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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Miroku, Lecherous Monk



Card Rating: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.23.06



Kirk Davis

Miroku, Lecherous Monk

I do so enjoy Miroku cards. He's my boy after all. So, what does this one do?

Well, first off, my power to the Shipping deck. Miroku gets an effect bump if Sango is out when he's played. You get to choose 1-2 females that can't be attacked if Miroku is ready. That can be played a number of ways, such as another Sota's Hero for Modern decks (need to make Miroku modern), Priest/Priestess, Shipping decks, or Ladies' Man decks. So, potent enough blocker. When Miroku is defeated (and he will be with that blocking effect) you get to shuffle in cards from your discard equal to the # of females you control. So, on average you get a 2-3 card shuffle per defeat which is on-par with Keade, Village Protector.

Rating: 4/5
I'll be TCG chair at PortConMaine next week. If you wanna get in some InuYasha, FMA, YGO!, or whatever; come on by!

Former UMaine Animation Club President
UDE Demo Team Leader, Yu-Gi-Oh LvL 1 Judge & T.O.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

Justin Balatbat Miroku, Lecherous Monk

For a card like this, it's not too great from what I see. He has...uh...well...okay colors for his deck cost, and his effect with Females is good. He would do great in Just Female Decks, but it doesn't look like he would fit anywhere else other than those type of decks. Another short review, sorry, I guess I'm not up for it as I usually am...=\

Casual Play: 3/5
Tournament Play: 2.5/5 It's...okay...but not really
Feminine Decks: 4/5 Good here

Art: 2/5 Too plain...=\
J. Wyatt Miroku, Lecherous Monk.
Not bad at all. Decent colors, though a little low for a cost of 4 in my opinion. He, unlike the previous 2 COTDs doesn`t need to be overlayed, so you can run just this Miroku if you want. His first effect protects a female you control from being attacked while he`s around, and 2 if Sango is out. In Hero Mains Sango will likely be in there, so you can protect her and Kagome, though Inuyasha already has that covered most of the time. The second effect lets you shuffle cards into your deck equal to the number of females you control when he is defeated. In Priest(ess), most of the characters you play will likely be Female, Midoriko, Kikyo, and Kagome to name the obvious ones. This could be some nice recursion, and possibly a deterent against your opponent attacking him, likely not, but it might happen. Great in Priest(ess) and Hero Mains(Much like the 2 previous COTDs), well made in my opinion.

Tournament:4.2/5(priest(ess), Hero Mains)
Art:2/5 meh.
Overall:3.9/5 I like it.

Check it out Pojo people. Today we get to review the last of the 3 party promos, the 3 cards we would all probably love to own a copy of.


Miroku, Lecherous Monk

Cost: 4

Rarity: Promotional

Traits: Cute – Good – Human – Male – Priest – Unique

Attack Colors: 6 Black – 5 Red – 3 Green

Ability: When played, choose a female. That female cannot be attacked while Miroku is ready. If you control Sango, choose 2 Females Instead. When Miroku is defeated, shuffle one card from your discard pile into your deck for each female you control.


*makes mark on the wall* - Oh sorry, that’s just me taking a tally of how many Inuyasha cards have ever gone for more than $100 on eBay. Sesshy AA, Inuyasha’s Father, Inuyasha and Kagome Hidden, and some others. But now we add Miroku to that list!


Just read him. He’s amazing. Now let’s start off with Traits…*reads card over*. Ok, good. He has Good and Cute, the 2 we really care about…


Now, let’s move on to colors…they aren’t exactly stellar, but they are up there with other Mirokus…Just not the Lady Killer with the Godly Blue which really doesn’t ever get used because of the lack of Blue…


Cost is 4, no real problem here. It helps against Protector of Kagome decks since a good amount of Inu. Group cards aren’t 4 (just Shippo, Dreamer but eh)


Now, effects. The first effect is amazing. He automatically protects a Female while he’s ready. If you have a Sango, which you will, you get 2! Now not only does Sango get some cover, but Kagome gets a second wall?

Now it’s the second effect that really does something. If Miroku gets defeated, you get to regen cards equal to the number of Females you control. Amazing because A), now you somewhat have a reason to not attack with Miroku and keep him ready for the first effect and B) the effect works amazingly with Hojo, the Perfect Guy and My Hero.


Best of all, it doesn’t have that weird layover effect! Everyone Rejoice!


In a card pool lacking of a simply amazing Miroku, this one does take a step in the right direction (as does Tin Promo Miroku and Miroku, Ready for Battle). We were all stuck with Lady Killer and its weak stats in its non blue colors, we have a better selection now…ones that protect Sango…


Constructed (Inu. Group Deck) – 5/5 – One of the best Mirokus yet. No reason not to run this…unless you really could use $100…I know I could. It has everything we want in a Miroku. Protection, Regen, decent stats, and the Good/Cute part. If only it was more available…I’m talking to you Score…


That’s it for Miroku, Lecherous Monk. If anyone has a question or just want to chat about Inuyasha a bit, e-mail me at nimbly@gmail.com

Later Days…


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