Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 10:59 PM
Subject: My STS Report (Matt Moss, T8 day1, *T1* day2)
The Topic: room 711 in the regency plaza. 
It all started months ago, with a chat room.  All these people were trash talking this one kid I had just met earlier that week and played some games with.  The kid wasn't really that bad at all- I had played some practice games with him, and with a little practice, he wouldn't be too bad.  People like Wonderland, Indigo Master and other randoms were going on and on about how bad and random he was, and I was the ONLY one who defended him- saying that not only is he NOT random, but he was gonna win the Columbus QT.  Then I had to back myself up.  He tweaked out his deck that had already gotten help from fulop, and played some practice games with him.  As I later heard, he (Seena Ghazaiskar) WON THE QT! THE MIZING BEGINS! Later, after the QT, I find out that Seena will let me stay with him at the STS in his room (711!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and we start our playtesting.  Machamp, fire, gatr, vbell, crobat- we test everything.  For a long time, crobat is looking to be the best deck, then we get a good fire, then we get crobat going.  I start testing with Goldstein around the time we come up with our fire deck.  He loves crobat.  We all start focusing on the deck.  We find that 3 pichu is broken, and RSA+Chaos is SOME good.  About a week before the STS Josh plays in a SoCal tourney and his only losses are to slowking.  The reason is MPmew2, so we spike 2 murk and 3 dark into the deck, making it more broken w/ chaos.
The Pregame:
On the plane ride over, I meet up with Chris (CJ-Mich) and Brian Gurta, Matt Cantalano, Matt Tenosketter (T8 day1 11-14 ECSTS2) and his dad, Jared Passanate (T4 day1 11-14 ECSTS2), and the Cartagentas (Chris, Josh and family).  We all play crazy games... I forgot how to flip heads with Crobat's cross attack.  The deck just simply isn't working for me.  In addition, Matt T has this TOTALLY anti-crobat deck (Slowking+Trap combo+Holo Suicune) which my crobat deck (played mainly by me, but by others too) goes 1-5 against.... Not cool.  I get to the hotel, meet up with Chris V and a couple other Chicago guys.  Aaron Gerrardo and others are there trickeling in every hour or so.  The Michigan crew heads out to lunch (Tacos at burger king? WTF!?) and we go to the beach to see the Pacific.  From the time I get back to about 1 am, I'm playtesting, becoming less and less confident with my crobat flips (3/20 on cross attack vs Klaczynski... never getting 2 heads at a time). Brosseau buys some skittles for $1 (!!!!) and Jason K nabs them. Since Alex is a stupid moron, he can catch us and after I spike the amazingly caught skittles they explode.  He then buys ANOTHER bag for yet another $1, but when he's pressing the buttons, I press a ton more and his dollar gets jammed and lost.  He finally buys his third one for a whopping $3 bag of skittles.... STUPID IDIOT!!  Later back at the hotel room (711!), Seena and I are talking decks.  I deciede to go with what's most comfortable, fire, and I convince Seena to play crobat, cause I predict Gatr to be overplayed in his age group.  I Figured that anti-gatr would be played a ton in mine, so fire would be a safe bet (even though bomiester said gatr would overrun EVERY age group, even the 15+).  I go to sleep with my fire decklist filled out.
Breakfast is bad and the line is long- Embassy had MUCH better food.  Most of my friends have 2+ byes so I play some games with Hanley and Klaczynski. Brosseau, the stupid idiot moron, didn't register, so he's playing standard! FOOL!  I do well in my games and am confident. I buy Hanley's wizards dice from him, as they're broken.  He says electroflip is the way to go.  I BEG him not too, saying it screwed me over so many times at the last STS.  He doesn't listen.  I sleeve my deck with some tricked out Dragon Sheild Green sleeves.
Round 1+2 Awarded Bye
Round 3 Alvin Leu
WHAT? I have to play SoCal in my first round?  RANDOM!  He's playing bomie's entei-cargo deck and I serve some quilava beatings. He gets a 5 trainer holo entei thing and really only gets little going.  I win.
Round 4 Jojo Javier
WWHHAATT?! MORE SOCAL?!  He's playing the same deck as Alvin.. but I think Alvin played the deck better. Jojo like powered up entei and stuff.. never really got anything focused.  Typhlo beatings reign.
Round 5 Sou Her
He's playing a Slowking-Espeon-Umbreon deck.  We're going back and forth.  He gets TWO focus bands in a row to go his way, and take out my rk9 because of it.  We exchange prizes left and right.  I've got 2 left, and he's got 1, with him having a low deck.  he plays a dark on espeon and doulbe gusts cyndaquil.  I'm about to shake his hand when.. OMG! It only deals 40! He miscalculated!  The dark kills espeon, and I retreat cynda for cleffas to stall as he decks out.
