is to give Sagojou and Songoku +2 to all colors, seems pretty good, but we don't know what they do yet. This guy can't go in every deck though. You have to put him in his own deck, not unless the other two cards are built for any deck. Oh well. "Chokyukai" Deck anyone?

Casual Play: 2/5
Tournament Play: 2/5 Might be more support than I think to be workable here
"Chokyukai" Deck: 4/5 Support for this guy here

Art: 3/5 He saw something scary...

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