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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

King of the Panther Tribe

Remove 10 characters with "Panther Tribe" in the title, from your discard pile to play KING OF THE PANTHER TRIBE. (*) At the start of Battle during the turn this card was played, defeat one of your opponent's characters. (*) At the end of Battle, you may discard a card from your hand to defeat one of your opponent's characters.

Type - character
Card Number - 116

Card Rating:  x.xx

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.06.06

Goggleboy King of the Panther Tribe

Well, first obvious part. This card will only work in a Panther Tribe deck. The cost has seen to that effectively enough. So, this card really can’t be in any other deck, so we’ll rate it solely on its effectiveness in a Panther Deck.

First, the cost doesn’t mean a whole lot. If you overturn the right cards, you could easily get him out first turn. His colors also keep him from being killed. Most characters have red, but nothing as high as 8. His low green can be a problem, but green still seems to be on average a low color, so no real worries.

His defeat abilities are wicked though. Defeat a character at start of battle the first turn he’s summoned. That takes out the only character that could’ve defeated him. Then defeat one at the end of every Battle which helps clear out the field to swarm in on later turns.

King comes in, squishes all around him, and makes people sad. However, if he goes, you may be in trouble. Panther decks are powerful, but I think they ALL need King to be fully effective.


Purely on Panther decks: 4.9/5

“It’s good to be the King”

UMaine Animation Club President
Upper Deck Demo Team Leader
Yu-Gi-Oh Level 1 Judge & Tournament Organizer

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage


Hey Pojo viewers. As we begin another week, I shall be the humbled Seahawks Fan and say congrats to the Steelers for their Super Bowl Win Yesterday. *cough*rigged*cough*. j/k.


Anyway, today we got another cool card to play in certain decks. The Panther Deck really is it…


King of the Panther Tribe

Set: Kassen

Number: 116

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Type: Character

Cost: 0 – Remove 10 Panther Tribe Characters from discard

Power: 8 Red, 3 Green

Traits: Animal – Demon – Evil – Male - Unique

Abilities: When played, defeat a character

At the end of battle, you can discard a card to defeat a character


Positive Factors


Amazing really. This guy is really beastly. He has the potential during the turn he was played to defeat 3 characters. I mean honestly. Amazing. Not many other characters can do that, just randomly incapacitate 3 characters and potentially kill them.


He has an 8 for red, which is really pretty good for attacking. He’s got that constant defeat a character for a discard effect which is nice, and it doesn’t even pay through the deck. Just take out the cards that you really can’t use anymore. Just be careful because you could Just Ask For Help a character later on in the game.


Yea, beastly. Simply put.


Negative Setbacks


It doesn’t have many setbacks. A few though


One, and probably the biggest one is that you cannot play it at the start of the game, or during the beginning stages of the game, where it would most obviously do the most damage. Unless you do some kind of mass discarding early on in the game, you might be able to bust this guy out second turn, which is still pretty effective, but how broken do you want this card? If you played it first turn, you knock out one of your opponent’s 2 characters at the start, then finish off the other later on. *shudders*…


You do have to remove the 10 Panther Tribers, which will happen maybe by turn 3, and if you’re lucky, turn 2. Later in the game though, you could fall susceptible to decks like Chibi and Naraku Insect decks already, so the turn 2 drop is most important.

The other problem I see is the fact you have to discard to defeat another character at the end of the battle. Not much of a problem, but you never know what can happen.


Yea, not much wrong with it.


The Recap



+ Defeats a character at the start of battle it was played

+ Has no technical deck cost

+ Discard to defeat effect

+ Potential to defeat 3 characters in the turn it was played



- Does take out 10 characters out of your discard

- near impossible to play 1st turn, where it does best obviously

- One effect only last once


Constructed (Panther Deck) – 5/5 – Much like Consumed Souls for the Power UP deck, if you can’t realize that the Panther Tribe Deck needs it’s king, then wow. It’s amazing. Run it in Panthers, since you kinda need to.

Constructed (Overall) – 4/5 – Weaker because you need 10 Panther Tribe Members in your discard, so you kinda need to run Panthers.

Art – 3/5 – Roar…


That’s it for King of the Panther Tribe. If you have anything to say about anything I write, check me out at the e-mail at nimbly@gmail.com, and speak out.

Later Days…


J. Wyatt King of the Panther Tribe.

Big, one word to describe King of the Panther Tribe. This is the trump of Panther Tribe decks, which can be quite lethal believe it or not. First of all we'll look at stats, 8 red is very powerful, and will be able to hit something most of the time, while 3 green is mediocre, but gives the card needed balance. He costs 0 deck cost, but you need to remove 10 panthers from the discard pile to bring him out regularly. You can use Just Ask For Help to bring him out for just a single deck cost and a discard, but then you wouldn't get the first part of his effect. Which is, at the start of battle of the turn in which he was played, you may defeat an opponent's character. Nice, just nice, a free defeat right of the bat, as if his high red wasn't enough to secure a jewel shard already. His second effect is the

one that might not always work, but will happen more times than the first.
At the end of the turn, you may defeat an opponent's character. Now, to get

that effect you must have the King un-defeated, otherwise he's face-down and

can't do squat. Since the object of the game is to defeat opponent's characters and steal shards, King of the Panther Tribe is obviously sick and

wrong when used right. And believe me, that 10 Panther requirement may seem

big, but it can be accomplished in the first few turns. My friend runs a panther deck, and it actually beats my Chibis sometimes(though part of the reason is because he is freakin' lucky a lot of the time.), and he can get the King out fast.

The way to really be able to run a Panther deck and bring this out, is with the uncommon Karan, Enter the Panther, and Making Plans. Cat of the Panther

Tribe 1 is a good non-unique especially because Karan easily grabs it, and gives it +2 when attacking. Enter the Panther can easily grab any Panther from deck or Discard, giving you more options, and if you have the 10 in the

discard, fetch King. Making Plans makes sure that even if King is discarded, you can grab it.

+High red
+0 deck cost
+Defeats a character at start of battle in turn it was played Defeats a
+character at end of turn every turn(if still face up)

-Mediocre Green
-10 Panthers in graveyard can be hard to pull off without the right setup -Hard to obtain

Overall, a great card, but only in a Panther deck, since that is really the only place it fits, unless you want to just throw it into a deck and rely on

Just Ask For Help to use it.

Panther deck:5/5
Art:4/5 cool, but only a headshot

"Is there and indelible line between sanity and insanity, or do they slip one into the other at the slightest turn of events?"
"I've whipped more @$$ than a farmer riding a donkey! What you really should be worried about is that you just shot to number one on my "who to pummel within an inch of their lives" list!"
"What did he say again...? My abilities will what now? Crap! I KNEW I should should've payed attention!"

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