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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Kagome, Caring Soul



Card Rating:  4.20

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.23.06



Kirk Davis

Kagome, Caring Soul

Wow. First off, I need to mention I LOVE all Shipping deck support Score has made for this set. Now, this Kagome has a similiar cost to Inuyasha, Seeker. However, you want this Kagome out early w/ InuYasha. Let's really look at that effect. The first time one of your characters is defeated, save them. That is a fantastic, free, immediate ability that can save you a lot of hassle. Now, combine that w/ the fact she can't be attacked with Inuyasha out...think about that...

Your opponent usually will swing at Inuyasha, he defeated then saved again, meaning Kagome really gets 2 turns where she can't be touched. Nice.

Rating: 4/5

Former UMaine Animation Club President
UDE Demo Team Leader, Yu-Gi-Oh LvL 1 Judge & T.O.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage


Hey Pojo fans. Today, we get the second installment of the Regional Promos, and this one apparently you only get by beating a game designer at the Party afterwards I guess…I wouldn’t know…grrr…


Kagome, Caring Soul

Cost: 4

Rarity: Promotional

Traits: Cute – Female – Good – Human – Modern – Priestess – Unique

Attack Colors: 7 White – 4 Red – 6 Purple

Ability: To play this Kagome, you must control a different Kagome. The first time one of your characters is defeated, save it. Kagome cannot be attacked while you control Inuyasha


Score…take a good look at my words right now…so you can see the silent rage build up inside of me…


This card gives Kagome what she can use really well: Versatility. There are a lot of things to point out about this card, so it might be a while till the score.


First, lets start off with the colors…They’re friggin amazing! Kagome has her strongest colors combined with this card. There’s even a seven in there. A Seven! Timeless champion and Kagome Innocent match that feat, but this one can save! Yay!


Now the effects. Yea, the first one does suck a little, but chances are you already have your Kagome Innocent Warrior out and it’s not breaking through your opponents high color values…


Second effect really does take Innocent Warrior down a peg. Your first character that is defeated automatically becomes saved. So, now instead of you potentially losing a character, it’s still face up, ability and all, and still benefits you for cards like They’re So Cute. Oh, and you DON”T LOSE A CHARACTER…yet…


Third effect allows for a lot more versatility for your Inuyasha selections. It’s got the Kagome-Inuyasha Protection built in, so you don’t have to stick to Inuyasha Bodyguard now (even though you still probably should).


Because of that second and third effect, it may make your opponent double think hitting Inuyasha first, because chances are it’ll be a powerhouse on the field. If they go for Inu first, they do take off a strong attacker, but they leave Inuyasha alive due to the second effect, Inuyasha will still have all the effects it has, and Kagome still cannot be attacked…And your opponent would eventually have to waste 2 attacks to defeat the Inuyasha! Seems nice doesn’t it?!


Finally, let’s wrap up with the Traits. It’s got the 4 We are all really looking for. Good, Cute, Modern, and Priestess.

Of course it’s gonna work for Inu. Group decks. I don’t need to tell you that.

It will be strong for Modern because your Kagome, Gossiping School Girl or your Kagome, the Student kind of lose their value after their summon. And with the new influx of Modern Inuyashas, it’s definitely a decent tech.

Priestess decks it can still work for, but without the protection factor, not sure how well. Can’t really say either because I’ve yet to make this deck…


Overall, if you have it, run at least a copy of it. No real reason not to, unless you’re really afraid of getting that bad opening hand of an Inuyasha you can play and this Kagome…and that’s all the characters you have.


Constructed (Overall) – 4.5/5 – I see no real reason why this card shouldn’t be a 5, but that overlapping doesn’t really benefit Kagome at all, but once again, it’s to make the card stable. Insane for Inu. Group decks. Efficient saving for Modern decks. How can anyone own this card and not decide to run it if they can?


That’s it for Kagome, Caring Soul. If anyone has any questions or just wants to chat *cough*or has one of these for trade*cough*, please e-mail me at nimbly@gmail.com

Later Days…

Justin Balatbat Kagome, Caring Soul

Another interesting card...I like her colors and attack power. The casting cost is pretty good for colors with that status. But the effect...well...it's not as great as I like it...it really isn't. It's okay for a card like that...sorry short and sweet, but yeah. Not much to say on my part...

Casual Play: 3/5
Tournament Play: 2.5/5 You won't see her much in play unless it's a one time thing
Kagome Protector Decks: 3/5 You have better Kagomes here

Art: 4/5 I really love it when she does that...=]
J. Wyatt Kagome, Caring Soul.

Like the previous COTD, she must be overlayed. And is it just me, or is Kagome apparently getting really strong? I mean almost every Kagome released recently has huge stats, better than Inuyasha`s. Yes, Inuyasha will likely get Tetsusaiga so that will make up for it, but it still seems strange to me. Anyway.....The second effect is slightly unclear, and I hope it gets clarified or errata`ed to each turn. Otherwise it would only be slightly useful. The third effect is nice, and almost standard for Kagome or Inuyasha these days. This will go nicely into Hero Mains or Modern, since both have Inuyasha. Otherwise, maybe, the overlaying hurts a little, and the third effect is null without Inuyasha.

Tournament:4.3/5(Only in above stated decks.)
Art:3/5 She`s making lovey eyes at someone.

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