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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Kyokotsu, Member of the Band of Seven

Card Text:
When played while you control another character with "Band of Seven" in the title, you may expend KYOKOTSU to discard all your opponent's locations that he controls.

Type - character
Card Number - 49

Card Rating:  1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.20.06

Justin Balatbat Kyokotsu, Member of the Band of Seven

Hello everyone! Welcome to Band of Seven week. I know we only have five days, but five out of the seven are still good, right? Anyway, here was have a Kyokotsu, which I find the weakest out of all of them, other than Mukotsu. His deck cost seems to match up with his colors, except his low green. His effect...well...it's eh. It's a when played effect too, so once it's used up, you can't use it again. I feel that there are better ones out there. Use another one! There are 2 more you know. Oh well.

Casual Play: 2/5
Tournament Play: 1.5/5 Don't even think about it...
Band of Seven Deck: 2/5 Only place where it belongs...

Art: 2/5 Eh...I never really liked this guy anyway

Kyokotsu, Member of the band of seven.

Well, we get a new Kyokotsu this set, and it is quite similar to the one we had before, the promo that came in the double deck deal. A four deck cost, high, but a lot of characters these days are four cost. His first two colors justify the big cost, the last one however, does not, 7white, 6blue, 2green. 2GREEN! Weak. But then again, the other Kyokotsu also had a color with a 2 value. Now, when you play this biggie with a big weak point, if you also have another character with band of seven in the title you can expend Kyokotsu to discard all of your opponent`s locations that they control. Like the old one, location hate. I see little to no reason to maindeck either this, or the other Kyokotsu, because, although they have two high colors, they have a huge weak color, and most of the other band of seven have more stable colors, and more useful effects. This might be good to Kaitou, since some locations out there can be a nuisance, but it is unlikely that any specific location will show up in enough decks to warrant maining this.

Noob:3/5(new players generally like locations, even not so good ones, and he has two high colors.)
Tournament:2/5(just a big beater most of the time, and he has a big weakness, maybe add .5 if in Kaitou and put in against a deck with some annoying locations.) Art:4/5(probably the best thing about this card.)

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