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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Epic Battle

For the rest of the turn, no player steals a shard when a character is defeated. (*) Limit 1 per deck.

Type - Event
Card Number - 16

Card Rating:   

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.14.05

Ryu Juini Epic Battle
Ultra Rare
Deck Cost: 2
Card Text:
For the rest of the turn, no player steals a shard when a character is defeated. (*) Limit 1 per deck.

I don't see what's so "Epic" about this card. Okay, read the text carefully. When a character is defeated. It doesn't do you justice if you're being wailed on by the big boys directly. If you're using this card, you're in a bad situation. Maybe you're using villagers with naturally low colors? Pshaw. This is a waste of space. Villagers can go completely berserk.

I'm having trouble seeing practical uses for this card. Maybe it can save your life but it doesn't do you any good if you're being hit directly for shards. Odd's are, if you used Epic Battle, you're losing. This card isn't worth a spot for that.

Casual: 2/5 - Go ahead, have some fun.
Tournament: 1/5 - It might help you, but I doubt it.
Art: 4/5 - That's great. Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru.
Sprtsfanjp Epic Battle
Ultra Rare
Deck Cost: 2
Expansion: Yokai
Text: For the rest of the turn, no player steals a shard when a character is defeated. (*) Limit 1 per deck.

Ultra rare, Limit 1, Staple?? Although some decks can abuse this card, this
card sees limited play. The reason is it doesn't help you against direct
attacks. Decks including wolf, chibi, or anything that "swarms" could
greatly benefit from this card. If you gain an early advantage and need to
hold your shard lead until you regain initiative to finish your opponent
off, this card is for you. In 3's company or Dog leader this card is a
no-no. The reason is, if your opponent can get through what little defense
you have, the direct attacks happen more often and this card will not end up helping you.

If this card prevented players from stealing shards when they attacked
direct, It would be much more useful and worthy of a spot in every deck. As
it is right now, stick with this card if you play a deck that gets many
characters into play quickly.

Casual: 3/5 this card is good... not great
Tournament: 4/5 High rating is for the abuse of chibi decks at the moment
Art: 4.5/5 I really like this art. The black and white looks like a sketch.
(I like stuff like that)

Matthew Low
Epic Battle - Inuyasha Yokai
Ultra Rare - 116
Event - Cost 2

For the rest of the turn, no player steals a shard when a character is defeated. (*) Limit 1 per deck.

The problem with this card is that you take a phase to use it, and it is only useful at the beginning of the battle. Immediately you're going to lose the advantage in characters. But on the other side, you won't be losing any shards, and that can prove to be advantageous... if you plan to direct attack.

This card works best in decks that swarm your opponent, keeping shards equal as they are at the beginning of battle, killing off your opponent's characters and then attacking direct with a ton of Wolves or Ink Demons or Bats or whatever. It also works nicely in mill decks because they don't want to worry about shard loss.

The problem is that it doesn't work in very many decks, so the playability of it is quite low. It also is limit 1, which will cut focus on its abilities as well since you won't get it every game.

2.4 out of 5.0
Rob F Epic Battle

for the first week of reviews, we are getting a wide variety of different cards with unusual effects. this one is one i have never got the chance to test out. for a 2 DC, no player can steal shards through battle the turn its played. this can help for decks that need to set up quick without getting swept away (villager, bandit). it also is a card that like some other very situational cards, can prevent the opponent from winning that turn. minimal uses, but a decent effect that is best used early game to set up a strong field and on the opponent's initiative.

3.2/5 (not for every deck, but has uses in combo decks)
Epic Battle
Ultra Rare
Deck Cost 2
Card Text:
For the rest of the turn, no player steals a shard when a character is defeated. (*) Limit 1 per deck.

Ever had a card that has an effect that looks great when you first see it and then you play it and it just doesn't work the way you want. That is the best way to describe this card. This card is very situational and should not be in most decks.

This card will work for decks that have low character colors that need to build up characters to swarm the opponent like Naraku's Poisonous Insects Decks and Flesh Eating Demon Decks.

Epic Battle will help Naraku's Poisonous Insects Decks or other weak character color swarm decks if the characters are not yet strong enough to attack the opponent. Play Epic Battle and save your shards to build up characters during the next turn. It is also good if you are facing a card like Slayer Axe Wielder who does not expend when attacking a non-Unique demon, but only if you play with non-Unique characters. By playing Epic Battle you can stall for another turn and further increase your chance to win.

Now Epic Battle is a staple card for the Flesh Eating Demon Deck. With this deck you need your Flesh Eating Demon, Baby to be defeated so you can bring out a Flesh Eating Demon, Adult which powers up all Flesh Eating Demons.
Just play Epic Battle to save your shards when your Baby is defeated and then bring out the Adult out and own the field of play. Epic Battle is also has a great combo with the item Shard of the Cursed Noh Mask in this deck.
If you play Epic Battle and then in your next action use the item Shard of the Cursed Noh Mask you can defeat three of your Babies and not loss any shards and bring out three Adults which would give you a huge power bonus.

Like I said before, Epic Battle is not a card for every deck, but it does work with few. It is far to situational to see in most decks.

Casual: 2 / 5 - It can work but not very well against a seasoned player.

Tournament: 1 / 5 - Unless your deck has a combo for it just leave it out.

Art: 5 / 5 - Got to love the black and white pictures. It makes it seem so intense.

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