WCSTS 2001 Report - William Hung

William Hung
Remembering Rage (Revised)
West Coast Super Trainer Showdown
December 1-2, 2001
San Diego, California
San Diego Convention Center - Hall D
About 166 participants in my age group (15 and older)

Dear pojo and all trainers,

            It is my pleasure to present my deck report from the WCSTS.  I am from Los Angeles and it was kind of a long trip for my parents and me.  I'm glad that many of my friends in my Pokemon Leagues and tournaments shown up and put up a respectable fight against the world's best - the best that the world can offer.  I certainly understand many people had a much longer trip than we did, but many of those people earned free trips to come here.

            In terms of DCI rankings, I can't find any regular DCI-sanctioned Pokemon tournaments in my region.  In fact, I am the one of the few tournament organizers to run DCI tourneys at my region.  I believe that many people from other regions had significant advantage with byes, especially the people with three byes.  BIG disadvantage for us.  Without further bias, let's get to my event summary and my deck report.

                I started off by practicing with my trainers and my friends after I took care of the paperwork.  I used the deck that I intended to use for Saturday, my Blaineís Arcanine with Entei (Howl).  I Howled for good amount of Fire Energies (usually 2 to 3), but I end up discarding key cards, such as Blaineís Arcanine and Elm.  Since I already turned in the decklists and everything else, I am stuck with it.

One of the trainers and his friends invited me for a Pokemon battle before the tourney.


                                                    My friend Grace and her mom finally show up.

Summary for the WCSTS on Saturday:

Game #1: Firestorm vs. Jeff with Givoanniís Machamp

It was a long battle, but he never could control this game.  In fact, he canít draw any of his prizes.  My Magby shuts down Giovanniís Machamp after my stars damaged him for big damage.

WIN 1-0-0  3 pts.

Game #2: Firestorm vs. Giovanniís Nidoking

The match keeps bouncing back and forth.  His Focus Band worked once out of the three times he played them on his Giovanniís Nidoking.  In the late game, he had a two prize advantage, but more importantly, I began to realize my energies and my time is running out.  I tried to stall with my Cleffa at the end, but he got heads and I lost the game.

LOSS 1-1-0  3 pts.

I went 1-2 afterwards and dropped the tourney.  I played Slowking and Umbreon in the Modified Constructed and failed horribly.  Oh well, Iíll just forget about Saturday.  Before I left though, I took a picture of Master Trainer Mike.

My parents and I had dinner in Mission Valley in Pat and Oscarís.  After that, I went back to my hotel and totally changed my deck.  I was deciding between Feraligatr and Crobat.  All of a sudden,

I figured things out based on what I saw on Saturday.  I ran into many Slowking and Fire decks.  Although there are some surprises lurking out there, such as the Dark Raichu and Rocketís Zapdos deck, finishing 7-2 and placed 13th.  Now I made the final decision to try Neo Revelation Aerodactyl and Steelix.  This is the Remembering Rage deck in Tomís Bunker.  I made some changes to metagame and handle the more popular decks.  My friends predict there will be plenty of Gatr decks on Sunday, and that things will get more difficult.

            With a good sleep and great breakfast, itís time to get into serious action.  Before I go any further, I will show you my decklist.

Remembering Rage (Revised):

Pokemon (18):

4x Onix (Neo Genesis)
4x Steelix
4x Cleffa (Neo Genesis)
2x Aerodactyl (Neo Revelations)
1x Brockís Mankey (Taunt Ė TECH)
1x Smeargle (Neo Discovery Ė TECH)
2x Igglybuff (Neo Discovery)

Trainers (27):

4x Professor Elm
4x Balloon Berry
4x Double Gust
4x Gold Berry
4x Fossil Egg
2x Nightly Garbage Run
2x Trash Exchange
2x Healing Fields
1x Ecogym

Energies (15):

7x Fighting
4x Metal
2x Recycle
2x Rainbow

Goal: To endure a lot of damage, and take advantage of Prehistoric Memory and Rage for one hit Knock Outs.

