Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 4:57 PM
Subject: TRCassidy's WCSTS report
Rouge Electric Deck
Jen B.(TRCassidy)
San Diego, CA(WCSTS)

Alrighty, here's my evil electric deck which boasts 11 trainers:
Pokemon: 26
4 Eevee(ND)
4 Pikachu(1st Movie promo)
4 Cleffa(genisis)
3 Caterpie(ND)
2 R. Zappy
2 Pichu(Genisis)
4 Raichu(NR)
3 Umbreon(holo)
Trainers: 11
3 Focus Band
2 Gold Berry
4 Chaos Gym
2 Double Gust
Energies: 23
4 Dark
2 Metal
3 Rainbow
14 Electric

      Alright, basically, I made this deck because I figured that electric wasn't weak to any of the major archtypes, though then again it isn't strong against any of them either.  Basically, my goal was to get a first turn chaos, cleffa, and MP Pikachu, cleffa for cards, chaos for lock and pika so I can get raichu out quickly.  I had hoped DCI wuld have updated my DCI rating for the IN QT( Iplaced 5th) but they didn't so I was bye-less. I was basically hoping to do better than I did at the ECSTS(96th with a Misty deck).  Little did I know I'd do better than I planned............
Round 1
Me vs. Louis(Megainium)
I managed to get my raichu all powered up and basically lightning struck everything for 40 as nothing he had out could do much to me(I believe it was an energy shortage).  A R. Scyther with a shadow images effect set me back a bit as it was my last prize, but I merely double gusted for a D. Dragonair and lightning struck for 80.  
Round 2
Me vs. Will(Dark Blastoise/Lanturn)
I managed to go first, my basic was a caterpie and I was facing the promo eevee.  Slap a dark on caterpie, game over.  To quote the judge who took the score, "Caterpie the mighty warrior!"
Round 3
Me vs. John(Typh/ B. Arcy)
Umbreon was doing a great job to start out with however there was an Arcy on the bench that was getting built up rather quickly, as well as a typh.  I was faint attacking the arcy until he retreated whatever was the active(don't remember) and sent up the arcy KO'ing poor umbreon.  I think I got a raichu powered up to finnish off the arcy, got another umbreon powered, placed a chaos in play and then umbreon just fainted everything.
Round 4
Me vs. another John(slowking)
He had told me earllier that he was like, 3rd in the state of OR, so I was a little nervous, however my deck eats slowking decks for breakfast.  Basically, I got raichu powered up, and he had a R. Mewtwo fully powered.  I assumed that he'd do the 60 damage attack(can't quite remember it now) but instead he hypnoblasted me.  I double gusted, forced his king as active and used umbreon to pop off everything.  He was basically locked as chaos prevented his trainers, though he did try to attack me with the slowking, failing for confusion.
Round 5
Me vs. Thomas Ybarra(Typh)
Basically, my deck I have learned is weak to typh and feral, which is why I depend on my chaos gym so much, to slow them down.  Basically, he replaced my chaos, I was experiencing an energy shortage...oh well...
Round 6
Me vs. James(Dark Blatoise/Octillery)
I got a Zappy first turn to KO a remoraid and then plasma'd a cleffa to death.  
Round 7
Me vs. Ed(Brock's Ninetales)
I got an eevee and a chaos out first turn, and he had an army of cleffas(3!!!)
Basically, he was attempting to get his B. Vulpix out, but kept failing on various trainers.  In the end umbreon faint attacked them all for the win.
Round 8
Me vs. Jean-Marc(Feral) Saturday's Winner!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a lousy starting hand, didn't get chaos out 'til it was to late.  Still, I snagged 4 the end he gusted for my battered umbreon.
Round 9
Me vs. Alvin(Balbazarre)(Entei/Magcargo)
This was the match that would decide if I made T16 or not.  It seemed like everyone was watching which was actually partially true as there was a rather large crowd around the little barrier thingies.  I don't remember the beginning to well, though I was winning.  I was up on prizes, 1-4, when he KO'd my raichu with a magcargo.  I look at my bench and realize that all I had were babies, so I sent up a cleffa w/ a metal and focus.  I notticed he only had about 3 cards left in his deck for entei's power.  So I figured I was safe for a while as I had chaos out....well, he ended up using a time capsule for an extra 5 fire energies in his deck.  I grabbed 2 raichus and 3 pikas, figuring there might be a chance to claim my last prize.  He ended up KOing my poor cleffa, and for some reson I thought the match was over, but the judge behind me(it might have been DA Steve, though I don't remember) told me he still had 3 prizes to go.  So I sent up another cleffa, and slo
As I was hanging out with people I had met from Wizpog, they annouced I came in 12th.  I was so proud of myself, an electrci deck with 11 TRAINERS made T16, plus, I did about 84 places better than the last STS.  I met a bunch of cool people, though I couldn't stay for the second day :(
To everyone who supported me and encouraged me to do my best.
To 'Sensei for trading the Pokecenter promo
To Pure for giving out really cool porygon promos
To my mom for taking me all the way to CA for just 1 day of play.
To the Omega Rockets for letting me hang out in their posse
To WotC for making a GREAT event!
To Pojo for posting this!
To the lousy departure time for my flight(1:30!!!!)
To all of those people who said all Rockets suck
To all of those people who said I'd never win with an 11 trainer deck

I had ALOT of fun and I hope that the next STS is just as cool.  Thanks to all who supported me and the really cool people I met!!