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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Rin, Little Girl

Card Text:
When RIN defeats a character, you may search your discard pile for an event that isn't limited to one copy per deck and put it in your hand. (*) RIN cannot be attacked while you control SESSHOMARU or JAKEN.

Type - character
Card Number - 24

Card Rating:  2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.28.06





Rin, Little Girl

Rin looks a little more grown up in this pick, like she was 12-13. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, today's Rin has two positive effects. If she is able to defeat someone, which she'd need either an item or a pumping Sesshomaru, you can search your discard for an un-limited event and put it in your hand. She also has a protection if Jaken or Sesshomaru are in play. The negatives? Well, like most Rins she is weak and there are a few other Rins I would run in this one's place. However, that isn't to say this one doesn't have redeeming qualities.

Rating: 2.5/5

Starting up a brief Three`s Company theme, we review Rin, Little Girl. A cost of 2, a color scheme of 2black, 2white, and 3purple. Now, the 2 cost is good, and even though on most characters these colors would be crap, they are forgivable on Rin. Why? Because she goes in Three`s Company, where she is usually protected by Sesshomeru or Jaken. Starting with the effects we have the effect of whenever Rin defeats a character you may search your discard pile for an even that isn`t limited to 1 copy per deck and put it in your hand. Halt! anyone? As well as a large amount of other good events, especially in Three`s Company. This is a pretty good effect, with a teensy downside. The limited to 1 copy per deck part? No, that is simply there for balance, the bad thing about this effect is that Rin must defeat a character, and her colors are crap. So you`ll likely have to pump her up with a Shikon Jewel or something, but once you do, this will work nicely. And lastly we have an effect that I sort of alluded to earlier. She cannot be attacked while you control Sesshomeru or Jaken. Excellent, with colors that low she`ll need protection, and with her wording, she`ll get it first turn no matter which of the others you put out with her. Newb:2/5(Three`s Company takes a skilled player, and the low colors make her near useless, and a big target.) Tournament:4/5(This could possibly see play in Three`s Company decks, where it was made for, because cycling through your events, even if it is non-limit 1 events, can be pretty good, and she has the protection.) Art:3/5(pretty cute, even for Rin, but not anything too special.)

Jaken, Sesshomeru`s loyal companion. A 3 deck cost, 3black, 6white, and 5blue. Stable for a 3 deck cost. On to the effects. Power Up, search your deck or discard pile for a copy of I Leave Them to You and put it in your hand. First off, we get a power up to search your deck for an event that last I checked isn`t very good at all. I may be wrong though, I`ve been in Japan for 8 months, so even though I can keep track of the new cards that come out, I`m less likely to remember them, and even less likely to see all of the potential, and cannot at all see the current meta, though I can make educated guesses based on the environment I left back in March. So if anyone knows so new reason why I Leave Them to You is any good at all. email me at seagren_wyatt@hotmail.com or if you just want to talk about any other part of any of my reviews. But enough about me. The next effect is that all of your opponent`s events gain "remove from the game after use". This is quite good, since most decks will usually have some form of recycling to get back key characters or events, and this will make sure your opponent only gets 1 shot with the limit 1 cards. When Jaken defeats a character while your opponent has no cards in his/her discard pile, you may search your deck for an item and put it in your hand. Now, unless 1) you devote your 3`s company deck to graveyard removal, and 2) you really need a specific item, possibly Toukijin, Tenseiga, or Jaken`s Staff,(all of which shouldn`t be that much of a problem drawing if you went through the trouble of putting them into your deck, so you`ll likely have at least 2 of each.), this effect will be useless most of the time. Lastly Jaken cannot be attacked while your Sesshomeru is ready. This is great for locking out your opponent, since Sesshomeru is usually large to begin with, add on a Toukijin and he`s hard to hit, along with this and a Rin, your opponent has very few options. Then again, Jaken is usually the most overlooked target when playing against a 3`s company deck, usually it will be Sesshomeru, or Rin(If her protection is disable somehow) that will be the target of your opponent`s attacks. But, it is still kinda nice in case your opponent would have only been able to hit Jaken.

Newb:2/5(a boatload of effects, all of which require a hint of skill to use properly.) Tournament3.5/5(specificaly 3`s company, he may have a bunch of effects, but only 2 of them are really any good as far as I can tell, and even those might be passed up. But overall not bad, and it might find a place in some competitive 3`s company decks.) Art:2.5/5(It appears that Sesshomeru is soft and cuddly, at least before he rips your face off.)

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