Round 6 Tom Hanley
I had warned the fool about the dice and electroflip.  I got a char flip and he got tails, killing croc.  Next turn he had feral, which would have been beatings.  I got a few other heads, and he got tails-- not a TON, but enough for him to believe me that his dice were broken and that electroflip sucked. =\
Round 7 Daniel Stern
Ohhh! Strait from the heart of Germany.  He's playing gatr.  I eek and get a couple of typhlo going.  He's got 1 feral with 2 energy on it and like 5 water in the discard.  But for some really weird reason he just like keeps on wrathing and secret missioning more and more water into his discard!  The fool! Then he elms and gets no water! FERAL CAN'T ATTACK! AHAHAHA!!  I draw, and smack his feral for 80 with Typhlo.  He gets the energy with another elm and I get tails on band.  I bring up Erika's Bellsprout and hit for the last 40, he gets heads on band, but I KO next turn.  I check his discard: 2 Mission. 4 Double Gust, 4 Elm, 4 Wrath, 0 Exchange (which lead me to believe he didn't play them).  I'm like "OMG I WIN THE STS!!"  Well, I do win that game, he gets nothing else.
Round 8 Vincent Baraone
Slowking Steelix Murkow.  I don't get cleffa, but I get an rk9.  Conveniently he Gets metal turns 1,2,3 and gets a turn 2 slowking.  I don't get that luck in the topdecking department, but have 2 bench cyndaquil.  I heat tackel instead of firestorming steelix, and I regret it as he drops another dark on murkow and kills rk9.  I get like nothing and draw crap.  I can't find quilava to save my life.  After like 5 eeks all my cleffas die and he wins shortly.  I find a quilava the second to last turn. =/
Round 9 Her Po
The top 4 players all Draw into the finals.
T8 (I'm 3rd seed)  Dallas "Strike" Dalton
Team Name of the Game.  He plays feral.  I dont' start with cleffa. I get a typhlo going. He doulbe gusts, tails on band.  5 Prizes for him later, 0 prizes for me later, he gets a medal and I get a hat.
I go back and do the draft thing, losing totally to Josh Goldstein's Piloswines (BROKEN in neo drafts).  Josh makes Jason K a REAL Aipom's bum (KILL ME NOW!!) and I work out what to play (if I play).  I ask Seena if bellcrow is a good idea, and he says it loses to gatr.  I begin to think: what DOES beat gatr.  Fire doesn't, bellcrow doesn't, I don't have the guts to play crobat (FLIPS!), and the only thing, in my opinion that DOES beat gatr consistantly, is GATR ITSELF.  I figure, I made t8 with fire day1, so I've got nothing to prove (I don't have gatr to do well), so I throw together a Gatr deck with antigatr maindeck.  I actually would have changed a few things, if I could play a different deck, but I was quite comfortable playing gatr, using it at various tournies, and the ECSTS2.  Seena doesn't know what to play, but I convince him to play crobat again, as he did well, and didn't win on bad luck basically.  I go to sleep with my gatr decklist filled out.
I'm writing this in 2 parts, and I forgot to mention alot of the people who I was hanging out with, even though I KNOW I'll miss some, I'll rattle off some names:  Steve and Micheal Perruca, Eric Brooks, David Koontz, Team Random, Everyone from Chicago, Team Springs, the whole Michigan crew, and, of course, the other half of Team 711: Seena. 
Day 2:
In the morning I cut the line (stupid line..) with Larry Beihl and we talked a bit.  I was eating with Trump Bunny, Seena, and General Raikou, and GR gave me one of his cards (which is crazy broken with scoop up).  After I showed up, I played some games with Hanley, and Dylan Austin shows me this total tech that someone showed him last night.  Non-holo suicune stoped my doulbe gusts... I wish I could have added one to my deck, but I'd already registered.  Oh well, my deck was solid, and I was comfortable with every card in it.
Round 1+2: Awarded Bye
Round 3 David Simon (Goldmaster)
He's playing a slowking deck w/ espeon.  A few people like Jason K who have 3 byes are watching our match, cause we're at table 1... I feel so important.  Anyways, I really don't get too much going and I get stuck, unable to topdeck energy at all.  He's got an espeon going, and he gets focus band TWICE, and I have trouble killing it.  I stall with smeargle until I can draw energy.  He's got out 2 Slowking and a Chaos.  I NEED energy.  I play a wrath.  Flip heads for chaos.  He's just staring at me.  I slowly reach for my deck.  I draw 7 cards.  Then, slowly, I look at the cards.  I look at Klaczynski and he's got his mouth WIDE open.  Goldmaster forgot the slowking flips.  Later in the match he forgets, again, to flip for a mission.  Even though I got ALL that help, I NEVER found an energy.  He's low on cards, and is trying to KO my smeargle with Misdreavus, but since during this game, throughout the 2 of us we got 11 heads in a row, luck is going well for both of us and he doesn't do it after 1 try.  He then plays a resistance gym, and Garbage Runs when he has 0 cards in his deck.  But, he just keeps on going for the night eyes+perish song combo, even though he's got like a 15 card hand, a 2 card deck, and an powered espeon and cleffa on the bench.  I can't imagine why he wasn't either eeking, or KOing me with espeon.  He finally KOs smeargle when he's got 1 card left.  I promote cleffa.  He draws, tries to eeek: tails.  I shake.  Play errors like CRAZY won me that game.
