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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Tokijin, the Evil Sword

This character gains "Evil." (*) While attached to SESSHOMARU, he gains +2 to all colors. (*) When this character attacks a character, the defending character gains -3 to all colors.

Type - item
Card Number - 119

Card Rating:  

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.20.06

Ryu Juini Tokijin, the Evil Sword

Welcome back to the last day of Legendary Swords week!

HAHA! TYPO! Anyway, Tokijin, the Evil Sword is a GREAT card. Even without Seshsomaru, it's still VERY good because it cripples whoever it hits, and usually marks that character you hit off. No way they are surviving a -3 to their colors assault.

Sesshomaru, on the other hand, makes Tokijin's true power emerge. With a mighty +2 to all his colors, he comes a god with the additional -3 to all colors of the attacked character Tokijin gives. You have NO reason why NOT to run this with Sesshomaru in a deck (Three's Company, Son of the Dog Leader).

Now, in any other deck, you must be careful with the "Evil" Tokijin induces (Thus making him useless with Inuyasha and Company). Infact, don't bother unless you drool over -3 to all colors to your opponent.

Tokijin, the Evil Sword...

Casual (Three's Company), 5/5
Tournament (Three's Company), 5/5

Casual (Son of the Dog Leader), 5/5
Tournament (Son of the Dog Leader), 5/5

Casual (Without Sesshomaru), 3/5
Tournament (Without Sesshomaru), 2/5

Keep it cool everyone, and thanks for viewing Legandary Swords week!
~GoggleBoy I love when your e-mail comes back errored. I thought I’d slide in my Tensaiga review alongside Tokijin.

Tensaiga, Sword of Life

So, let’s take a look at the effect. You bounce the sword back to your hand in order to save a defeated character. Well, as most people on first glance saw this card, why wouldn’t you put this card in your deck? A recurring save for any character for a rather low cost. So, where’s the drawback?

Speed. Tensaiga cannot be used until the recovery phase. By that time, the character equipped with Tensaiga may have been defeated, thus Tensaiga’s effect would be null. Odds are that that character WILL be defeated as well. Your opponent isn’t dumb enough to allow you the option of who to rescue and let you keep Tensaiga.

Tensaiga = Bull’s Eye

So, how do we effectively use Tensaiga? Well, give it to a character who’s odds of survival are high. For example, if you have Hojo; Kagome, Sickly Beauty; and Ayumi; you’d want to give Ayumi Tensaiga since your opponent would normally need to go through Hojo then Kagome in order to get at Ayumi. By then, you should be able to neutralize their advance. Tensaiga can be incredibly useful, but you need to plan ahead in your deck and play smart in order for it to truly be helpful.

3/5 It’s effect is very potent, but you need to really plan it out smart.


“Evil Sword” doesn’t do this card justice. Any character it’s equipped with gains ‘Evil’, which has little effect to most decks. However, when that character attacks, the attacked character loses -3 to all colors. So, effectively, your character gains a +3 bonus when attacking. At the cost of 2, I’ll take that! Now, let’s also not forget that Sesshomaru gains +2 to his colors when equipped. So, Sesshomaru gains a +5 advantage when attacking…AAH! That’s sickening! So…

Most decks: 4/5 Bonus only when attacking, but still…
Sesshomaru/3s Company Deck: 5/5 SICKNESS!

UMaine Animation Club President
UpperDeck Demo Team Leader
Yu-Gi-Oh Level 1 Judge & Tournament Organizer

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