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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Suikotsu, Member of the Band of Seven

Card Text:
When SUIKOTSU attacks, you may discard a card from your hand to gain +3 to the attacking color for that attack. (*) You may expend SUIKOTSU when one of your other characters with "Band of Seven" in the title attacks to gain +3 to the attacking color for that attack.

Type - character
Card Number - 53

Card Rating:  3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.24.06

Justin Balatbat Suikotsu, Member of the Band of Seven

Finally, we have a decent card, and coming to the end of the week, we see Suikotsu. His colors are decent, especially with his average deck cost. But even this I'm not worried about. His effect. It's really awesome. Even though you have to sacrefice a card from your hand, it has its attack increase. You could even give it to his friends, such as Bankotsu and Jakotsu. Nice card, I like, but there are some others too if you want to give it a shot.

Casual Play: 3/5
Tournament Play: 3/5 I've seen a few here, and he is pretty decent
Band of Seven Deck: 3.5/5 Belongs here most, but could be worthy on its own

Art: 3/5 Scary...eh?

Suikotsu, Member of the band of seven

Not the best of the Suikotsus. First off, we check the cost, 3. Lower than
all the other cards reviewed this week, and with good reason, weaker colors.
6Red, 4Blue, 3Green. Subpar for a Suikotsu, and 3 cost characters in general. Not very subpar, but if the green or blue had been 1 higher it would have been a little better. However, this is offset by the effect.
When Suikotsu attacks, you may discard a card from your hand to give him +3 to the attacking color for this attack. Not bad, it helps to make his not so intimidating values have some bite. But, it would generally be better to
already be quite strong, or not need to discard, both of which are strengths
of the promo Suikotsu(which is near broken). His other effect allows you to
expend him when another band of seven character attacks to give that character +3 to that color for that attack. This effect is not likely to be
used, since you will either already have characters with the strength needed
to tackle an opponent`s character(this is BO7 we`re talking about), and by giving this boost, you`re unable to attack with Suikotsu, and I would rather
not have to expend one of my characters just to give a boost to another, expect when defending, or if I have no other choice. This Suikotsu is only for players who can`t get enough of the better ones.

Newb:3/5(it was made for this category)
Tournament:2.5/5(not horrible, but the others are just so much better) Art:5/5(Now that`s what I`m talking about)

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