Round 4 John Salalila (Professor Maple)
Wow, this one I got by the hair on my chinny chin chin.  He's playing donphan, and I can't find double gust, so he's maiming me left and right.  If finally get the DG and take out his Donphan, and I maim him for the next few turns.  He's taken 3 prizes and so have I. I have a croc on the bench and I removed his Training gym a few turns earlier.  Time is called while I'm playing a trash exchange.  I need a prize or it's a tie.  I have 6 cards left.  Wrath, I get Feral and Double gust, KO.  That's.... luck. 2 Point win.
Round 5 Frank Moore
OMG this match was unfair.  All the luck I had vs Prof Maple came back and hit me in this match.  I have todos, ferals, and trash exchanges in my hand.  He gets FIVE prizes with 1 croc.  I finally get some card drawling, and make a nice comeback drawling 3 prizes... but a 5 prize advantage is too hard to come back from, and he gets a KO for the win.
Now I REALLY have to be on my game, or I'm not in.
Round 6 Jerel Barnes
He's playing a fire deck. Booyah.  This kid wasn't really a good player at all, and his deck was very unfocused.  I mow through his deck.  He takes like... MAYBE one prize.  It was quick.
Round 7 Noel Sanchez
Feral.  He says he's CRIMINAL's friend.  I know that CRIM is a really good player on #pojo, so I keep my wits up.  We go back and forth at first, but then I pull ahead and never look back.
Round 8 Heidi Crieg
Ohhhhh! The GREAT HEIDI! She is playing feral, and by her mannerisms (keeping her discard in a card holder and other things) she looks like a rules lawyer, so I stay sharp.  I get gatr going, and since she plays GOLD BERRY, I just mow though everything.  I think her playing gold berry won me the match... or at least it helped a ton, as I gave TWO of her gatrs 120 damage shots.
Round 9 Dale Hunter
He wants to Draw into the T8, but since I got a 2pt win, I can't.  I tell him he's got good tiebreakers and has a nice chance of getting in even if he does lose.  He's playing like Qwilfish or something, and gets a dangerous 3 heads against my croc. After that I just maim everything he has.... qwilfish... u_u;;
T8 (I'm 2nd Seed) Doug Bui
He's playing fire.  This dude is really random. I feel horrid for Jason K, as he could have totally outplayed this guy. I have like a dude on my bench with 1 retreat, and 2 babies.  He picks the baby every time with double gust.  I had the energy to retreat the guy but... cmon.. you never do that.  His deck just seemed unfocused and random, and I think I won 6-0.
T4 Josue Rojano (CRIMINAL)
OMG. Someone who I KNOW isn't random.  I get like toto then heads on eeek, after my heads I say "I win the game," and... I think I did cause of that.  He plays this 14 card exchange and gets ALL this bad stuff, incl 2 ferals.  Since he (as I later found out) didn't play garbage run or time capsule, they were stuck there.  He got like a gatr or a croc going, but double gust won.  I had another guy waiting in the wings, and held back my double gust until the perfect time.  I'M IN THE FINALS!
Before this game, I'm talking to Dale, who last to Robert in the quarterfinals. He says that even though Rob was playing crobat, he was getting really good luck (I later heard that he had gotten just TOTAL luck all through the tourney, especially with focus band), and that if I just played hard I'd beat him.  I was glad to hear that Dale had made t8, since I didn't draw with him.