Advantage against: Slowking, Tyranitar, other Steelix decks, Crobat, Erikaís Victreebel, Lightning

Even against: Feraligatr

Loses against: ďGoodĒ Fire decks

These are only my predictions!  The actual results are somewhat surprising.

Game #1: William vs. Lucas Cook (Slowking, Umbreon, Rocketís Mewtwo)

I had very bad luck.  I canít pull any energies at all.  I used Double Gust on his Slowking, and still no energies.  Rocketís Mewtwo quickly destroyed my deck.

LOSS 0-1-0 0pts.

During the first round I just took a picture of all the players battling on Sunday.

Game #2: William vs. Joseph (Sabrinaís Alakazam and Promo Mewtwo)

Finally started with a decent hand; a Cleffa and Onix, with two Fossil Egg.  I got out Aerodactyl on my first turn.  I had everything in control by turn four, and Rage through everything.

WIN 1-1-0 3pts.

Game #3: William vs. Jeren (Fire Ė Marcargo, Ho-oh, Blaineís Arcanine, Entei)

Once again, I had a bad start.  I only have Onix and Brockís Mankey.  I was hoping for damage on my Onix, but he knocked out my Brockís Mankey first, then my Onix.  Thatís all I have.

LOSS 1-2-0 3pts.

Game #4: William vs. Nigel (Wall Ė Slowking, Steelix, Rocketís Zapdos)

I thought I would have an easy win, except that when it comes to Fossil Egg, I got three tails out of four during the match.  Also, I was too desperate and made a bad decision Ė burning through my deck too quickly to pull everything out.  What makes it worse is that he has a Steelix with Four Metal Energies on it, and without my Aerodactyl until the very end, I canít compete for damage.  When I finally got my Aerodactyl out, it was too late.  I had too much damage on just about everyone, and finally he got to knock out my Igglybuff for his last prize.

LOSS 1-3-0 3 pts.

So far, I am very disappointed and frustrated.  Yesterday, I placed 176th out of 207 because I dropped early.  Nevertheless, when I began to think of one of my friends in my college (definitely not a Pokemon player), I felt a sudden lift that I will fight back with honor and courage.

After lunch break, and after I told my parents that Iím not giving it up, I went right back into Round 5 for more action.  From this point on, I am very serious.

Game #5: William vs. Typhlosion and Blaineís Arcanine (from this point, I donít remember all the names of my opponents)

I saw a Fire Energy and a Typhlosion while he was shuffling.  So I was cautious with how I played this game.  I actually nailed him with Brockís Mankey by Taunting his Typhlosion and Blaineís Arcanine on his bench.  My Steelix keeps doing Rage, with Aerodactyl on my bench for 5 of my 6 prizes.  Suddenly, his deck came roaring back when his Blaineís Arcanine and his final Typhlosion work together.  He took 4 prizes in 5 turns.  I finally used Tackle on his Blaineís Arcanine with Focus Band, and he flipped tails.  Game over.

WIN 2-3-0  6 pts.

Game #6: William vs. Athena (Crobat)

This game was in a deadlock for over 20 minutes and I was perhaps too causal to her (chatting quite a bit and stuff).  We are tied at 5 prizes to go, and her Murkrow used Mean Look on my Cleffa and worked.  When she finally knocked out one of my Steelix, it got my attention quickly.

I started playing Healing Fields to take away her Chaos Gym.  I played Double Gust to get rid one of her Crobats.  The Knock Outs are quickly exchanged during the next few turns and it came right down the wire when she finally pulled her Resistance Gym.  I had the Knock Out to get down to 1 prize left, while she had 2 prizes left, and then time was called.  I pulled the last prize when she just wrapped up her stuff and told the judge she lost the match already.  That was crucial because I know every point counts.  I just felt relieved in my heart that I got the 3 points I desperately needed instead of 2.  We shook hands and she gave up, and dropped from the tournament.

