Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 3:33 PM
Subject: The Return of Typhosion's Wrath-Nicholas Foster

The Return of Typhosion's Wrath
by Nicholas Foster
Day 1

Hi everybody!  I won a QT so I was in the WCSTS with three byes.  During my three byes I hung out with Gymbo and other folks.  I also traded a lot of cards.  Here is my deck:

4x Cyndaquil (Fireworks)
3x Quilava (Char)
3x Typhlosion (Fire Recharge)
4x Slugma
3x Magcargo
3x Cleffa
1x Elekid
4x Professor Elm
4x Misty's Wrath
4x Double Gust
4x Focus Band
2x Time Capsule
3x Chaos Gym
18x Fire Energy

Strategy: Get out multple Typhosion out quickly and blast people then with Magcargo.  Cleffa is for stalling and for draw power.  Elekid is for TeCH [As much as I hate it it is uselful sometimes in almost every situation].

Round 4 Gator Deck
Ok I got out a Magcargo on turn two so I killed all his Totodiles extremely quickly.  He got one Gator out with no water in the discard and I messed him up with Chaos.

I met my friend Jared and we talked a little.  I played a practice game against a Gator deck and won.

ROUND 5, Erika's Victreebell/Murkrow deck-Brian Cresswell [Crybaby Kid]
Ok I got out a Magcargo out very quickly and he got out two Murkrow and an Erika's Victreebell and Mean Looked my Cleffa early on.  My only hope was my Elekid which I kept Playful Punching his Mukrorw and then it finnaly died.  Then annoying he did the same thing with his other Murkrow and I responded with the same tactic but killing my benched Cyndaquill in the progress.  Then he sent out an Erika's Victreebell and evolved his benched Erika's Weepingbell.  I then retreated for Magcargo and Magma Flowed for the KO.  Then he sent out his other Erika's Victreebell and used Razor Leaf.  Then I KOed his Erika's Victreebell and to my dismay sent out yet ANOTHER Erika's Victreebell and killed Magcargo.  Then I sent out a benched Typhosion and he started crying.  It was time up.  I had 1 prize left and he had 2.  He then was about to retreat for his benched Erika's Bellsprout and took his hand off one moment and then retreated back for Erika's Victreebell.  I th4-0-1

Ok I got really pissed at Cresswell and hung out with Gymbo for a little bit before the 6th match.

ROUND 6-Fighting Deck
Ok this is my biggest Regret of the day.  This was also my quickest match of the day.  I only had a Cleffa and he had an active Tyrouge and a benched Giovanni's Machop and a Phampy.  I had to use all four of my wraths and then I got NO STUPID POKEMON OR ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He then did the thing that you would have expected.  He smashed Punced for the KO.


I just sat around my area watching Brookes and other people play.  It was quite boring but I got used to it then.  Then I just fell asleep for a little bit and then it was time for the 7th round.

ROUND 7 Dark Golduck Deck
I hated this kid.  He was such a loser.  He always taunted me and almost ripped up my Typhosion in rage when I got one out.  He then Super Psyed awasy ALL OF MY POKEMON INCLUDING TYPLHOSION!!!  I was very agrivated when the game was over.  I swear I'm going to DECAPITATE this kid =D.  So then I waited and waited.

I waited and waited and waited.  It got quite boring after a while.  I then looked for Pojo folks and gave up.

ROUND 8 Gator Deck
Ok this was the most fun match of the day.  He got out a Gator and I got out THREE TYPHOSON OUT.  I then just smased and smashed and smashed untill I won.

Ok I waited then untill the postings were up.  I came in 31st plasce.  Luckily I did better tomorrow [Heheheh] and came in 13th place.  I'll be doing a report on that soon.  If you want to contact me about anything just E-mail me at or just IM me.  See ya later!!

Note:I'm playing a Crobat/Murkrow deck tomorrow!/other/sym
  - Steel Houndoom