T2 FINALS Robert Fischer
I go first with a decent hand, he's got a LONE UNOWN M!! OMG!! I'm using my card drawling, looking for a bellsprout (win in 2 turns) or a mission to see if the win was viable. I get neither, and settle for a Toto with croc in hand.  I can get a lucky turn 2 win (with 2/3 heads on swipes) or a turn 3 mizing attacker.  I swipe, 2 heads!  I'm just SCREAMING inside my own head "DRAW YOUR CARD AND SAY GO DRAW YOUR CARD AND SAY GO!!!" but have to stay calm.  He gives his and a horrid look and I'm just going nuts "SAY GO SAY GO" (obviously I don't actually say any of that).  He plays erika. I draw 3, he plays another 3 more.  I'm thinking he got something and that it's gonna be a long game.  He then gives his hand ANOTHER bad look.  I'm like OMG!! SAY GOOOOO!!! He plays... revenge!  AHhhh! I don't get croc or anything worthwhile back.  I go "swipes."  2 heads!!!! I throw my hand out! "OH MY GOD!!!!! I WIN THE STS!!!!!!" AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the draft tourney, I get a bunch of congrats from everyone, and it's all good.  I meet up with Robert Fischer, and I think about asking him to sign my Unown M.... but then I decieded it would be a HORRIBLE thing to do, and I'd prolly end up getting choked and thrown into the pool, etc- so I didn't.  Then the whole power outage thing happens.  It was so funny listening to Freddy K yell at the old ladies to get out of their room cause it was on fire, they were so confused! He's like "Listen mam, you're going to have to get out of the building, it's on fire!" they were all like "what?" It was funny.  We were cracking jokes about it, since it really wasn't a "fire" and Scott G was actually taking charge of about everyone in the hotel..  it was really kinda weird how even though he's just a big name person in the pokemon community, EVERYONE was listening to him, even though we had NO IDEA of what he was telling us was the truth... but hey, I got a hotel that was next door, so it's all good.  The next morning, Seena, Dylan Austin, the Cartegenas and David Kootz all had breakfast at the kings in.  >From the "Knock Knock" "Who's there?" "An" "An who?" "AN-THRAX!!" joke of Klacyznki's with sugar to "What's that clinging noise? It's hurting my ears" to having sex with a Waffleperson, Seena was the funniest man alive.  I said goodbye as I met back up with the Michigan crew for the flight back.  We played some practice games, and went over what we all SHOULD have played in the deck.  Dylan and I were going back and forth joking about how "great" we are.  We were like "I wonder if this airport has a MEDAL decetor" "Hey david, how come the MEDAL decetor didn't go off when you went through- OH MAYBE IT'S CAUSE YOU DIDN'T WIN ANY!!!!! AHHHHHH!!" to other stuff, we had a good time.  I got junk in my packs... my best card was like... masterball (or "Monsterball" as the decklist of my day1 online decklist states).  But It's all good, I got the people to customize my jacket saying "MIZER"'s gonna rule!  Anyways, time for props and slops:

to 711, for owning me
to seena, for going 6-0 vs Europeans (watch out for any mail you get from europe- CHECK FOR ANTRAX), and for letting me stay with him, and for mizing
to josh, for making that card, and for making an actual "Aipom's Bum"
for aaron and andres, who saved team random from being.....random
to cj-mich, for letting my hang with you guys and giving my rides
to WOTC for putting on such a great event
to everyone who was in the draft
to Michigan, for getting a t8 in EVERY age group, 7 T8s in all, and 2 medals (gold and silver)
to Tom Hanley, for the dice that won it for me!
to the Brooks, for being more broken than 7 sneasels, 11 oaks, and 19 feraligatrs
to Scott G, for not being as random as he was made out to be on the old pokegym and in #pokegym
to Randoms, who know who they are, that doubted Seena and my skills since before the QT season-- you are now all eating your words.
to Rules lawyers, who were told off my judges a LOT, MUCH to my pleasure.  People who forgot to draw a prize were getting their prize, those who didn't spend sleepless nights reading the compendium weren't shut down.  If you didn't announce your attack when you're using typhlo or something that only has one attack, it was OK.  I was very happy to see many of the Rules Lawyers (Dallas Dalton knows who i'm talking about-- that one kid you were playing, I was sitting next to him, I wanted to sock the kid) put in their place.
to the Regency, that was, in about every single way, worse than the Embassy.
to anyone who thinks that there shouldn't be another, AMAZING event like this anymore
to $3 bags of skittles

My decklists:
Big Fire
15 Fire Energy
4 Typhlosion
4 Quilava
4 Cyndaquil
4 Cleffa
3 Blaine's Arcanine
3 Blaine's Growlithe
1 Erika's Bellsprout
1 Elekid
4 Professor Elm
3 Misty's Wrath
4 Double Gust
3 Focus Band
2 Master Ball
2 Cinnabar City Gym
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Blaine

16 Water Energy
3 Feraligatr Level 69
4 Croconaw Level 41
4 Totodile Level 20
3 Cleffa Level 6
2 Magby Level 5
1 Smeargle Level 27
1 Pichu Level 5
1 Erika's Bellsprout Level 15
4 Professor Elm
4 Misty's Wrath
4 Double Gust
3 Focus Band
3 Secret Mission
3 Trash Exchange
2 Rocket's Training Gym
1 Narrow Gym
1 Time Capsule
This concludes the first chapter of the 711 saga, but as long as there are things in this world that have yet to be mized, the Moss+Seena combo of 711 will reign supreme.