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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Consumed Souls

Kassen Set

(This effect is active while this card is in your discard pile.) When a character you control Powers Up you may attach this item to the Powered Up character. (*) You may discard this item to use this character's Power UP. (*) Limit 1 copy per Deck.

Type - item
Card Number - 109

Card Rating:  3.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.03.06


Hey all you pojo cats out there. It’s time for the last COTD for this week, and we got a really cool card for you today. Check this stuff out.


Consumed Souls

Set: Kassen

Rarity: Rare

Number: 109

Type: Item

Cost: 0

Traits: Unique

Ability: When a character powers up, you may attach this item from your hand or graveyard to that character. Discard this card to use the power up.


Positive Factors


Now we have an amazing card here IMO. Definitely a card that you have to use in those power up decks. It’s a really good card,especially with specific cards and power ups.

The best ones I can see this working for is probably

-Juromaru LF, which steals a shard

- Naraku LF, which prevents your opponents events for a turn, which can be amazing if used over and over mind you.

- Sesshy LF – Search your deck or discard pile for a card and put it in your hand? Wow…

- Even Shippo, Master Duelist, who saves a character.


Power Ups can be really effective if used right, so what’s better than having the chance to do them again?


This card has the ability to activate when it’s in the graveyard. So let me get this right…All it has to be is in the graveyard and I get infinite power up effects, as long as I constantly power up? Holy crap…


It’s pretty self explanatory. You use a lot of power ups? Use this card. You can only use one anyway, so what’s the problem?


Negative Setbacks


Now, there are some problems with the card.


First of all, and probably the biggest of the problems is that the card is reliant of being available in either the hand or graveyard. So unless you have a god like Power Up Hand, or get a lucky top 6 drop when you play your 2 characters, you probably won’t get it very often. And you only get to use 1, so it won’t make a presence that often unless you really try to search for it. Use a card that searches your deck for a card and discards it. Look What We Found, Right? Works perfectly…


Also, the main problem is that the card is reliant on the fact that you need to power up to really activate the graveyard effect and get the card on them during battle. You can normal attach it, but that won’t happen often either. Anyway, the problem with power ups is that it really kills your hand. I mean, with Sesshy and his search ability, it shouldn’t be much of a problem, but the fact that you have to power Up to get the card can really kill off your hand. And note that Powering Up does not mean “using the power up ability”, So you don’t get the effect when you use this card to use the power up. Got it? I’m lost too…


So, what if you don’t have anything to power up when this card is in your graveyard? Well, it’ll stay there won’t it? You just hope you draw some Power Up in your next 3 draw or it’ll just stay there. Doesn’t really hurt you if you have it or not, but it’s always better to know you have it.


You can only use 1…Yea, but think about it. It’s really broken if used right. Why give Power UP decks that kind of advantage? 1 is fine enough. The fact that it’s unique is stupid though. I mean, if you can only use 1, then it’s probably unique already, but calling it a non-unique would only make it too easy to play.


Overall, there aren’t that many problems with the card excluding the situations where you don’t get a good chance to play it.


The Recap


Here’s your recap of Consumed Souls



+ Reuse Power UP abilities from the graveyard

+ Great since a lot of Power Ups are really good.

+ No cost and can be reused often with Powering Up



- Can be situational

- Powering UP kills of your hand w/o Sesshy

- You need it in the hand or graveyard to use it. That won’t happen often when you only get 1 in a 60 card deck…


The Scores


Constructed (Power UP Control) – 5/5 – If you don’t realize that you should use a card that reuses Power Ups in a Power Up deck, then why did you even go through my COTD…You use a lot of Power Ups, use this. Period.

Constructed (Overall) – 3/5 – I don’t give it a good score because you can’t use it in a deck without a good amount of Power ups. If you use less than 5, then there really is no point. But if you use power ups a lot, then it’s a staple. Although, Insect decks, FEDs, Chibis, and some other archtypes can’t use this card in any way. Best in PUP Control.

Art – 4/5 – I remember this. This was when the King absorbed Shunran, Shuran, and Karan’s souls to give himself life. That was messed up…


That’s it for Consumed Souls. If you have anything to say about any article I wrote, check the e-mail at nimbly@gmail.com and I’ll get on it.

Later Days…


J. Wyatt Consumed Souls

An interesting card which promotes the use of Power Up. It allows a player to use a character's power up ability a second time. And, it attaches itself to a character that powers up when it is in the discard pile. Useful since it can be played during setup or attached right when the character powers up. Now, on to the uses, would anyone here like to be able to use Naraku, Legendary Foe's Power Up ability more than once? (I'll assume everyone raised their hands) This can be a very good effect if used on the right character, the best ones that come to mind are all Legendary Foes, Naraku, Sesshomaru, Juromaru, and Ryukotusei. Each one has a very powerful effect that could be gamebreaking. Now, if you don't run too many Power Up characters, using this might not be worth the space, especially if you aren't actually going to power up the characters.

+0 deck cost
+Brings itself back from discard
+Can provide a second use of a gamebreaking effect

-Works only once
-Only works with Power Up characters
-Limit 1 per deck

Deck with powerful Power Up characters:4/5
Art:2/5 kind a cool, but a little meh
Official InuYasha TCG Playtester
Consumed Souls

Using the Power-Up effect from a character you already have in play can be a very powerful tool. In conjunction with cards like "Sesshomaru, Legendary Foe" or "Kagome, Hidden" it can prove to be a nasty blow to the opponent. This card can only get more and more powerful once more useful Power-Up effects are made.

Goggleboy Consumed Souls

This is gonna be quick. I’m at work and the internet is sketchy and rarely stays online at best.

Let’s see. A graveyard renewable item that keeps coming back and back and back. It allows your powered up characters the chance to use their effects once more, which in some games can mean the end for your opponent. Heck, you’d want to overturn this card. So, where’s the negative? The negative is that, if people run Power Up character, they rarely run more then 3 or 4. If this was a normal item equip in any way, this card would immediately get a 1 or 0. However, it just has to be in the graveyard which really isn’t to difficult, especially if you run costly characters or cards like “Gone Fishing”.


2/5 …but it’s still a bit too situational for a rarely seen decktype.

UMaine Animation Club President
Upper Deck Demo Team Leader
Yu-Gi-Oh Level 1 Judge & Tournament Organizer

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

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