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 Inuyasha Anime Episode Summaries


Episode 1 -- The Girl Who Overcame Time and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome.
Written by Secret Squirrel.

(The first three minutes of the episode take place in Feudal Japan.) A creature with long, white hair and a red robe (Inuyasha) appears. He destroys all weapons the humans impose on him and bursts into a shine. This building is the shelter of the Shikon no Tama, or Jewel of the Four Souls. He quickly steals it and exits the shrine. With this jewel, Inuyasha says he can become a real demon. Kikyo, wanting to stop him, shoots an arrow, which binds him to a tree. Kikyo is hurt however, and because she cannot be healed, she instructs the town to burn the Sacred Jewel with her so that it cannot be used for evil. The scene ends with Kikyo’s body being burned with the Jewel.

(Modern Japan.) A teenage girl (Kagome) and her Grandfather are in a room. Gramps explains to Kagome the history of the keychains he is selling, but she is not very interested. Quickly changing the subject, she asks him if he had remembered her birthday present. And it is… a mummified hand of a water imp! Yum! At least, that’s what Kagome’s cat, Buyo, thinks.

Later that night, we see shots of old objects on the family’s property. Kagome explains that there are many legends about a sacred tree and a well. Of course, she never listened to these legends… until her fifteenth birthday.

The next day, Kagome begins to leave for school but stops when she sees her brother, Sota, at the well. Buyo is in there somewhere, but Sota doesn’t want to investigate because it creeps him out. Frustrated, Kagome walks toward the well and finds the cat! (Or rather, the cat found her.) However, there is still a sound of something inside the well.

White flames burst out of the well, and drag Kagome into the well. A centipede-like creature with many hands takes hold of Kagome and begins rejoicing. We see shots of the creature’s lengthy, skeleton. The creature says it will come back to life. Kagome screams and extends her hand to push the creature away. Upon extending her hand, she expels a mysterious pink light, which she has never seen. The creature plummets down saying something about the sacred jewel. The monster is gone.

She lands on the bottom of the well, asking herself is that scene was just a dream. As she climbs up the well, she sees a white butterfly. (Those aren’t in modern Japan!) She emerges from the well and is not exactly at home. Worriedly, she scans the environment and sees the sacred tree. She runs over to the tree, relieved, until she sees “a boy” attached to it. (This “boy” has long, white hair, and a red robe. Familiar to us, no?) Not knowing what it is, she climbs up to it and feels its ears.

This, apparently, wasn’t such a good idea, as she is immediately tied and brought to a town. The High Priestess Kaede enters to inspect. She refutes the idea that Kagome is a spy, and remarks that Kagome looks like her sister, Kikyo.

Kaede takes Kagome into her house and feeds her. She apologizes for the rashness of the townsmen.

Just then, the centipede from the well attacks, looking for Kagome. Realizing the town will be destroyed if she stays, Kagome flees to the place where the light is shining (the Inuyasha forest). (Kaede wonders how the girl can see the lights at the forest.) Kagome runs screaming for help towards the forest, avoiding the demon behind her. Suddenly, Inuyasha wakes up saying that he smells the woman who killed him.

During the chase, Kagome is propelled into the forest. She lands next to Inuyasha.

Seeing her land, Inuyasha, somewhat perplexed, asks why Kikyo is wasting her time. In a huff, Kagome stands up asking who Kikyo is. Before she can say who she is, the creature appears again. The townsmen appear and save her in time, but they can only hold the demon back temporarily.

Kagome still has a problem though – Inuyasha still thinks that she’s Kikyo. He eventually concludes she is not Kikyo, however, because Kikyo was prettier.

The demon appears yet again, and grabs Kagome. The girl thinks fast, and grabs onto Inuyasha’s hair during the struggle. (Ouch.) Once again, the Centipede Monster asks for the sacred jewel. Inuyasha is surprised at hearing this.

Kaede arrives on the scene and wonders how Inuyasha can be awake. According to her, the spell Kikyo put on him 50 years ago was supposed to be eternal.

The Centipede Monster manages to expose the jewel from inside Kagome and take it out. (I think the monster bit her side? It was a little unclear, since there was blood, but Kagome did not appear to be wounded.) The jewel falls to the ground.

The demon binds Kagome to the tree with Inuyasha while it begins absorbing the jewel. Instantly, the demon begins to transform. The situation gets tenser. Inuyasha asks if Kagome can pull out the arrow that binds him to the tree. Kaede shouts that that’s a bad idea. Inuyasha responds by explaining that if he is not released, the Centipede will kill them all. He then asks Kagome if she wants to die here. In desperation, she makes the arrow disappear.

Inuyasha is now free and ready to fight. He swiftly attacks the Centipede with his Iron Reaver Soul Stealer attack. This rips the Centipede’s body through the center and turns it into multiple pieces.

Kaede tells Kagome to find the flesh that shines, as that is the one that holds the jewel. If the creature continues to possess it, it will be able to regenerate. Kagome finds the jewel quickly and Kaede takes it out. The remains of the Centipede’s body disintegrate.

Kaede hands the jewel to Kagome, saying that she is the one who should possess it. Kagome asks why she should. (After all, she is just a 15 year old girl.) Before that can be answered, Inuyasha explains that they will feel his claws unless they give him the jewel. The scene then fades into the closing theme.

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