Pokémon®-e: Expedition™

Overview:                  The first Pokémon-e trading card game (TCG) set, Pokémon-e: Expedition, introduces a new generation of cards – and a new level of excitement - to the Pokémon TCG family.  Brought to you by Wizards of the Coast, these cards combine the fun of traditional trading card game play with the thrill of electronic games to appeal to the more than 30 million Pokémon TCG players nationwide.

Highlights:                 Pokémon-e: Expedition cards extend the playability of the popular Pokémon TCG with:

  • Compelling new art

  • New Trainer cards

  • Favorite Pokémon characters with new attacks

  • New Supporters mechanic designed to aid Pokémon and increase their health

  • A foil card in every booster pack and a random foil card in each theme deck

Pokémon-e: Expedition cards are interactive:

·         Encoded with revolutionary “Dot Code” strips*, Pokémon-e TCG cards are “swiped” like credit cards into the new e-Reader attachment for Nintendo’s Game Boy ® Advance

·         Players will enter a new world of Pokémon, as TCG tips and strategies, sound effects, graphics and mini -games are revealed on the Game Boy Advance screen

Launch:                      Mid-September 2002.  Additional Pokémon-e TCG releases are slated for late 2002 and early 2003.

Pricing:                       Pokémon-e: Expedition theme decks (MSRP $9.99) 
-e: Expedition booster packs (MSRP $3.29)

Availability:              Retail outlets nationwide.  Consumers can visit www.wizards.com/pokemon or call toll-free 1-800-324-6496 for more information. 


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