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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Tetsusaiga, Red and Tetsusaiga, Transform

Tetsusaiga, Red: This character gains +1 to all colors. If attached to INUYASHA, he gains +3 instead. and when he defeats a character you may search your deck or discard pile for a copy of THE WIND SCAR or BACKLASH WAVE and put it in your hand. Your opponent’s effects cannot keep this character from attacking.

Tetsusaiga, Transformed: This character gains +2 to all colors. If attached to INUYAHSA, he gains +3 instead.

Type - item
Card Number - 113, 263

Card Rating:  

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.16.06

Ryu Juini Tetsusaiga, Red and Tetsusaiga, Transform

Hey everyone! Welcome to Legendary Swords week! This is my week of picks and for monday, I give you a two for one! These cards are quite powerful, and are quite the same in their secondary effect for boostings, so they deserved the first (two) look at!

Tetsusaiga, Transformed is basic. Unique Item with a good cost for it's power. +2 to all colors, +3 to Inuyasha's colors if he has it in his wield.

Simply put, that's awesome. +3 is the most you can get in the game from a single card that lasts. The +2 to anyone else is also great, as it's a second Shikon Jewel - Half Completed and Shikon Jewel, Nearly Completed.

Now, let's look at it's counterpart.

Tetsusaiga, Red is more advanced. +1 to all colors, +3 to all colors if Inuyasha is using it. Also, his attacks cannot be stopped by your opponents effects by ANY means.

Another bonus is that if Inuyasha defeats a character, you may get "The Wind Scar, "Wind Scar, Inuyasha's Weapon", or "Backlash Wave".

Now, let's compare. Tetsusaiga, Transformed gives other characters a good +2, and Inuyasha +3. Tetsusaiga, Red gives everyone else a +1 (Crap), and +3 to Inuyasha, as well as making whomever has it equipped unblockable, and be able to get two good cards (we don't know what Backlash Wave does yet, until then I will not apply it in the rating.).

Basically, if you just want another item, use Tetsusaiga, Transformed if you are NOT using Inuyasha. If you DO have Inuyasha, Tetsusaiga, Red is superior.

Tetsusaiga, Transformed-

Casual (Without Inuyasha) - 4/5
Tournament (Without Inuyasha) 4/5
Casual (With Inuyasha) - 5/5
Tournament (With Inuyasha) - 5/5
Art- 3/5

Tetsusaiga, Red

Casual (Without Inuyasha) - 3/5
Tournament (Without Inuyasha) 2/5
Casual (With Inuyasha) - 5/5
Tournament (With Inuyasha) - 5/5

Final Result - Casual Means Nothing. If you are using Inuyasha, he comes a GOD with Tetsusaiga, Red. Tetsusaiga, Transformed is just a Shikon Jewel of either type without the effect of Shikon Jewel - Nearly Completed. Nothing wrong with having another one, but being an ULTRA RARE, it may not be worth it. You have NO reason to use Tetsusaiga, Transformed without Inuyasha because you CAN just use the jewels.

Tetsusaiga, Transformed without Inuyasha > Tetsusaiga, Red without Inuyasha
Tetsusaiga, Red with Inuyasha > Tetsusaiga, Transformed with Inuyasha

Kirk Davis

Tetsusaiga (Transformed & Red)

I guess I’ll be reviewing some of Ryu’s card picks. Though, something’s missing…weren’t there three tetsusaigas?...ah well. Only these two matter anyway.

Now, in general, both these cards work quite well on their own. Both of them are fair costing beatsticks. Nothing really special, and in today’s game as oppose to last year’s, Transformed is no longer THE beatstick item since the Shikon Jewels began their run. So, the Tetsusaigas are not the best choice for most decks.

Keep in mind, those thoughts are for most decks. The Tetsusaigas do not truly shine until they are put into the hands of our main male antagonist of the series. Inuyasha gets additional boosts from both of the tetsusaigas because he’s…well…HIM! Red Tetsusaiga completely abuses though. +3 on top of devastating card search. That’s just…BA-DAMN! It is especially mean in a well-built Dog Leader deck. Do it right and you can figure out a way to win on turn one. I’ve seen it…and it is a very, very mean thing.

All decks in general: 2/5 (Not bad, but not your best choice by far)

Decks running 6 or more Inuyasha: 4.5/5

“See This? This…is my BOOMSTICK!”

UMaine Animation Club President
UpperDeck Demo Team Leader
Yu-Gi-Oh Level 1 Judge & Tournament Organizer

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

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