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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Ginkotsu, Member of the Band of Seven

Card Text:
When played, search your deck for a copy of RENKOTSU and put him in your hand. (*) When GINKOTSU defeats a character, you may search your opponent's discard pile for 3 cards and remove them from the game.

Type - character
Card Number - 48

Card Rating:  x.xx

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.21.06

Justin Balatbat Ginkotsu, Member of the Band of Seven

Hello Inu fans for the 2nd day of Band of Seven week! Today we have Ginkotsu, one of the stronger members. His colors are pretty evened out with his deck cost at 4. His first effect to search for Renkotsu is okay. There are some good ones, some not so great....Anyway, his 2nd effect is great. Removing cards from the game are pretty essential when playing against decks that recycle their cards. There are some cards you could also use to combine with this one (you could probably slap this guy in a Mill Deck). Anyway, good card, but there are others too. Give those a chance, too.

Casual Play: 2.5/5
Tournament Play: 3/5 Maybe? I've seen a few
Band of Seven Deck: 2.7/5 Belongs here the most
Mill Deck: 2.7/7 Maybe?

Art: 2/5 It's just him...

Ginkotsu, Member of the band of seven

This is likely the least good of the Ginkotsus, but it isn`t bad if you`re on a budget. A 4 deck cost, just like yesterday`s card, and like all other Ginkotusus if I`m not mistaken. Stable colors, 7Black, 3Red, 5Blue. The 3Red isn`t spectacular, but it is par for most character cards, and generally less of a weakness than a 2 of any color(I`m looking at you Kyokotsu). When played search your deck for a copy of Renkotsu and put him in your hand. Not bad, nice for making sure you have the most tactical of the Band of seven, and just generally good for making sure you have enough characters in your hand. When Ginkotsu defeats a character, you may look through your opponent`s discard pile and remove 3 cards from the game. That

is okay, since most people have some form of retrieval, even if it is just an Overjoyed, or a You Were Worried, and making sure that your opponent can`t get back some key cards is nice, but still this isn`t that spectacular.
Noob:3.5/5(Not bad, good colors, decent effect.) Tournament:3.5/5(again, decent colors and effect, but not anything really special, nice if you`re making a budget band of seven deck, but the other Ginkotsus are generally more powerful.) Art:2/5(meh, just a mug shot)

Ginkotsu, Member

*wipes the cobwebs off* Yeah. I'm back. Been a little crazy now owning and turning a gaming store into an anime & gaming store. So, anyway, let's get on with today's review.

Ginkotsu has some ok colors for a 4-drop. In a Shichinintai deck, his first effect helps out considerably, though only if you run Renkotsu. His second ability his useful only if your opponent has effects that need the graveyard in some way. So, quick review:
-OK Colors
-Deck-specific 1st effect
-Sideboardable 2nd effect


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