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Pojo's Inuyasha Card of the Day

Inuyasha, Enraged Demon

When INUYASHA defeats a character with a higher deck cost than him, ready INUYASHA.


Type - Character
Card Number - 131

Card Rating:    2.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.13.05


Matthew Low
Inuyasha, Enraged Demon - Inuyasha Kijin
Ultra Rare - 131
Character - Deck Cost 3
4R 3P 2G

When INUYASHA defeats a character with a higher deck cost than him, ready INUYASHA.

This is probably the worst UR in the game as it has the least playbility of any of them. Nearly every Inuyasha is more useful than this one. He has all extremely low colors, and the cost is way too high. His effect will work on only a select few characters in the environment, and to top that off, he won't even hit half of them.

Pull him and chuck him in the collection folder because he doesn't really do much.

1.1 out of 5.0
Ryu Juini Inuyasha, Enraged Demon
Ultra Rare
Deck Cost: 3
Card Text:
When INUYASHA defeats a character with a higher deck cost than him, ready INUYASHA.
Colors: 4 Red, 3 Purple, 2 Green
Traits: Demon, Good, Human, Male, Unique

Alright, this card is a tad overhyped by people who don't have experience in this game. Basically, Inuyasha can go on a rampage if your opponent is playing with a bunch of 4 or 5 cost characters....

There's the problem. No one uses characters that cost that high save for "Midoriko, Creator of the Shikon Jewel", some other Ultra's possibly, and maybe one to three other characters.

In other words, you're not getting this effect. Even if you do, guess what? With Inuyasha's weak colors, he may not even get a chance to kill one of those 4 or 5 cost characters. They all have very high colors. If that wasn't his problem, he's going to be attacked first if he's a threat.

Low colors for a 3 cost, good effect but too situational. Maybe if he was a 2 drop....

Casual: 3/5 - Sure, people are dumb. They'll throw all kinds of 4 and 5 cost characters in.

Tournament: 2/5 - The odd's of you pulling this off are bad. Period.

Art: 3/5 - It's a pretty good picture of a pissed off Inuyasha.
Sprtsfanjp Inuyasha, Enraged Demon
Ultra Rare
Deck Cost: 3
Expansion: Kijin
Text: When INUYASHA defeats a character with a higher deck cost than him, ready INUYASHA.

Well up until Kassen, There was an ultra rare Inuyasha character in every set. (In Kassen, Inuyasha is a Hidden Rare) Inuyasha, Enraged Demon is probably the least playable of all of them. First, His colors are very low
at: 4 red, 3 purple, and 2 green, meaning he is meant to have an item like "Tetsusaiga Transformed" or "Shikon Jewel half completed" attached to him to even make it possible for his effect to work. Second, his deck cost is 3, meaning he would need to defeat a character with a deck cost of at least 4 for his effect to activate. So, you would need (In addition to having this card in your hand) 1. An item (or event) that raises his attack.
2. Your opponent to play a character with a deck cost above 3.
3. Inuyasha's colors must match or exceed your opponents like colors.

Against decks that feature several of the high priced hidden rares such as:
Kagura, Koga, Muso, this card gains some play value, but many decks right now use characters with a lower or equal to deck cost than Inuyasha, enraged demon.

Casual: 2/5 Stick with Inuyasha, Bodyguard or Inuyasha, Legends
Tournament: 2.5/5 You might run into a Kagura hidden or two, but bodyguard or legends is a better choice.
Art: 2/5 Inuyasha looks very upset!
steven davis Inuyasha, Enraged Demon

Inuyasha, Enraged demon is a very situational card. for his ability to activate u have to defeat a character with a higher deck cost then him which in his case a character with a deck cost of 4 or 5. and with only a few decks out there that might play characters with deck cost higher then 3, those being spawns and priest/ess, i would not relay to much on his and his colors do not help his cause. overall Enraged demon is not a very good card and there are way better Inuyasha out there to play like bodyguard, protector, and the hidden rare, if u want to start a hero mains or inuyasha character based deck.

Casual: 1/5 he just not worth playing, unless he the only one u got
Tournament: 0.5/5 if u want to get far in a inu tourney do not play him
Art: 3/5 average, there nothing really special about him in this pic
Rob F Inuyasha, Enraged Demon

interesting card for today. for the longest time i used this in my inuyasha/ kagome team-up deck when i was first starting out (managed a tetsusaiga transformed in each of the 3 boxes i bought). Its an interesting card that doesn't see alot of play due to its weak colors at a cost of 3. 4-3-2 for a 3 DC doesn't seem like much, especially for an ultra rare. however its the game breaking effect that makes it worth while. if it defeats a character of 4 or greater deck cost, it can ready. this allows for more attacks or expending powers, which can win games. however, the amount of played characters of that deck cost are slim. with a combination of tetsusaiga transformed, tetsusaiga red, or the wind scar, he will be able to stay on the field longer till he's in a match-up against a higher cost charcter. so if you run a low amount of inuyasha support or none at all, don't use him.

1.8/5 (too costly with situational effect)

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