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Subject: Feraligatr-Ismael Covarrubias- Top 16 Sunday

West Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001-report


By: Ismael covarrubias

San Diego, California

Saturday Dec. 1st&2nd

Age Group: 15+

Roughly 1040 Participants Total


On saturday I did HORRIBLE, maybe that because I was an idiot to play Kabutops, in most of my games I had gotten tails on all four fossil egg, well thats on me =/ Anyways, before the saturday sts, we (my friends and I) left on friday, it was hella cold, so I wore my biggest and warmest jacket, we were on the freeway for a while, I went to sleep. when we got to San Diego we had a little problem finding the hotel, we found it, and when we got there, Ty French( cool friend who took me to the sts, got 11th the first day in 15+, ) and his brother Robert French (got 18th because he took a lunch break at the wrong time)were playtesting. I don't know what the hell I was thinking then, because I thought i could do something with Kabutops.We playtested a couple times, and of course it was already late, so I decided to get some sleep. I actually got sleep!! it was only about an hour, when I woke up, I was wired, i couldn't sleep anymore. When


3 Cleffa

4 totodile L.20

2 Croconaw L.41

1 croconaw L.34

3 Feraligatr (riptide)

2 igglybuff L.6

1 magby

1 elekid

1 smeargle


4 Professor elm

4 Misty's Wrath

4 Focus Band

4 Trash Exchange

4 Double Gust

2 Healing  Field

1 Narrow Gym

1 Balloon Berry

1Time Capsule


16 Water energy

1 Metal energy




Round One : Bye

Round Two: Bye

Round Three: Me vs.Thomas Ybarra

I saw it was a fire deck, I smiled, i went first, he had a blaines growlithe, and a cleffa, I just attached to my totodile, and then i attacked, baby: tails, he went, he got a blaine first turn on blaines growlithe and focus band, he passed, I drew, to make a short story shorter, I got croconaw out third turn , and a couple of double gusts, and all I saw was growlithes, and babies, I koed everything that was a threat, I won.

Win 3-0-0 12pts

Round Four: Me vs.Jim Ferrell

So, I was facing GYMBO I didn't know this untill later on in the tourney, the match began, he went first, I saw he was playing my weakness, he had Jumpluff, and espeon, During the game, I only got one g8r going, he koed it easily, leaving me with nothing, in that game I counted how many tails I had gotten, in total I counted 12. damn babys. I lost, all he had to do was double gust anything that was getting pumped, and he did.

Loss 3-1-0 12pts

Round Five: Me vs. Robert Darnfoher

He was playing an awkward deck, it was Misty's Poliwhirl, and Erika's Victorybell with Rocket's Scyther, I think I went first, I had out elekid, who was ko'ing his pokemon, I think I got about three prizes with Elekid alone, then i got g8r going, and I got 2 prizes with him, knocking out anything that would be harmful to my g8r, then time was called. I won, only 2pts =/.

Won 4-1-0 14pts

* There was a lunch break, which I ate lunch in and got a couple of games in, my friends told me about their matches, and i told them i needed to win the next couple of games in order to make top seed. i don't remember much after, but then we went to play again.

Round Six: Me vs. David Rodriguez (Bomie's Bro)

This was a good game, he was running Giovani's Machamp,he got everything set up early, while I got nothing, my babies were putting up a fight, but he was getting heads on my babies like wh0a,at one time he thought he knocked out one of my babies, and he and he put one of his prizes in his hand, and I fliped for focus and got heads, I was thinking about calling the judge, but changed my mind when he apologized, then later on in the game I Eeeeeeeked, and didn't flip for a baby rule when I did that, he called over a judge =/ I said next time when he did something wrong that I WAS going to call the judge, but I got a heads for the baby rule anyways, he went through a mess of prizes,I still hadn't drawn any prizes, I looked at the time,not much left, I thought it was over, but then I got g8r out, and knocked out his machamp, then I went through everything else, and that was game. I could tell he was angry,but he still shook my hand.

Won 5-1-0

Round 7: Me vs.Pam Albin

This was a tough match, I got scared when she pulled out a steelix, but good thing I had everything set up,I ko'ed two steelix with my g8r before they could be much of a threat, and then came rocket's zapdos, she did 60 to me with a metal attached to it, I was scared because I only had 10 hit points left, there was a healing field in play, I fliped: heads, I put down one from my had, fliped: heads, thats 40 off me, rocket's zapdos had 10 on it, I had a smeargle on the bench, I didn't habve enough to knock out the zapdos with riptide, so I used baloon berry, retreated for smeargle, and ko'ed the rocket's zapdos with electroburn. it went on like that for a while, she would attach berry and gold berry like crazy, so I had to get most of my ko's as one hit ko's. Time was called, I won, and only got 2 pts.

Won 6-1-0 16pts

Round 8: Me vs. Jeremy Borchardt

This game was long, even though I had the advantage, Jeremy put up a fight, everytime I had knocked out one of his pokemon, he would have another to back it up. I got lucky with heads, and knocked out a couple of babies,and got through chaos, then I got lucky and got a gym and a couple of double gust, I knocked out some of his pokemon, but the last one I knocked out was a typhlosion, I double gusted,and trash exchanged I got just enough to ko the typhlosion, and that was game, jeremy was ko0 with it, and we talked about the next local tournament  around our area.

Won 7-1-0 19pts

Round Nine: Me vs. Tom Hanley

This game was lame, all I got was an iggly buff in my begining hand, and no draw power. he knew all he had to do is get croconaw out, I got a mistys wrath, it had a mess of water energy and one single basic, a totodile, which I attach a focus, and a water, then pass, he goes evolves into croconaw, and attaches, he eeeks, I go, draw a cleffa, I get it out with a water energy and flip for baby rule: tails =/ he goes, double gusts for the totodile, and he koed it with me getting tails on focus, I go, Eeeeeeek, I finally get something that can actually work, he goes, flips for baby: heads, koes my cleffa,I put up iggly, I put down a smeargle I put a focus on it,and put down magby, I get out magby, and sputter, he goes, gets heads on baby =/ this is getting anoying by now, I still havent drawn any prizes, i get out iggly, attach to smeargle and pass, he goes , double gusts, koes my smeargle with me getting tails on it =/ and I go, I draw, put down a totodile, and pass, h

Lose 7-2-0 19pts

After that game, I ask tom for a  fun game, we go on a diffrent table , we start off, and get going, then a judge comes over and kicks us out.I went with my friends Ty, Robert, and Ricky. We went to check out the rankings, I had gotten 15th place, I went to get my boosters, and then me and my friends went gunslinging, I got a couple of cards, and packs from Juan (IPgeek), and I just talked to Aaron, and David for a while,My friends went to a  booster draft while I just talked with some people. And then we went home.


to my friends Ty French, Robert French, and Ricky for giving me a ride to the STS and being ko0

to WotC for having a great event.

to the peeps that I played who were good sports.

to all the people who I met there. satoshi,Jason so on.

to Bomiester, and CRIMINAL for making top seed. and CRIM getting third.

to Juan for being kool and giving me boosters and cards.

to me for getting 15th place on sunday


 to the peeps who gave me attitude.

to Ness for getting 9th both days. =/ (what happened?!)

to me for playing Kabutops first day and getting 4 tails on fosil egg =/

to the people who dont read this throughly

to me for getting 64th place on sunday.

to me if i get any typos

 Well thats all,and sorry for typing alot, but you know how it is.Laters

~ Ismael Covarrubias  15th place at the WCSTS, No. 10 in california.

email me at or AIM me at k1dk4rNag3




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