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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Inuyasha, Demon Within

When INUYASHA attacks, his black may attack as any color on the defending character. (*) During Recovery, you may discard 2 cards from your hand to save INUYASHA. (*) INUYASHA may not attach items.

Type - character
Card Number - 116

Card Rating:  4.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.30.06


Hey everyone. A new week means a new set of COTDs, so all youse has to do is sit back and only wonder what the heck the man behind the words is really trying to say. Seriously, I don’t even know what I write sometimes…


Well, anyway, today we have a card that made its presence known in several world championship decks and Wizard World Regionals. You’ll know why when you see it.


Inuyasha, Demon Within

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Card Set: Jaki

Card #: 116

Card Type: Character

Deck Cost: 5

Power: 8 – Black, 3 - White

Traits: Demon, Evil, Male, Unique

Ability: His black can attack for any color on the defending character

             You can discard 2 cards from your hand to save him during Recovery

             Cannot Attach Items


Positive Factors


This card is sensationally cool. I mean, it has a lot of aspects that make it an amazing card and only an obvious reason why people used it in championship play.


First of all, you have to notice that he has a built – in whirlwind slice affect. His 8 black can attack any color on the opponent’s characters, which is always a great thing. I mean, that’s why people run 2 whirlwind slices to begin with, since they are crazy. A card with it built in is just amazing. And 8 black is really high, so unless your opponent unleashes a nice defense card on you or has a godly weak color, it’ll take the defending character down.


Next, the card can save itself without having to have an inuyasha in your hand or a save event in your hand. 2 cards to discard is a little pricey, but it’s better than giving up character advantage.


It does hinder the card that it can’t equip any items, but honestly, how broken do you want to make a card? If it could attach an item, then it would only cause a huge riot in the streets. Kinda like the whole Chibi issue. You know what I mean…


Besides that, its strength is self explanatory.


Negative Setbacks


The card does have some, but not that crucial, negatives to it.


The first one I noticed was that this appears to be the only Inuyasha that doesn’t have “Good” as a character trait, excluding Shikigami Inuyasha which really isn’t Inuyasha that we want. So let me understand something…

“The character that we have all been well adjusted to know as the protagonist, or hero, is not a good character, and in result, is an evil character, so we really can’t use it well in an Inuyasha and Co. Deck?”


I mean, it can work, but it just doesn’t work that well. There’s too many cards that it can’t work with. My Hero, Workin’ the Looks, Kagome Bathing Beauty and Innocent Warrior’s effect, all of which can work with Inuyasha Bodyguard, cannot work with Demon Within. So, in reality to use this card, you have to break away the corny mindset that Inuyasha is only meant to be with decks with Kagome and all the other heros…


5 is the max of character costs, so that really doesn’t surprise anyone. The fact that it can’t equip items does hurt, since 8 will most likely be the resting number of most of your attacks, and it does have 3 White, which makes it a sitting duck for most of the characters with White as an attack.


Besides that there aren’t many other negatives to it.


Finally, it’s the thinking man’s game…


What Else Could You Use?

- Maybe an Inuyasha that does with heros?

- …

- …

- …

- I got nothing else…


There really isn’t any reason to play this card in the right deck. Problem is with the new and upcoming techs and archtypes goings on in the game. Chibis pretty much wreck this guy and Crows swarm it before. Even F.E.D decks (Flesh Eating Demon) have some life, so it kinda makes you think, how often will Inuyasha’s 8 Black will be able to attack a low number, since these decks increase all colors equally?


Recap Session


Lets go over the pluses and minuses again.



+ Built in Whirlwind Slice Effect with a strong 8 base number

+ Can save itself with discarding

+ Does it really need more? Those 2 right there make it a machine…



- 5 Cost is maximum of costs. But you do only pay it once…

- With new archtypes, 8 attack may not even beat the lowest color on the defending character

- It’s not a “Good” Inuyasha? Doesn’t fit with Inuyasha and Co decks…


The Scores


Constructed (Aggressive Evil Deck) – 4.5/5 – This card is almost too good to not use in a deck that specializes in just giving your opponent a beatdown. However, the fact that it has 3 White can slow it down. Doesn’t really hurt Inuyasha, but your hand suffers.

