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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score


When NARAKU attacks with black and defeats a character, discard from the top of your opponent's deck the difference between the character's black values.

Type - character
Card Number - 00

Card Rating:  2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.26.06


Hey Pojo people. For those who don’t know me, here’s a short history. I play cards, went from Magic -> Pokemon -> YGO -> DM -> Inuyasha->, one of the writers for Pojo’s Duel Masters site (although I haven’t turned in anything in months), got intro’ed to Inuyasha TCG around Yokai, and was crazy about it since. That’s about it. Now, I’m gonna take a shot at reviewing Inuyasha, since it could use some help getting of the ground.

That’s enough for the formal introduction. Let’s get to the facts. Today, we have a card that I have never seen before, and most people haven’t either. I think that there was some kind of word about it being a blank card in most Tetsusaiga packs, but I have no real clue since, you know…I never saw one.


Rarity : Virtual Rare
Card Set
: Tetsusiaga
Card #
: 00
Card Type
: Character
Deck Cost
: 5
: 6 – Black , 2 – White
: Unique, Male, Demon, Evil
: When Naraku attacks with black and defeats a character, discard from the top of your opponent’s deck the difference in the black values.

Positive Factors

Yea, I said positive factors. Don’t know why. Sounds intelligent…

Anyway, this card is a beast if used in the right way in the purpose of discarding. So, the difference in black values is taken from your opponents deck and Naraku isn’t restricted to “not equipping items…”. Just a question, anyone else wish this was Inuyasha’s Father’s effect. I mean, holy…crap…

6 Black is ok. I mean, it’s good enough to have something done to them, but it’s the numbers game you want. Boost him up in that Black power. Use a soda or something. Then go crazy with a bunch of boost events, and you got yourself a nice piece of discarding going on.

To add more to that, I think roughly half of the characters in the game have black as a color, so Naraku’s effect won’t go useless as most of the time, you will have a target.

5 is a costly…um…cost, but still. Good characters take heavy costs. It’s what happens. I mean, there are plenty of strong cheap characters, like Bodyguards and Insects#3, but let’s admit. When you see a card with 5 or 4 cost, you probably think

“This card better have a decent effect for it to cost more than 3.”

Negative Setbacks

Yea, that’s right. I said negative setbacks. Still intelligent…and it fits…

Anyone else see something else when you think discarding? Another great Naraku? I mean, the Naraku Legends is beastly as well. Shall we compare?

Naraku Virtual Rare

Naraku Legends

+ Potential for Major Discard

+ Most Characters Have Black

- More Expensive

- Only 2 Colors

- Non Consistent

- Weaker in stats

- 2 White?!!! My goodness…

- Does a 5 drop once

+ Cheaper at 3

+ 3 Colors!

+ 5 Every time. There when you need it

+ Decent Stats

- Weak in Purple

Well, let’s cover the negatives for Naraku…

- 5 is a big number, it’s about the max for characters excluding big Inu’s Pappy. It’s kinda funny cause when you face a deck out deck, what do you do. Irony…

- 2 Colors does hurt Naraku. And his effect is only limited to Black. Not that I say you would ever want to use the White to ever really attack, but limits suck.

- It isn’t consistent in his effect. You have to have a higher black value. If you don’t, no effect. Bad. Your opponent can drop down an On the Move or something, and there you go, wasted attack, unless you got a card to stop them, but then you don’t get much from the effect, which is why you are using him right?

- Clarify…2 White?!!!! Why 2 White?!!!

More characters have white than Black. More than 50% have white, most of them having more than or equal to 2! So what happens then? Last thing I want to happen is my Naraku gets it’s face ripped off by Buyo, a cat. Although, I guess that’s why they have the claws…to rip faces off of random demon things…

Finally, let’s play a game that I loved to play as a DM COTD reviewer. IT’S

What Else Could You Use?...

- How about some Naraku Legends?

- Maybe a drop or 2 of some Supernatural characters, those that actually specialize in mills.

