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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Kagome, Innocent Warrior

KAGOME can ready only during Recovery. (*) When KAGOME steals a shard, save one of your defeated, Good characters.

Type - Character
Card Number - 52

Card Rating:   

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.22.05


Matthew Low
Kagome, Innocent Warrior - Inuyasha Jaki
Uncommon - 52
6W 3R 5G
Deck Cost 3

KAGOME can ready only during Recovery. (*) When KAGOME steals a shard, save one of your defeated, Good characters.

Kagome, Innocent Warrior is another one of those amazing characters that has many uses. Her colors are also quite nice as strong White is often hard to find. Moderate deck cost. Usable in many decks like Priest/Priestess and Hero Mains by the notion that built-in saving is a very important advantage. Downside is that she can't ready again, but that just stops her from continually attacking and Higurashi Shrine abuse.

Of course, she's most useful when she attacks after losing a character, allowing you to have character advantage or at least hand advantage. That said, she can be a sitting duck early in the turn since you'd want her ability, allowing your opponent to take his time attacking her, unless, of course, you have someone like Inuyasha, Bodyguard.

Overall she's a great character, and there are many great combos you and work with her, like Shippo, Dreamer.

4.4 out of 5.0
Ryu Juini Kagome, Innocent Warrior
Deck Cost: 3
Card Text:
KAGOME can ready only during Recovery. (*) When KAGOME steals a shard, save one of your defeated, Good characters.
Traits: Cute, Female, Good, Human, Priestess, Unique
Colors: 6 White, 3 Red, 5 Green

The best Kagome you can use for Inuyasha and company, and combo's well in other decks. Problem being, she's going to be an easy target....unless Inuyasha's blocking her! Thus, Inuyasha, Bodyguard and Kagome, Innocent Warrior are the best duo you can do (Not including Hidden Rare Variants).

Some people may like Kagome, Innocent's raw power...but...Innocent Warrior is superior because she can save characters.

Casual: 5/5 with Inuyasha, Bodyguard. She's just too good to pass up.
Tournament: 4/5 with Inuyasha, Bodyguard. She'll have to be guarded carefully, especially with Chibi Inuyasha around.
Art: 5/5, has to be her best picture.
Sprtsfanjp Kagome, Innocent Warrior
Expansion: Jaki
Deck Cost: 3
Card Text: Kagome can only ready during Recovery. (*) When Kagome steals a  shard, save one of your defeated, Good characters.

This card has an excellent effect for the cost of 3 and decent stats as
well. The effect of being able to save a good character when a shard is
stolen by Kagome is one of the better effects that I have seen. Seeing that Kagome will primarily be in decks that feature many characters that have the "good" trait, you will be able to use her effect more often than not.
The only downside to this card is that this card can only ready during
recovery, so any events that you may have to ready during the action phase
(Preparations, Thinking of You) will not work on this Kagome.

Casual: 3.5/5 Depends on the deck style you play how good this card will be,

I recommend at least one for each deck with Kagome though.
Tournament: 3.5/5 If you run Inuyasha, Bodyguard it is a toss-up between
this Kagome and Kagome, Innocent
Art: 4/5 She looks so sad! Don't worry Kagome, I'll take care of you. Just
you forget about that Inuyasha and come to me!!!
Rob F Kagome, Innocent Warrior

another very solid character today. for a 3 DC, we have 6-3-5. every character needs a weak spot, and red isn't too common a color so it should see around 2 turns at least. its effects are balanced, and believe me, they need to be. Its first effect restricts Is that all you got? and You're Alive! from saving her, which sorta hurts, but its second effect makes this card worth playing. when it steals a shard, u can save a good character. odds are, u won't be running any evil characters in the same deck as a kagome and hopefully all your characters will be good characters.
Being able to have a free save without losing any cards is very nice indeed. test this out, works well in archer decks, priestess decks, and I/G Beats.

Undefeatable Duelist


Kagome, Innocent Warrior

6 White

3 Red

5 Green

Cute, Female, Good, Human, Priestess, Unique

Deck Cost: 3

Kagome can only ready during Recovery. When Kagome steals a shard, save one of your defeated Good characters.

This Kagome is extremely effective in many different decktypes. Some of the decks she is best in are Inuyasha Group, Priest/Priestess and decks using Good trait characters.

Inuyasha Group is probably the safest deck to use her in as long as the Inuyasha in the deck is a version that prevents her from being attacked while he is in play. That allows her to get an attack in unless the opponent has a character with Tetsusaiga, Red attached or has played a card effect that prevents her from attacking. A free save is always an amazing effect since character advantage plays such a huge part in this game.

Kagome, Innocent Warrior would probably be considered broken if she could be readied before the Recovery phase since that would make her effect quite abusable in a Priest/Priestess deck. If a player was allowed to use Higurashi Shrine to ready her again she would be able to potentially save two characters per turn. So, the only downside to her effect is a much needed one for balance purposes.

Unless your deck has no characters with the Good trait, this Kagome is well worth running since a free save is never a bad thing.

Inuyasha Group Deck: 4.5/5 - As long as she can defeat a character, her effect is amazing.

Priest/Priestess Deck: 4/5 - She isn’t as protected but a lot of the Priest and Priestess characters have the Good trait.

Good Trait Deck: 4/5

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