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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Sango, Female Warrior


When played, search your discard pile for a Good character and put it in your hand. (*) When /Sango/ is attacked, remove from the game the bottom 3 cards of your opponent's discard pile.

Type - character
Card Number - 58

Card Rating:  3.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.05.06

Goggleboy Sango, Female Warrior

This has the makings of both a Good character deck and an anti-graveyard abuse ability. My first thought reading this card was to make a Team InuYasha deck. Then I thought some more...Sango grab a Good character and put them in your hand. There are also a few Miroku's who help out with Female characters. Sango/Miroku deck. Oh yes! ... I'll still have to wait until more cards come to support that deck, but I'll be waiting. For right now, this card is stable and can work well in Good deck, but not so much Slayer decks. Also, if your opponent doesn't run some graveyard-usage cards, then the second effect won't phase them.

Rating: 2.5/5

UMaine Animation Club President
Upper Deck Demo Team Leader
Yu-Gi-Oh Level 1 Judge & Tournament Organizer

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

Chibi Lil


Sango, Female Warrior

For a 3 deck cost, she has some pretty good abilities. Her first effect, which is like Kikyou, Legend effect *except downgraded a bit*, is pretty decent for decks that are running Slayers or pure Good characters. It helps save them more. Her 2nd effect is pretty good too, which is to remove 3 cards when she is attacked. That's always a killer against decks that reshuffle their graveyard. It makes them think twice about attacking her. But of course, every card has to have a back effect. She has a decent amount of white, which is always good, but her red and purple aren't the best if you know what I mean. She could be easily killed by Preist/Preistess decks, Wolf decks, Three's Company decks, and so forth. So basically, I would run about a decent 5 if you would want. There are other Sangos out there though, and some have some pretty good effects.

Casual Play: 4/5
Tournament Play: 3.5/5 She could get killed fast...
Good Character Decks: 4/5
Slayer Decks: 4/5

Art: 2.9/5 It's okay. It's just a shot of her face. =\ Too boring for me...

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