WCSTS 2001 Report - SirChompaLot

by Andrew Twa
Super Trainer Showdown
San Diego, California
Saturday, December 1st, 2001

Roughly 1040 total participants [Whoa!]

you all might be asking Who is "SirChompaLot" well that is the deck i played at the STS. well here's the deck

4 Totodile
3 Chompasuar
3 SirChomalot[Gees! thanks Ness for telling me that]
3 Cleffa[Rabid Eeeeeeeking Friend]
2 Elekid
2 IgglyBuff
1 Smergeal
1 Brock's Mankey[Screwed Me]
4 Professor Elm
4 Misty's Wrath
4 Trash Exchange
3 Focus Band
3 Double Gust[Won me a game =\]
2 Balloon Berry
2 Nightly Garbage Run
19 Water

6:30 We haven't left my hometown to get to the freeway cuz my dad was acting Drunk.

about 6:43 We got to Riverside and we were on the 215 north going to San diego, we were coming to the 60-215 split No fell asleep and damn that morning sun is BRIGHT but now we get lost in San diego

8:15 Made it with time to spare and got my last card for Neo 3 [Unown K Nolie] and I made a Baby Sneasel who is Banned btw, and then i find my way to the Age groups.

R1 Kristen with a Shapeshitfter

I got here on the run at turn 5 and after that I Swept her away for the win.


R2 Tim Brooks with a Gatr

Beat the living SHI*T out of me and I couldn't get SirChompalot up


R3 Sorry i drew a blank here


R4 Some little gay @$$ kid

Damn Tyrouge beat the living crap out of Igglybuff and at my last turn a roll a Heads and with the game


R5 TJ Anti-Gatr

As soon as Jake said we ahde 30 mins the game ended


Lunch i meet up with Eric same record

R6 Guy who looked like Phil Modieilo[No lie] Typlosion

Well like turn 30 i won damn fire rechrage


R7 Some kid

well with this game i knew no way in gods green earth i can make it to the top 8 so i lost this game

R8 Gatr thr Kid

About turn 7 i get one hell of a lucky flip and it goes uphill atfer that.


not bad

Props: Everyone at the West Coast Super trainer Showdown

Slops: to that one kid you cried when he said that he was cheated out of a win when the judge made a bad call