WIN 3-3-0  9 pts.

Game #7: William vs. Matthew (Typhlosion, Blaineís Arcanine)

He had a lot of his Pokemon out, but useless because he had no energies at all.  A combination of Double Gust and Balloon Berry puts the game out of his reach quickly, drawing 5 prizes in less than 10 turns.  He used the Baby, of course, Cleffa, to try to do something.  I used Tail Crush on his Cleffa and got heads to earn my final prize.  He showed his frustration, but we still shook hands and he also dropped as well.

WIN 4-3-0  12 pts.

Right after Round 7, my parents and I decided to take pictures of Ness.  (Pojo Note:  Now I see why Ness didn't make top 8!  He's not wearing his Pojosama Hockey Jersey!  That explains a lot.)


Game #8: William vs. Feraligatr Ė Riptide (First and last Gatr deck Iíll play against in WCSTS)

He got a great start with Mistyís Wrath, and really puts me in trouble with Trash Exchange because he used it every time when it is around 15-18 cards in his discard pile.  He got his first 5 prizes easily.  More importantly, one of those prizes was against my Aerodactyl when he made use of his Double Gust.  I played Fossil Egg one after another throughout the match.  With Trash Exchange, I played 5 Fossil Eggs total during this match, and after the first HEADS, it went all TAILS!  No chance to knock out his first Feraligatr, no chance to win.

LOSS 4-4-0  12 pts.

My parents said he likes to chat with his opponents for distraction and I should totally avoid conversation with him unless it is part of the game.  Thatís true, although I didnít take it very well because I knew the bad coin flips were the reason of my defeat, not the distraction.  However, I could still place in the TOP 64 if I win the last match, so this time I get dead serious.

Game #9: William vs. Tyranitar, Rocketís Zapdos

The early game was crucial.  He burned through his deck with three Mistyís Wraths to get to his Tyranitar.  I donít really need a lot of draw in this match after a couple of Eeeeeeeks.  I set up the Aerodactyl and Steelix combination as usual.  I know his must damage my Steelix, and he did Ė 90 damage to Steelix in two turns.  Then the Rage begins to knock out his Pokemon in one shot.  Hot knife through butter.  Easy win.

WIN 5-4-0  15 pts.

I placed 58th out of 166 and received four Neo Genesis boosters.  I was glad I never gave up and came back strong.  I redeemed myself as one of the great trainers in Los Angeles.  If it wasnít those bad matches early on, I would have a legitimate shot at the top 8.

After the main event on Sunday, I went into Booster Draft and got booted out after the first round.  Oh well, itís my first time and Iíll do better next time.  I had a great time meeting many of the best players around the world, including Master Trainer Mike, the Pokemon card developer from the laboratory of Japan, Ness, and Tom Hanley.  I had a lot of fun and thanks for reading to my deck report.  Time for PROPS and SLOPS.


-To Wizards of the Coast for running all these Super Trainer Showdowns and Qualifiers

-To my parents for taking me to San Diego, and for their great support

-To my friend Grace who traded me a Dark Energy for a Rainbow Energy

-To Edwin who gave me the cards back that I left on the Booster Draft table

-To Athena for calling her loss to the judges and wrapped things up just before the judge came to the table

-To Andrew for lending me the cards I need the night before the WCSTS

-To Ness and Tom for being so nice to me

-To Ness for getting together with me in the photo, and to fulfill the request of my parents and myself

-To everyone who worked their way through all 8 or 9 rounds


-To people with byes (Sorry, I think many of us worked too hard in the first three rounds and that the top players should prove themselves worthy in the first three rounds as well.)

-To the prize distribution Ė without the Pokemon League to earn points for boosters, it is so much harder to win a lot of boosters

Thank you very much for reading my deck report.  Iíll see you all in the ECSTS next year.


William Hung