Constructed (Overall) – 4.5/5 – I think he works well in almost any deck that thrives for a strong attacker and character overall. It works the least in a Good Character deck, but what can you do? It still gets what you want done: Smack People up and never give up any character advantage.

Art – 4/5 – He looks angry. Plus, all Ultras really look cool, almost on a different level of rares.


And that’s a wrap for Inuyasha, Demon Within. If you have anything to say about any article I wrote, check the e-mail at nimbly@gmail.com and I’ll get on it.

Later Days…

J. Wyatt Inuyasha, Demon Within.

Well, now on to a truly good card. This Inuyasha is a staple in mains decks for a reason, he gets results, and can stay out as long as you have a big enough hand. A friend told me how he likes to play this and Muso, Heart of Onigumo first turn, and simply build from there. The reason that is so powerful, is because they both stay in play and just pound the crap out of your opponent. True, he can't attach items, but if he could, he'd be banned from brokenness. The ability to use his black as any color is downright nasty, basically meaning he can attack any character he wants and always go for their lowest color, how devious is that? Plenty, that's how much.
Plus, with the ability to save himself during recovery by discarding two cards from your hand, he can just sit their as long as you have cards to spare. Now his three white is a small liability, but that is simply there to keep him balanced, and give the opponent a chance to defeat him once in a while between the beatings he'll be dishing out.

+High Black
+That high black can attack as any color Can save himself, providing you
+have the cards to spare its easily in any deck that doesn't care about

-5 deck cost is very big
-Cannot attach items

If you run a deck that wouldn't be hurt by playing this card, or you run an Inuyasha that works better in the deck you run, YOU RUN THIS. If you play a demon deck, RUN IT. If you run a mains deck, RUN IT. I think you get the idea. An amazing card that might be a little overpowered, but still balanced enough to not be on the broken side.

Art:4.5/5 really sweet
Goggleboy Inuyasha, the Demon Within

The All-purpose beatdown character

You can make an 8 strength into any color for an attack. Wow. Means. That can take out anyone in the game right up front. Can it get better? Why yes, I do believe it can. If you can't save him by normal means, you can discard any two cards to save Demon Within. So, he beats people down...hard...and is difficult to kill. Also, he only has 2 colors, meaning your opponent probably can only go after Inuyasha's 3 white. A 3 for a low color isn't bad either. As long as you can protect Inuyasha's white...unless you don't want to. You can save him anyways. :) and items? He doesn't NEED any items. He can destroy anything!

Any deck: 4.5/5

UMaine Animation Club President
Upper Deck Demo Team Leader
Yu-Gi-Oh Level 1 Judge & Tournament Organizer

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

Official InuYasha TCG Playtester
Inuyasha, the Demon Within (#116)

InuYasha's evil?!? Oh no! What's going to stop him from ruthlessly killing all my characters?????

I'm sure most of you think something like this when this version of InuYasha is dropped on the field. At least I know I do. His color stats are overly high and his built in methods to attack with any color and save on the whim are indeed a powerful tool to have on the board. But is he too powerful? Nah, he has a weakness, just like every card.

InuYasha is naturally lower on the white color value. He can't really boost it with an item, so unless he uses something else to boost his color value, like "Out of Control", then he's done for. The problem with him is once you've defeated him he still comes back. Well, by using a card like "Vanquished", which automatically kills the opponent after defeating him, you should have no problem because you'll bypass InuYasha's ability to save himself by sending him to the discard pile. Another way to discard InuYasha off of the field is using A "Tragic Death".

If all else fails, you could realize it's a no-win situation and just let InuYasha defeat one of your characters. As long as you are running cards like "Sesshomaru, Transformed", which steals an additional jewel shard during a successful attack, you should be fine. It's not like InuYasha can drastically swing shards.

All in all, his version InuYasha is very powerful, but since he doesn't swing multiple shards your way quickly, he's not too much of a threat.


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