Hornberg's article is clearly as well as professionally written, with valid points.   There are no flaws in his arguments.

Pokemon is in an awful position.  It makes me sick to watch Yu-gi-oh turn into what Pokemon should be.  There are no more Pokemon tournaments by me.   Everyone I used to talk to about their "weekly tournaments" tells the same story... people stopped coming and now they don't have them anymore.

So, I did get into Magic.  But I don't like Magic.  Magic is based highly on luck of the draw- a lot more than Pokemon is.  And more importantly, it is 100x more fun to play Pokemon, than Magic, in my opinion.  What I think of Magic is irrelevant, and if you disagree you have every right to.

So I thought, what can I do?  Sadly, I've been doing what everyone else has been doing.  Sitting, and waiting, while my cards gather dust, for the gym and stadium challenges.

Where are they?  Why is it taking so long?

I agree with Horberg especially in this part of his article...

"Thirdly, Wizards needs to give an actual answer to the future of the game, and keep the players informed. Wizards has always had a terrible track record when it came to keeping the public informed, leading to rumors from every which way. Much of this speculation is often not answered clearly, only causing more questions and concerns. Wizards of the Coast needs to step forward in the coming months and say what the situation is with the renewal of the license, and whether or not they are actually going to pursue it at all. On this matter, leaving the players high and dry is not a smart idea."

He's 100% right.  You can ask questions about important things and only have certain staff that I won't mention answer you with some type of riddle or vague rhetoric.  That annoys everyone.  And it just makes people roll their eyes and quit.

Pokemon is a game with a ridiculous amount of potential.  At least it used to be.  Unfortunately, this game was thrown to hell and back.  I think everyone knows how much fun it is to play this game when you can play hundreds of different people, with all the cards, and trade for all the promos, and the foreign cards, and new cards, and all that fun stuff.   But that, it seems, is gone.  The STS's were some of the most fun times I've ever had in my life.  And I bet they were for a lot of people, too.

I haven't written for a while, but I can assure you I am still here... in fact, here's some fun details for you, as I try to get people re-interested in the game:

In unlimited, I play a Slowking/Murkrow deck.  No, not Slowking/Murkrow/Sneasel, it's a complete lock using Erika's Perfume and sometimes even Pokémon Flute.  It plays high Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal and it is the best deck in unlimited.

In modified, I play Donphan/Murkrow/Noctowl.  Yes, seems different, but it's great.  It runs Pokémon Center to beat out Pichu and to remove damage your Noctowls may be taking after Rapid Spin.  Trainer denial without the huge downside of a three retreat (as compared to Slowking) is extremely powerful in this format.

In team, which I play any chance I get, with my friend Alex, we play Beedrill and Kingdra decks.

I haven't talked to anyone for a while about Pokémon.  I certainly enjoyed it though, so if you're reading this now, feel free to IM me if I'm online.  You all know my AIM- onettness.       

Thanks for reading.  I wish I knew how to fix this, but now I don't know if it can even be fixed.