- Could you stand a Naraku that actually has a long term effect? Naraku Legendary Foe isn’t half bad if you want some safety nets around you…

- How about a card that people actually know exists? I would believe this card would be better off on Ebay if it’s as rare as they say…

Recap Session

Shall we review the positives and negatives?


+ Potentially can cause a huge discard in 1 attack.
+ 6 Black is halfway decent
+ 2 colors prevent it from dying as easily, I guess


- 5 cost may hurt it overall without any regen effects. Overjoyed sound good?
- 2 Colors and limits on ability hinders attack potential
- Ability can be countered with defense cards.
- 2 White?!!! Can’t stress that enough…


Constructed (Overall) – 2/5 I don’t think it’s that good. I personally like to go with the sure thing ability of Naraku Legends than go with the harder effect. But still. It has potential to do major discarding. But still. 2 White?

Constructed (Naraku Control) – 3/5 – Still okay, but you have to run heavy power boosters, then support the effect by using lots of Supernaturals. Has potential, but I still prefer the Legends. 5 discard isn’t half bad, then it adds on the Supernatural discard.

Art – 1.5/5 – Doesn’t the picture look conspicuously like a card that we’ve seen before? I mean, I see how it’s Tetsusiaga and it is the first of the Naraku family, but still. I guess it would be cool foil…

That wraps it up for Naraku Virtual Rare. Anyone has a comment or just want to rant about whatever I wrote, send an E-Mail to nimbly@gmail.com and we’ll see.

Later Days…

Ryu Juini Naraku-

...Okay this is just getting sad. People like these hidden rares because they have only two colors. Naraku's 6 Black is fun and all, but the most he'll average out on milling is what, two?

Then we come to his white. His white is precious. Do you know white is totally abused? Do you know most common characters have white abuse?!


Casual, Tournament, Whatever - 1/5
William Newton Naraku - Tetsusaiga Hidden

This Naraku would of probably seen a lot of tournament play if Score computers knew that the card numbers 0 and 00 were different cards. Its still legal for casual play which is where it can be fun. If you can somehow put Inuyasha Father Black(50) and add it to Naraku Black(6), that 56 Black that mills the opponents deck which is most likely death due to deck out. Its a hard combo to pull off but its casual play after all. If you can protect him long enough to mill about 7-10 cards, he has done his job.

Deck-Out Deck: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
~GoggleBoy Naraku

It took me a while to realize which card this was. So, let's see...even the beginning player should know what type of deck this belongs in, Decking/Mill. If you can find an opponent's monster with 2 Black, you just got a shard and they overturned 4 cards. You could also always go 'pump, pump, pump, pump, swing' and overturn 10-15 cards in one fell swoop.
The obvious problem comes in that Naraku only gets his ability if he defeats a character with black. Anything else doesn't work. It does, however, make your opponent second guess their next move and maybe make them uneasy. I mean, they do not want to put out anything with low enough black to take the double-punch.

You're best opportunity to play Naraku would probably be when your opponent has initiative to check their black and white, and will also give you first swing with him next turn. I don't see Naraku staying more then 2 turn, however, unless you cover for the white (similar to Tuesday's "Miroku"). Schoolgirl/Modern decks and Wolves I think may have an easier time dealing with this card.

Any deck: 3/5
Mill/Deckout Deck: 4/5 (Though just as dangerous as 'Miroku', players seem to fear this more, meaning larger target)

UMaine Animation Club President
UpperDeck Demo Team Leader
Yu-Gi-Oh Level 1 Judge & Tournament Organizer

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

J. Wyatt Well, it is late for Naraku, but I'll do a short review on that in case you post it late.

This Naraku is a virtual card, so you'd have to print it out to use it.

The effect is nice, but the high cost and low white, along with its not actual card status makes it sub-par.

It would go nice in a mill deck, but Naraku, Legends works so much better.

3/5 Casual.
3.5/5 Mill deck.
3/5 Art.

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