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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Image from Score

Juromaru, Spawn of Naraku

When JUROMARU steals a shard while you control KAGEROMARU, steal 1 additional shard. (*) When JUROMARU is defeated, defeat KAGEROMARU.

Type - character
Card Number - 73

Card Rating:  3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.01.06

Goggleboy Just like in the anime, this guy is all bark and no bite without his counterpart. Juromaru and Kageromaru have a unique partnership. Both have fairly impressive stats on their own (7/6/3 for Juromaru) and they both gain additional abilities from being on the field together. Now, they would be a really good combo team on their own, EXCEPT they have a slight flaw. If one dies and the other is in play, he dies. 2-for-1. Not a good thing. The only deck you'd want them in is a spawn deck, and even then you wouldn't want to play both unless you were certain they would either survive or one of the effects would come in mighty handy.
Jromaru, by himself, makes for a beefy yet costly spawn for Naraku to use.

Overall: 2.5/5 Nothing really spectacular. If you want spawns, get more insects.

UMaine Animation Club President
Upper Deck Demo Team Leader
Yu-Gi-Oh Level 1 Judge & Tournament Organizer

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

nimbly Hey all my pojo brethren. Today, we got another cool card for those who really love the evil side of the game. I mean, come on, they rock right?

Juromaru, Spawn of Naraku
Rarity: Uncommon
Card Set: Jaki
Card #: 73
Card Type: Character
Deck Cost: 4
Power: 7 Blue, 3 Green, 6 Purple
Traits: Demon, Evil, Spawn, Male, Unique
Ability: When Juromaru steals a shard while you control Kageromaru, steal another shard.
When Juromaru is defeated, defeat Kageromaru as well.

Positive Factors

Here you have a straight up attacker with decently strong attack power. He lacks both black and white, so he won’t be able to attack with the most popular colors, but he has 7 blue and 6 green, which is commonly a low color for most characters.

The effect is really awesome. It’s got the Sesshy Transformed affect, where if you steal a shard with Kageromaru on the field, you get another shard. So, taking down 2 shards, and use Kageromaru for another shard, then run a Sesshy, and there you go, 5 shards down and the game is locked, assuming you don’t lose any with some proper defense.

The second effect is a little of a letdown, but what can you do? Still a decent card.

Negative Setbacks

The fact that it is one of the only 2 Juromarus in the game is really a back draw. I mean, the other juromaru (Legendary Foe Juromaru) rocks, since it powers up to get a shard and gets +3 to all colors when Naraku or Kageromaru are on the field. However, this Juromaru does fail to the LF.

This juromaru needs a situational shard to steal. You have to have Kageromaru on the field to get the second shard. Now, if you are running demons, you should probably already head towards the fast type of deck with Sesshy Transformed, which just steals 2 when it defeats a character. The fact that Juromaru has no real affect at all when Kageromaru isn’t on the field really blows.

4 is a decent cost, but is higher than most. It links to Kageromaru, Spawn of Naraku, but that also has that nasty 2nd ability where they both go down if one is defeated. That affect really kills this card, unless you have lots of protection and defense cards.

The Recap

Here are our positives and negatives again.

+ Can steal 2 shards in one attack
+ Great in a deck that focuses on winning by 2nd turn.
+ Decent attack power

- needs Kageromaru on the field to activate ability
- Falls in comparison to Juromaru Legendary Foe
- The second effect really sucks…

The Scores

Constructed (Demon Rush Deck) – 2.5/5 - It gives the 2nd turn kill deck a nice way to double steal shards, but it seems as if the LF still does the same thing, with better stats. LF does need to power up though…
Constructed (Overall) – 2/5 – Unless you can power this guy up to godlike stats, he doesn’t do much when you need him to. Against Chibis and other top tiers, its 7 power looks pale. It’s only a mediocre card, but use the LF. Much better, stronger and reliable.
Art – So, would this be today’s form of the gothic person with the hair covering one side? He’s kinda scaring me…

That wraps it up for Juromaru, Spawn of Naraku. Anyone has a comment or just want to rant about whatever I wrote, send an E-Mail to nimbly@gmail.com and we’ll see.
Later Days…
J. Wyatt Juromaru, Spawn of Naraku.

Ah Juromaru, a great card in Spawn decks, the only problem is, he is at both is best and worst when Kageromaru is also in play. Sure he steals two shards when he defeats a character with Kageromaru out, but all the opponent has to do is target Kageromaru(Spawn of Naraku), and both are defeated, giving your opponent those two shards back. Juromaru has some very good stats, 7 blue, 6 Purple and 3 green, that last one isn't great, but it isn't abismal. His four deck cost is a little much, but for a character with such good stats, it is forgivable. However, even with his pluses, the Legendary Foe Juromaru is still better, especially because he has an advantage to having Kageromaru out(as well as Naraku), but having no disadvantage for having them out.

Something that frustrates me is that Legendary Foe is so much better and so should be the only Juromaru run in a Spawn deck, but you can't utilize the Power Up effect of stealing a shard without this inferior version as well.
At least it is plausible to run the old Juromaru with the Legendary Foe, unlike Kageromaru, who you should only use the Legendary Foe version of.

+High colors
+Can steal two shards if Kageromaru is out Works well in Spawn deck

-High deck cost
-Easily defeated indirectly
-Legendary Foe works even better

Spawn Deck:3.9/5
Art:2.9/5 Not great, but not bad
Official InuYasha TCG Playtester
Juromaru, Spawn of Naraku

Juromaru, Spawn of Naraku looks to be an interesting card for spawn decks at first glance, but when it comes down to it he falls a little too short.
His high Blue and Purple can be deemed useful if it were not for his lacking green, which stands at a value of three. Sorry to say, but a lot of the playable characters in this game, like multiple versions of Kagome, have high green. That's not the main reason I wouldn't run him though.
It's his game text. For me, it's too much of a gamble. If you have Kageromaru in play, he steals an additional shard during an attack. That is amazing, except one little thing. If Kageromaru is defeated, he is as well. When you factor in that Kageromaru has the same negative ability well you'll then realize that these cards, while meant to swing you towards victory a whole lot faster, will do the complete opposite.


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