by Seena Ghaziaskar
STS 11-12 both days
San Diego Convention Center
87 participants day1, 79, day 2
Well the STS is finally here. I met up with my playtesting partner Spago and he had no idea what to play. So he played Big Fire since he was comfortable with it and I played Crobat. I met alot of cool people like Jason, Brosseu(stupid fool), Tom Hanley, and SoCal.

So me and Moss, who were sharing a room went to bed at around 1:30

Then the shuttle to the Convention Center. I hang around for awhile because of my 3Byes. Now it was game time. Here is what i was running:

Main Deck
12 Grass Energy 
3 Darkness Energy

4 Zubat
4 Golbat
3 Crobat
3 Cleffa
3 Pichu
2 Murkrow
4 Prfessor Elm 
4 Misty's Wrath
4 Double Gust
3 Focus Band 
3 Chaos Gym 
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Rocket's Sneak Attack
2 Resistance Gym 

oh sweet the wizards thing showed up.Now on the the matches
R1,R2,R3 Byes (1st Columbus QT 10-6-01) 3-0,9pts
R4 vs Gatr.  I got good Cross Attack flips to Ko 5Pokemon. He gets Gatr going and gets a few prizes. I poison it. Zap it. It has 50HP left but I draw last card. Elm a large hand back then Feint attack for 40 and the knockout. 4-0,12pts
R5 Slowking
Mean looking Slowpoke with Chaos really helped out. I whiped out his bench while building the Crobats. He couldnt recover . 5-0,15pts
45min lunch break.Much better than the 15minute one the qt had. Matt is 5-0 too. Go Matt!
R6 Crobat
The kid was German. I got the better flips and Murkrow did some heavy damage. In the end, I get all 6prizes. 6-0,18pts
I use 3Double Gust and get good Cross Attacks so he starts to get annoyed. I end the game by Feinting a Cleffa for 30. 7-0,21pts 1st place
R8 Tim Brooks Gatr
He got 2Gatr going to I had no chance even with Crobat. It shows how broken Gatr is even with Crobat. 7-1,21pts
I get 2nd. top8
T8 vs R6 German
I get a slow start and some bad flips but he doesnt have any Double Gust and I do so I recover and Murkrow and Crobat beat him up.
T4 Gatr.
He won the STS but He knows I shouldve beat him but Cross Attack flips were horrible. I didnt like this kid, he thought he was superior to me just because he beat me. Screw you kid.
I get 3rd and Moss gets 8th. Good Job for our hotel room. 711.
He decides to switch to Gatr since it was so succesful Day1. Actually, he was gonna play BellKrow until I told him it was a bad move.

R1,2,3  Byes 3-0,9pts

R4 Chris Cartagena Crobat
Very good match. Flips were pretty much even. We ended up drawing because of time. If there was MORe time he wouldve won. 3-0-1, 10pts
R5 European Crobat
I get Chaos and Mean Look a Smeargle. He fails an Elm and I use it. He has alot of trouble getting 2energy on Smeargle to sketch and I KO 2Golbat,Pichu,Cleffa. Up 4-0, he gets 2feints on my murkrow but I attach a 2nd dark and Feint the Smeargle for the KO. 4-0-1,13pts
Lunch Break. Matt is 4-1.so he has to win 7 in a row. I dint think he could do it but callme an idiot
R6 Gatr.
He has lone Iggly. Sneak away 2Focus Bands and pull Chaos. Heads on Zap with Pichu. Pass. Zap tails. Elm? Tails. Go. Zap heads. Game . 5-0-1,16pts
R7 Gatr
He gets a good start and defaults my Chaos. I cant win., 5-1-1, 16pts
R8 Slowking-Steelix
Mean Look got me a few prizes and when he got Steelix I poisoned it for the game. 6-1-1,19pts
I get 7th T8
T8 German with Crobat
I draw a prize due to penalty. Get going REALLY fast with 2Crobats and get all 6prizes and he gets none
T4 Wall with R.Mewtwo
Mean Look once again helps as I KO a Steelix. He gets one going however and starts going on a Rampage but when he has 9 on him I get enough Heads on Cross Attack to do 10 and then poison . I win .
T2 UmbreonCrobat
He makes a mistake by trying to build crobat instead of saving cards for eeeek. He gets heads on Elm and has a 2Card deck. He KoS 2Cleffa on the bench as well. I promote one and he draws his last card. Eeeeeek? tails. HOLY S***., I win the game

Check on Matt, he KOS UnownM and wins.O_O 2winners from the same hotel room.

So we joke around the whole night and laugh our asses off. I had SOOOO much fun.. Moss is cool and everyone else was as well. I cant wait to see them again at the next STS.


No1 :-)
peace out youall